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Ambitious, motivated system technician with effective leadership and team working skills. Effective information systems technician with 7+ years experience in all phases of IT work.

Work experience

Feb 2005May 2008

Computer Adminstrator

•Trouble-shooted and configure Windows XP workstation •Preformed updates and configured 2002 and 2003 Windows servers, Cisco routers and switches. •Maintained and scheduled system backups for all servers. •Implemented new system wide anti-virus for 54 store locations resulting in a 95% removal of viruses and spam throughout the company. •Team player in emergency communication procedure and restoration of store level function for our companies operations effected by Hurricane Katrina. •Managed the replacement of old Windows 2000 Server with Windows 2003 Server. •Configure new router’s firewall application, and virtual private network, which allow the company to cancel vendors resulting in cost savings. •Performed and implemented a standard Windows XP Professional IOS image for all store levels to insure proper security measure and application were met. •Established end user security policies and procedures which resulted in reduction of computer failures due to viruses, spam, and end user misuse. •Provide Cost/Benefit Analysis on Information System equipment such as computer workstation, servers, routers, and applications such as anti-virus, spam, accounting, and financial software.
Mar 2000Mar 2005

Information System Technician Second Class Petty Officer

United States Navy (USS Bataan)
•Installed and managed four UNIX servers which supported over 1500 users. Effectively trained 10 personnel on the proper operation and maintenance of the UNIX systems which helps to maintain operational system integrity (Platform: HP-UX 10.20). •Team player on the inoculation of the “FUNLOVE.EXE” virus from ships network. Scanned over 1000 computer systems to ensure that all traces of the virus had been eliminated within 24 hours (Platform NT 4.0). •Directly responsible for establishing a new series of standard operating procedures which assisted Division Officers in training Petty Officers in better understanding of Relational Administrator Database Application Program. Cost Saving. •Managed an annual divisional budget in excess of $120K resulting in zero accounting discrepancies. Efficiently allocated funds to obtain vital parts for upkeep of several UNIX and Window network systems. •Security Clearance: Secret •ANA ( Advance Network Analysis) 2 months course •Information System Technician “A” School 3 months •Naval Tactical Command Support System (HP Unix) 2 months
Jun 1993Feb 2000

Service Expeditor

Verified registers, schedule breaks and lunches for bagger and checker. Verified store cash and check amounts each night. Made store deposits each day. Provide customer service to customers at the front end, insuring that cash registers were open at peak hours. Other duties include: Dairy department, Produce department, Bakery, Stocking, General merchandise, bookkeeping, service scheduling, cashier, and bagger


Associate in Science; Bachelor of Science


Old Dominion University - College of Business and Public Administration


United States Navy