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Work History

Oct 2016now

Javascript Developer

Axus Capital

Developing of task managing application. 

Used tools: react, redux, websocket, webpack.

Aug 2016Nov 2016

Javascript Associate


Was involved in full circle development of the SPA application for administrative department. That application is supposed to be responsible for physical allocation of the employees in the office. 

Application was build with React and redux for state handling. For realtime communication I used websockets.

Used technologies: react, redux, websocket, webpack, express.js, mongoose, canvas, heroku

Apr 2016Aug 2016

Junior developer


My main responsibility was to develop back-end logic for financial calculations of the tax saving based on users inputs. As for front-end Angular(1) was used so my another job responsibility was to connect front end and back end via AJAX API.

Used technologies: node.js(express), firebase, financejs

Oct 2015March 2016

Front-end Developer

Axus Capital

Project was for American based consulting company. Main responsibilities were to develop website from psd. Currently helping them to support theirs site.

Used technologies: jQuery, html5, css3.


  • Ukrainian: Native;
  • Russian: Native;
  • English: Upper-intermediate;
Programming skills
    1. JavaScript 6:
      • Angular 1, Angular 2(TS);
      • jQuery;
      • React + Redux;
      • Webpack;
      • canvas
      • basic experience with eslint;
    2. Node.js:
      • express.js;
      • websocket,;
      • mongoose;
      • passport.js
    3. Preprocessor:
      • Jade;
      • scss/sass, stylus;
    4. DB knowledge:
      • Mongo;
      • MS SQL;
      • Firebase;
    5. Python 2.7:
      • Selenium, urllib, oauth2, requests;
      • Pandas, numpy, scikit;
      • basic knowledge of the matplotlib and seaborn;
      • sqlAlchemy, pymongo;
      • win32com(for excel manipulations)