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Other details

 Special Awards

  • Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for the year 2009-2010 in SQL Server from Microsoft.

  • Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for the year 2008-2009 in ASP/ASP.Net from Microsoft.

  • Member of the Year, Most Valuable Member, Mindcracker Most Valuable Professional and Member of the Month from TOP Technical forums for extraordinary contribution in Microsoft technologies and also mentoring people.

  • Served as Technical Editor for various technical forums.

On Job Highlights

  • Rated 3 times as Far Exceeded Expectation, 2 times as Exceeded Expectations in last 5 years and early confirmation in TCS.

  • Trained people on SQL Server and Oracle Certifications with success rate of 98%

  • Listed in 100 Best SQL Coders in TCS.

  • Major contribution in Cost savings at the account level.

Certification Summary

  • Microsoft Certified Professional in Designing and Implementing Desktop and Distributed applications with Visual Basic 6.0.

  • Microsoft Certified Professional in Designing and Implementing Databases with Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition.

  • Microsoft Certified Professional in Developing and Implementing Web Applications with Microsoft VB.NET and Microsoft Visual Studio .NET.

  • Oracle Certified in SQL and PL/SQL 8i and in Developing PL/SQL Units.

  • Oracle Certified in Oracle9i Database Administration Fundamentals I.

  • Brain Bench Certified Professional in SQL (ANSI), RDBMS Concepts, ASP and PL/SQL.

Technical Activities

  • Over 6000+ answers to the posts and over 50+ articles in technology forums.

  • Over 500+ blog posts in

  • One of the Top Blogger in SQL Server community from India.

  • Contributing author of “Finding Stuff in SQL Server

 Tools Section

  • Created utility in PL/SQL to create the Table relationship matrix in excel.

  • Created utility in PL/SQL to populate the dummy data into oracle database to reduce the development effort.

  • Created utility in PL/SQL to implement Slowly Changing Dimension process.

  • Created utility in PL/SQL to generate Table size(s) which plays vital role in Capacity Planning.

  • Created utility in VB to automate Sub-Version DB Deployment process.

  • Created utility in Excel to do Query Performance Testing. 


Professional Experience

  • Close to 9 years of extensive IT experience in complete Project Life Cycle including requirements, analysis, design, development, testing, implementation, maintenance and production support.
  • Extensive experience of working in financial domain projects.
  • Domain experience in Portfolio Management, Credit Approvals, Mortgages in Consumer Banking and Credit and Market Risk.
  • Over 4 years of experience in Database designing for Data Warehouses and On-Line Transaction Processing (OLTP) system.
  • Over 6 years of experience in designing and developing PL/SQL blocks.
  • Over 4 years of experience in designing and developing desktop and web applications using Visual Basic, ASP, VB.NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, Active Reports, Oracle and SQL Server as databases.
  • Over 1 year experience in designing systems using JSP, Struts, EJB, Hibernate and Oracle as the database.
  • Extensive experience working in Onsite-Offshore-OnShore models.
  • Over 3 years working experience in Onsite Client Location.
  • Good experience in writing Use Cases and designing Sequence and Class diagrams using Rational XDE.
  • Strong Knowledge in Oracle databases (10g/9i/ 8.x), PL/SQL programming, SQL loader, SQL tuning, database tuning, building Complex Queries, etc.
  • Designed and Handled VLDB (20+TB to 60+TB) in Oracle.
  • Good experience on data migrations, PoCs and building complex real-time database interfaces.
  • Involved in writing proposals and providing DB Solutions.
  • Excellent code reviewing and code debugging skills.
  • Excellent analytical, communication, team and interpersonal skills.
  • Ambitious, Highly motivated and Ability to face the challenging work environment and strict dead lines.
  • Objective

    To pursue a growth oriented and challenging career.


    Nov 1997May 2001

    Bachelor of Engineering

    Osmania University

    Work experience

    Aug 2005Present

    Assistant Consultant

    Tata Consultancy Services

    Project experience and responsibilities undertaken

    Project : Market Risk Initiative (MRI)

    Client : JPMorganChase

    Role : Database Architect/developer

    Duration : March, 2007 – Till Date

    Market risk is the risk that the value of an investment will decrease due to moves in market factors. In JPMC, market risk is calculated based on the value at risk methodology. The MRI initiative in JPMC is to address the key concerns of the current legacy risk management system, which is unable to respond effectively to business needs, by developing a new system which will help meet multiple business objectives such as better regulatory compliance, efficient use of capital, increase in performance throughput etc.

    Environment :

    Oracle 10g, Erwin, Informatica, PL/SQL, UNIX


    • Designing and enhancing normalized Operational Data store (ODS).

      • Working with Information Architects in designing Logical Data Model.

      • Designing Physical Model.

      • Defining data access patterns.

    • Designing De-normalized Objects (DAL)

      • Designing de-normalized views.

      • Designing PL/SQL Objects to load de-normalized views.

    • Designed Normalized Results Operational Data store (MRI-RODS)

      • Worked with Business Analysts in designing Logical & Physical Databases.

      • Defined data access patterns.

    • Designed Normalized Reference Data Repository (MRI-RDR)

      • Interacted with Business Analysts to define requirements.

      • Designed Logical and Physical Models.

      • Designed data access patterns.

      • Defined Data Flow patterns from One Database to another.

    • Designed Data Warehouse System for Risk Reporting (MaRRS)

      • Designed Logical and Physical Models.

      • Designed data access patterns.

      • Defined content mapping and transformation logic.

      • Designed ETL process using Informatica and PL/SQL.

    • Designed tool to Move data from one Database to another (MRI Direct)

      • Understanding of different Database structures in Market Risk.

      • Defining common framework to perform ETL operations using PL/SQL.

    • Working on List to Range migration (List 2 Range Migration)

    • Performance Tuning of the Database Systems.

    • Functional Testing of the components.

    • Interaction with Operate & Support teams in deploying Database Objects.

    Project : Credit Portfolio Management Tool (CPMT)

    Client : JPMorganChase

    Role : Database Designer

    Duration : December, 2006 – March, 2007

    Location : Bangalore – India

    CPMT is a tool that receives financial data from External sources, enriches this information from various internal sources in JPMorganChase and presents unified information to all users in the Bank.

    This Project involves changing the Data Provider from Compustat to Cap IQ. CPMT tool is using the Compustat as a Data Provider, now they are moving to new Provider that is Cap IQ.

    Environment :

    Oracle 10g, Rational XDE, PL/SQL, UNIX


    • Analyze the AS-IS Compustat Data Model and come up with the data flow diagrams.

    • Create Data content mapping document from source to stage and to target.

    • Analyze the CAP-IQ data and provide data mapping.

    • Design the Database incorporating future scalability needs and performance expectations.

    • Gap analysis of the as-is system with the target system and incorporation of new attributes and elements to CPMT application with minimal changes to the application.

    • Create the target data model using Rational XDE modeller.

    • Impact analysis of the batch programs that require changes due to the new Data Model.

    • Review meetings with JPMC on the Entity relationship models and the logical database design.

    Project : HP Takedown (HP Down)

    Client : JPMorganChase

    Role : Database Designer/Project Lead

    Duration : June, 2006 - December, 2006

    Location : Bangalore – India, New Jersey - USA

    The project is to reengineer the existing HP Takedown application which is in Mainframe and create a new single unified system that caters all the functionalities that the existing systems provided.

    Environment :

    Oracle 10g, Java, JSP, EJB, Struts, HTML, JavaScript, WebLogic 8.1, MS-Office 2000, MS-VSS, PL/SQL,Rational XDE, Erwin, OWB, Oracle reports


    • Understand the Loan Origination system and extract the Business Logic and application logic with the help of REVINE tool.

    • Create the high level data flow diagrams for the analysed as-is functionalities.

    • Gather and analyze the requirements for the target system along with the Business Analysts.

    • Identification of all Master Files that need to be migrated to RDBMS.

    • List out the functional descriptions of each of these files and attributes of these files.

    • Create Logical Data dictionary by grouping these attributes into respective entities based on the functionalities.

    • Map these attributes and elements with EMI/MISMO data model.

    • Create Gap analysis document between the HP Take down and EMI/MISMO Model.

    • Create a New Data model, which supports EMI/MISMO and HP Take down functionalities.

    • Identify the requirements of out bound Feeds and Reports

    • Create Data warehouse (i.e. Similar to ODS) to improve the performance of the online application by moving generation of feeds and reports into Data warehouse.

    Project : Transaction Approval Systems – Overdrafts (TAS-O)

    Client : JPMorganChase

    Role : System Designer/Database Lead

    Duration : Aug, 2005 - Jun, 2006

    Location : Bangalore – India, New York - USA

    The project is to reengineer the existing Overdraft processing systems, ODAP and LIMS and create a new single unified system that caters all the functionalities that the existing systems provided. TAS-O is an application used for Overnight Overdraft approvals of DDA accounts of customer of Commercial Bank and managed accounts of customers of the Retail Bank.

    Environment :

    Oracle 9i, Rational XDE, Weblogic, TimesTen, JSP, JPF, EJB, Hibernate, Business Objects, PL/SQL, Fuego, UNIX


    • Understood the Functionality of System to come up with the Business entities and data model.

    • Understood the critical functionalities of the System which requires greater Performance.

    • Prepared Sequence Diagrams using Rational XDE for these Use Cases.

    • Identified the Persistent Classes from Sequence Diagram and Class Diagram.

    • Converted these Persistent Classes into Database entities.

    • Understood the RDR Database architecture.

    • Created a common ODS representation flexible enough to allow support of OD decision functionality for feeds from DDA systems across the Globe.

    • Understood the Performance issues of the RDR system and proposed new architecture to the JPMC Solution architects.

    • Created a robust Database design and developed various tools to facilitate development and easy deployment.

    • Created Physical Database model using Rational XDE and reviewed it with the client.

    • Administered multiple databases for various environments.

    • Performance tuning and trouble resolving issues with the TAS-O application.

    • Load test of the TAS-O application with a view to understand the system constraints and improving them.

    • Implemented robust audit trail functionality with minimal effort.

    • Involved in implementing Reports using Business Objects.

    • Involved in Database Administration activities.

    Dec 2004Aug 2005

    Senior Consultant

    Capgemini Consulting India Pvt Ltd

    Project : North America Order Work Bench (NAOWB)

    Client : General Motors

    Role : Lead Developer

    Duration : Dec, 2004 - Aug, 2005

    Location : Bangalore – India

    This Project is one point of contact between GM and all its dealers. Dealers will use this application to place their orders and they can see the where they stand in the orders list. GM uses this site to communicate with the dealers by posting information to that dealer. This application is developed in Java which is unification of several applications.

    Environment :

    Oracle 9i, LDAP, Weblogic, JSP, Struts, EJB, PL/SQL, UNIX


    • Understood the Legacy Applications.

    • Developed Oracle Database Objects.

    • Developed batch programming to move data from Flat Files to Database.

    • Involved in providing unification module to access Data from Legacy Databases.

    • Identified the Static elements of the legacy applications.

    • Designed the Entities in Oracle to hold these static elements.

    • Designed batch programming.

    • Resolved issues faced by users during the production support.

    • Tested of the application - Documented the test cases and test results.

    Aug 2001Dec 2004

    Software Engineer

    CAMP Systems India Pvt Ltd

    Project : Avisource (CAMP)

    Client : CAMP Systems

    Role : Senior Developer

    Duration : Aug, 2001 - Dec, 2004

    Location : Hyderabad – India

    The CAMP Inventory Management System increases the efficiency and streamlines the process of cradle-to-grave parts management. These advantages maybe gained by any size facility, from one with a single stockroom to one with a global inventory distributed across multiple, geographically diverse locations. The CAMP Inventory Management System is offered as a hosted, web-based application that allows customers to have universal access to their inventory system without the need for any special software.

    The CAMP Flight Scheduling system is a feature rich application that meets

    The real world demands of virtually any size and type of corporate flight operation. The application is designed to assist flight department personnel in managing all Aspects of the operational activities while providing the tools necessary to deliver high levels of service to their clientele.

    Proper maintenance tracking and planning is the key to operating an aircraft safely and efficiently. The CAMP Maintenance Management service allows you to accurately track and predict all the maintenance requirements of your aircraft. This information service is based on CAMP implementing a customized aircraft recommended maintenance schedule (RMS) for your aircraft. The RMS for an aircraft is constantly evolving based on revisions and advisories issued by the manufacturers and regulatory agencies – CAMP keeps track of all these changes and applies them to your aircraft making your job of planning your aircraft’s maintenance easy.

    Environment :

    Oracle 8i, SQL Server 2000, COM, COM+, ASP, VB, Visual Studio 6.0, ASP.Net, VB.Net, Andromeda, PL/SQL, Active Reports.


    • Worked on Implementation of Global/Revisions Functionality using PL/SQL Procedures.

    • Worked on converting the Avisource business logic which is written in VB to Stored procedures to improve the performance of the application.

    • Worked on Creating Triggers in Oracle to Store any Modification to the table in a Transaction Log Table, this table is used to generate History Reports.

    • Implemented Federal Aviation Administration Module.

    • Tuning of SQL Queries.

    • Showing Page Numbers on Search Results.

    • Automation of CAMP Avisource Application.

    • Ways to assign multiple users to profiles and vice versa.

    • Report Standardization and creation of Text Files for all the Major Reports.

    • Replace multiple icons with a menu.

    • Implemented System Wide Messaging and Mailing System.

    • Research and clean up.

    • Implemented Add to Cart Functionality.

    • Fixing the Data Integrity Issues and System wide Bugs in Inventory Module

    • Report Standardization.

    • Tuning and Improving the Performance of Inventory Module.

    • Migrating the Data from Andromeda to SQL Server.