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Oct 2010Present


University of Western Australia

Diploma of Education

University of Western Australia

Bachelor of Arts

University of Western Australia

Work experience


Sessional Tutor and Lecturer

University of Western Australia

I have led discussion groups of approximately 20 first and second year students in on-campus and online settings in the areas of Communication Studies and Gender Studies. In these sessions I facilitated students' critical understanding of the courses' content and helped them to prepare high quality written research essays and oral presentations. In Student Perception of Teaching surveys (SPOT), students have consistently commented upon my high levels of organisation and preparation, my enthusiasm, and my ability to lead relevant and engaging discussions, communicate and clarify difficult concepts, and  motivate their interest in the topic. Students' positive response to my tutoring lead to my being awarded a Teaching Excellence - Early Career (High Commendation) from the Faculty of Arts at the University of Western Australia in 2013. Also, my collegiality has resulted in my being nominated for the up-coming 2014 Excellence in Teaching and Learning awards.

My role as sessional tutor included facilitating students' critical comprehension of complex texts and theories, which I did by employing the principal of Bloom's questioning hierarchy in both face-to-face and e-learning contexts. I also assessed students' progress towards and achievement of learning outcomes both formatively and summatively through the use of rubrics designed by myself and colleague. Additionally, I responded to students' questions outside of tutorial sessions during face-to-face consultations, via email and through the use of the university's online Learning Management System (LMS). 

Mar 2011Sep 2012

SmARTS Program Tutor

University of Western Australia

I facilitated four groups of eight to ten Year 11 students to develop and present university standard research projects. Students' projects were awarded the marks of Distinction and High Distinction, and group in the 2012 program were awarded first place and runner-up prizes. My online responsibilities included: scaffolding weekly tasks on each group's blog so as to enable students' comprehension of challenging reading materials and concepts; providing students with fast and relevant feeback to their comments and questions; helping students to identify and select appropriate research materials from various databases and respond to resources critically; instructing students how to avoid plagarism by referencing correctly; and helping students to develop cogent, well-written arguments through the implementation of various strategies at the planning, drafting and editing stages of the writing process.

In the monthly on-campus seminars, I facilitated students' independent learning skills through teaching strategies such as pair-talk and report-back activities, rotating paper activities, student-guided brainstorms, student-guided questioning, and whole group discussion.

I was able to address the problem of students' poor online participation by scaffolding tasks using strategies such as: engaging or motivational orientation activities; before, during and after comprehension activities; providing "how-to" critical questioning and online discussion guides; providing sentence stems; providing model responses; explicitly communicating task objectives; and encouraging students to critically engage with the comments and ideas of their peers. As a result, both of my groups consistently demonstrated high weekly online participation and an enthusiasim to improve their understanding of the course material, which earned them first and second place in the SmARTS Program "Best Blog" category.

Aug 2007Aug 2010

Assistant Language Teacher

Hyogo Board of Education

I taught the Oral Communication English language program at a Japanese High School with a team of Japanese English teachers. My responsibilities included preparing, resourcing, instructing and evaluating the Oral Communication course programs and assessments for senior high school Japanese students. My creation of original PowerPoint presentations, videos, listening materials, worksheets and use of appropriate instructional methods (i.e. use of simplified vocabulary, gestures and demonstrations) allowed the classes I taught to meet the Japanese government's English language learning objective of minimal to no use of Japanese instruction and explanation in the classroom. Also, the interesting and relevant learning materials I developed, together with the supportive learning environment I and my fellow team teachers fostered in the classroom, saw the elective Oral Communication classes increase from half full (15 students per class) to full capacity (30 students per class) during my tenure at the high school.

Jan 2006Jul 2007

English teacher

John Septimus Roe Anglican Community School

I taught English to students from years 8 to 12 and performed administrative and pastoral care duties for my assigned home room. My responsibilities included preparing, resourcing, instructing and evaluating remedial to advanced English classes, as well as communicating with students' parents regarding their child's progress and behaviour, providing educational and emotional guidance and support to students, and participating in extra curricular activities (e.g. rehearsing with the school choir, providing voice training for students in the school musical). While at JSRACS I was able to address the problem of students' reluctance to do homework by using an online forum. Using the internet motivated students to do their homework, as well as to read and comment upon the ideas of their peers. Also, by introducing a 10 minute focused grammar review into my classes, I enabled students to improve their ability to edit their own work and improve the fluency of their writing generally.

Feb 2001Jan 2006

Private Piano and Voice Instructor

The Academy of Contemporary Music
I instructed students from beginner to intermediate levels, and from ages 3 to adulthood in piano, voice, musicianship and theory. I was responsible for preparing and conducting 30 minute private lessons, selecting appropriate music for students' skill level and interest, preparing students for AMEB exams, estiddfods, and the academy's annual concert, providing accompaniment for students and writing piano arrangements of various popular songs.


Information Communication Technology
Communication and development of teaching and assessment materials using Microsoft Word, Open Office, Windows Media Maker, Audacity (recording software), blog and networking platforms (Wordpress, Blogger, Facebook and Twitter), teaching and learning platforms (Moodle and Lore), visual presentation softward (PowerPoint and Prezi), and Google applications (gmail, G+, Google docs, Google groups and gcal). 


Dec 2009Present

Level 3 Japanese proficiency

Japanese Ministry of Education

"Inheritances: Postgraduate Conference" Futures Prize award

Judging Panel

Teaching Excellence - Early Career (High Commendation)

Faculty of Arts, University of Western Australia

Teaching Excellence - Sessional Tutor (Nomination)

Faculty of Arts University of Western Australia

Convocation Travel Award

Convocation Judging Panel

Singing AMEB Grade 6


Piano AMEB Grade 6


Ballroom Dancing Oscar in New Vogue

The Australian Dancing Society
Feb 2005Nov 2005

Fogarty Foundation Graduate Diploma in Education Prize for Excellence in Pre-service Teacher Education (half) scholarship recipient

Fogarty Foundation

TESOL Lesson Sample

Smarts Program Work Samples

Publications and Conferences


Membership number: 32004061


Reading, philosophy, travelling, playing the piano and singing, learning languages, hiking


Nicoletti, Emma. "Virtual Catastrophe: The Ecologically-Oriented Ethics of Jeff Noon’s Pollen." Colloquy: Text, Theory, Critique 23 (2012): 31–49.

Nicoletti, Emma. "Thinking Long/Thinking Ecologically: Time Travel, Film and Ecological Agency in 12 Monkeys."

AJE: Australasian Journal of Ecocriticism and Cultural Ecology.

3 (2013): 141-9.

Nicoletti, Emma. "Reality Hacking - A Reality Check: Ecological Advocacy in Jeff Noon's Nymphomation." Accepted for publication in the forthcoming collection: Emergent Environments: New Critical and Creative Directions in Ecology and the Humanities, eds. Lucy Burnett, Deborah Lilley, Catherine Parry, Sam Solnick.

Conference Presentations

            On Species: Narrative, Indigeneity, Ecology, Afterlife

            "Gaming in the Garden: Mobile Geo-Location Games and Species Encounters"

  • June 2013 (Deleuze Studies / Tamgkang University) Taipei
Creative Assemblage "The Ecosophic Analytic Assemblage as Ecocritical Reading Practice"
  • May 2013 (International Academic Forum) Osaka
Intersecting Belongings: Cultural Conviviality and Cosmopolitan Futures "Becoming Other to Belong: Radical Eco-cosmopolitanism Subjectivity in Jeff Noon's Nymphomation"  Regarding the Earth: Ecological Vision in Word and Image "Thinking Long/Thinking Ecologically: Time Travel and Geologic Time in 12 Monkeys and A Sound of Thunder"
  • November 2011 (University of Western Australia) Perth
Inheritances: Postgraduate Conference "Ecology and Ideology in Felix Guattari's Three Ecologies"

Emergent Critical Environments Conference: Where Next for Ecology and the Humanities?

"Reality Hacking a Reality Check: Environmental Ethics in Jeff Noon's Nymphomation"

Changing the Climate: Utopia, Dystopia and Catastrophe Conference

"Virtual Catastrophe: Games Play and Environmental Disaster in Online Games and Cyberpunk Fiction"


ASLEC-ANZ Postgraduate Representative                                                                                                     2013-2014

Association for the Study of Literature, Environment and Culture - Australia and New Zealand

(Academic association)

My responsibilities include attending Skype meetings, helping organise the biennial conference, editing and contributing to the postgraduate community's blog, updating the blog's Facebook page and Twitter feed, liaising with postgraduate and executive members, writing the postgraduate report for the association's newsletter.

JETAAWA Social Representative                                                                                                                  2013-present

Japan English Teacher Alumni Association Western Australia

(Not-for-profit organisation)

My responsibilities include attending monthly meetings, procuring items for events, liaising with the treasure, helping to organise, prepare and clean-up after events, soliciting donations for charity events, planning and running activities for events.


Research, Communications and Critical Literacy learning facilitator with experience teaching in high school classroom, university tutorial group and online settings. Through the development and implementation of relevent and engaging lesson resources and activities, I dedicate myself to helping students become independent life long learners.

I also seek to communicate my academic research by regularly participating in national and international conferences, publishing in peer-reviewed journals and serving as post-graduate representative for ASLEC-ANZ (Association for the Study of Literature, Environment and Culture).

Working with Children Check

Expiry: 14 May 2017