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Aspiring to continue a successful career within the natural resources industry.

Said about me...

January 13, 2011

It is a pleasure to endorse Stefan Martensson's nomination for the CAFCE CO-OP Student of the Year Award.

Stefan has been one of my colleagues since September 2010, when he joined us as a co-op student from

Camosun College's Environmental Technology Program. Stefan's calm, focused and proactive nature have

provided him with the ability to excel with the high work load and short deadlines. He has also shown initiative, diligence and has great attention to detail.

Stefan is working as an Infrastructure Resource Assistant at the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural

Development where he has just started his second term with us. We have purposely assigned a range of

different tasks to him, so he has an opportunity to diversify his learning, but also the organization could benefit the most from his co-op. His duties during the first term included:

• providing administrative support to the different capital grants programs we offer;

• assisting local governments with scope changes in funded projects;

• reviewing quarterly and final project reports;

• he also spent a good portion of his work term developing an Excel database with drinking water related

projects and an detailed guide to this database on how to work and modify it; and,

• the majority of his work term was focused on collaborating on the development of a new grant program

in collaboration with Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources,

BC Climate Action Secretariat, and some private sector partners. His background from Sweden and the

connection to expertise in relevant fields, proved very useful for us in the development of the program

guide, selection criteria and supporting documents. As this program is still under development it is

confidential and as such we cannot disclose details.

Since my very first encounter with Stefan at his interview, I have been consistently impressed. Stefan is a few

year older than previous co-op students. This is displayed in his depth of knowledge of the,areas we encounter here at the Ministry; like wastewater treatment,drinking water filtering, district and clean energy, cultural and recreational projects. With his previous Bachelor in Environmental Science, a Certificate in Tourism and now in the midst of a Diploma in Environmental Technology, he has been a true asset for us.

Sweden is a country we as a Province look towards to learn about innovative solutions and being green. Since Stefan comes from Sweden and he has close ties to a leading engineer in Sweden, he brings a new perspective to the work and has accessed up to date information through his connections. Stefan has on several occasions giving us in-depth information about how things are done in Sweden on topics we are in the planning stages of implementing here in BC. One example that comes to mind is an hour long Power-Point presentation Stefan initiated in one of our branch meetings. He presented on the topic of 'Waste to Energy', covering the controversy of burning waste, filtration, benefits of district energy and innovative technology being implemented in his hometown of Helsingborg.

Stefan took advantage of his heritage and connection when working on his main work term component, the

development of the program guide of the new grant program.

The match of Stefan's skill set to the projects we had identified for the coming term was serendipitous.

Stefan has made significant contributions to the Local Government and Finance Division during his first co-op term. His contribution to the program development was recognized by senior colleagues both within the

Ministry as well as others. This recognition was clear when Stefan represented the Ministry at an international


Furthermore Stefan has been very efficient at all his work responsibilities. His ability to get the work done in, a

timely manner has allowed him to branch out and take on some additional project in the second term. He has proposed the development of a GIS based communication tool to the Director which was approved. It is rare to see a co-op student who is proactive and able to identify deficiencies and develop proposed solutions on their own.

We always appreciate the energy, enthusiasm and abilities that coop students bring to the team. Stefan has

been an excellent fit within ours.

We at the Ministry sincerely believe that Stefan has all the right credentials to be a worthy nominee of the

CO-OP of The Year Award. Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Mr. B. Bedford

Infrastructure Resource Officer

Local Government Infrastructure and Finance Division

Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development


November 16, 2010

“Stefan has not only been a wonderful asset within the Infrastructure and Finance Division of the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development, but has also been an informative resource for myself in the Province's Climate Action Secretariat, providing advice on district and clean energy systems in British Columbia and other juridictions (e.g., Sweden). Stefan is a dependable, conscientious and results-focused colleague.” 

Ted SheldonSenior Climate Action Analyst, Ministry of Environment; Climate Action Secretariatworked directly with Stefan at BC Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development


October 4,2010 3100 Foul Bay Road Victoria, BC V8P 512

RE: Letter of Reference for Stefan Martensson, SW ANA Scholarship

I am pleased to provide a reference letter for Stefan Martensson. Stefan is in the second year of the Three Year Environmental Technology Program at Camosun College. I have known Stefan in my role as Program Chair as well as having taught him in several courses over the last two years.

Stefan is an ambitious, enthusiastic and dedicated student. He has good attendance records, he participates in class discussions and activities, his assignments were submitted when requested, his practical skills are excellent, and he achieved good grades. Academically, Stefan is a hard working, organized, conscientious, and diligent student. His grade point average is in the top 25% of his class. Stefan is in the Coop option and is currently in his first COOP work term with the Ministry of Community and Rural Development.

Stefan is a mature student and his maturity and inclusive nature has been a real asset to the program. He never hesitates to mentor the other students and is a real positive force in the class room. The Environmental Technology Program is a very intensive program with 25 hours per week in the classroom and an additional 25-35 hours per week working on assignments, reports, writing up labs and studying for exams. Even with this demanding work load Stefan finds the time to help his fellow students and volunteer on a few college and community projects. This year Stefan volunteered to give a guest lecture to the first year students on his experience with a project in Sweden where they will be converting solid waste to district heating.

Stefan is a well-rounded individual who will succeed in his academic studies and has a lot to offer to the area of waste management. He is never hesitant to put in extra effort. His self-discipline, motivation and work ethics make him an excellent candidate for the SWANA Scholarship.


Dr. Anna M. Colangeli Chair and Instructor: Environmental Technology Program Camosun College


from: Anna Colangeli to: Stefan Martensson date: Sun, Sep 26, 2010

Hi Stefan

Your presentation was excellent.  It covered so many different topics that are part of the ENVR seminar, such as sustainable projects, how to deal with waste, current technology.  In addition it was good for them to meet a student who has been in the program for one year.  It was an excellent introduction to COOP opportunities and the diversity of the topics in the program.

The comments from the students after your presentation were so positive.  You got them thinking.

I would also like to add that you are a natural instructor.  There is a definite future in education for you if you were so interested.  I was very impressed with the high caliber of your presentation, your natural mannerisms in front of the classroom and your comfort and ease with handling questions.

Keep up the excellent work….you make us proud.

Cheers :)


Anna Colangeli, PhD

Chair and Instructor:  Environmental Technology Program

Camosun College


June 18, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:


Camosun Student Number: C0347318

This letter is to confirm that I have had the pleasure of knowing Stefan since he began his studies at Camosun in September 2009. Stefan joined our College in our Environmental Technology Diploma Program. His program requires a full-time course load and to earn strong marks students must have excellent time management skills and discipline with their studies.

Stefan is kind, warm, intelligent and friendly and has the desire to pursue his educational and personal goals. He has an interesting portfolio of studies, a Bachelor of Science in Biological Science from James Cook University in Australia, as well as, a Mountain Activity Skills Training Certificate from the College of the Rockies in British Columbia.

In my capacity as International Student Advisor at Camosun College it is a pleasure to work with this student and if I can provide any further information contact me at 250-370-3687 or by email at [email protected].

Yours truly,

Jennifer Erwin

International Student Advisor

Camosun College


September, 2007

To Whom It May Concern:

Please accept this letter as proof of employment for Stefan Martensson, Stefan has been working at Hidden Ridge Resort (Banff Lodging Co,) since January of 2007 as a Front Desk Supervisor at the rate of $12,50 per hour for his first 3 months and $14,00/hr presently, He is also eligible for health benefits, a life insurance plan, Pension plan, and a registered retirement savings plan through the Banff Lodging Co.

Stefan has shown very strong qualities in this position such as determination, motivation, responsibility and creativity, He has also demonstrated enthusiasm, willingness to learn and take on tasks and projects, the ability to guide, assist and supervise staff members; and that he has a strong work ethic, Stefan has been a star member of our Front Desk team since the day he started with us, He puts in every effort possible and does not hesitate to help implement ideas and take on extra duties, He is very keen to learn and be challenged.

Stefan's main duties include, but are not limited to: supervising other staff in their everyday duties, training new staff, checking people in and out of the hotel, accepting payment, taking guest's phone calls/inquiries, informing guests of area activities and events, selling of retail items to guests, various administrative projects, handling guest issues, and implementing new ideas and strategies to ensure the smooth operation and ongoing success of the Front Desk.

We see potential and initiative in Stefan and are extremely happy to have him working with us, We have therefore selected him as a potential candidate for growth within our company and are working with him to ensure his success, Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me directly,


Janette Holtzmann

General Manager

Hidden Ridge Resort

Banff, AB


Currently executing a term contract as a Project Analyst with Ministry of Environment – Environmental Assessment Office (EAO). With EAO I am part of the Metal Mining Team responsible for assessing and analyzing not only proposed mining projects but also wind farms, run-of-river, gas and oil, and other large natural resource projects throughout the province of British Columbia. 

Recently I enjoyed and successfully completed two consecutive contracts during the last two years serving the British Columbia Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development (The Ministry) as an Infrastructure Resource Assistant. At the Ministry I was an integral part of a multi-ministry development team for an innovative energy grant program. I was also part of the local government green infrastructure, safe drinking water supply and groundwater protection divisions.

As a self-motivated individual with extensive leadership background, I have worked with and engaged a variety of different stakeholders. For example, in my work for the Ministry I co-ordinated public engagement between proponents, First Nations, local government engineers, private consultants, assistant deputy ministers and Members of Legislative Assembly (MLAs). Being situated in a fast-paced, result-oriented environment is something I enjoy and value.

I strive for precision, accuracy and efficiency when collecting, reviewing and interpreting data and I always take that extra minute to get it right. I try to be proactive in every unique situation and welcome changes with a flexible approach. I am detail oriented and highly organized which makes me a great asset for your organization. 

My sampling experience has been gained through volunteering to collect data of a wide range of species at locations around the world. For example: nautilus and reef sharks in the Coral Sea, frog and salamanders in the Daintree rainforest, corals at the Great Barrier Reef, salt water crocodiles in northeastern Australia, and bird surveys of the endangered condor in the Argentinean Andes. These volunteer experiences have provided me with an understanding of the hazards of working at remote field sites and provided proficiencies in 4x4 driving.

In addition, I work well in groups and have always met my deadlines. Former colleagues describe me as industrious, proactive, dependable, conscientious, result-driven and friendly. I excel in office settings with computer software such as ESRI’s ArcGIS, Microsoft Office Suite and Adobe Suite CS5. I possess proven communication skills and am able to conduct in-depth research at a high standard.

I am looking for an employer that offers a sound work-life balance and an inspiring place to work. I know I would fit right into that kind of atmosphere where it is stimulating to work and where people look forward to going to work. I enjoy progress and learning new things, therefore I am looking for an employer that can provide opportunities and great growing grounds that over time would lead me to be able to shoulder more responsibility in an intermediate to senior position.

I look forward hearing from you at your earliest convenience to set up a time to meet in person. 

Yours sincerely,  

Stefan Martensson

Resumé / CV

Work experience

Jul 2012Present

Project Analyst

Ministry of Environment - Environmental Assessment Office

Purpose of Unit: 

The Environmental Assessment Act legislates an open, accountable, integrated and neutrally administered process for the assessment of the environmental, economic, social, cultural, heritage and health effects of major projects undertaken in the Province of British Columbia.

Purpose of Position:

The purpose of the Project Analyst is to provide general support on addressing technical and process issues and providing research and analytical support for conducting EAs.

Operating within a team environment, the Project Analyst reports to an Executive Project Director (EPD) and, when assigned to an EA for a particular project, may be under the direction of a Project Assessment Manager (PAM) responsible for the EA or a Project Assessment Officer (PAO). In consultation with review agencies, the public and First Nations, the Project Analyst assesses EA-related material and provides research and analysis related to specific EA or sector issues. The Project Analyst also drafts or contributes to key EA documents such as letters to First Nations, the public, proponents and industry representatives, Assessment Reports and Working Group documents. The incumbent is responsible for gathering, interpreting and providing advice related to government and First Nations initiatives, including government legislation and policies, guidelines and standards relating to specific EAs and to the EA process more generally.

The Project Analyst provides PAM, EPD or Project Assessment Officer with support in coordinating and managing projects, research and analytical capabilities, tracking and handling of issues related to EAs, and preperation of options and recommendations to mitigate or resolve project-related effects or issues. The position provides documentation, research and analysis in support of advisory and working groups facilitating input to the review of the day-to-day projects. The incumbent supports the day-to-day coordination of the EA process.

May 2011Sep 2011

Primary Plant Health Inspector

Canadian Food Inspection Agency

At the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), we are dedicated to safeguarding food, animals and plants, which enhances the health and well-being of Canada's people, environment and economy.Summary of duties• inspecting insect surveys• doing disease surveys• conducting plant-related inspection activities to verify compliance with various federal acts and regulations

More info about the study can be found here:

Oct 2010Apr 2011

Infrastructure Resource Assistant - CO-OP

BC Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development

Within the Division, the Infrastructure Branch provides technical coordination and evaluation for Ministry programs and technical advice to local governments regarding planning, constructing and maintaining infrastructure. This involves a variety of services including:• Fair and equitable allocation of grant funds for infrastructure projects• Promoting planning for infrastructure renewal and growth• Promoting Provincial priorities such as public health, protection of the environment• Promoting sound management practices for infrastructure such as, water conservation, water re-use/recycling, greenhouse gas reductions, energy efficiency, and low impact development standards

Sep 2010Oct 2010

Infrastructure Resource Assistant - CO-OP

BC Ministry of Community and Rural Development

Within the Division, the Infrastructure Branch provides technical coordination and evaluation for Ministry programs and technical advice to local governments regarding planning, constructing and maintaining infrastructure. This involves a variety of services including:• Fair and equitable allocation of grant funds for infrastructure projects• Promoting planning for infrastructure renewal and growth• Promoting Provincial priorities such as public health, protection of the environment• Promoting sound management practices for infrastructure such as, water conservation, water re-use/recycling, greenhouse gas reductions, energy efficiency, and low impact development standards

Apr 2009Sep 2009

Warehouse Forklift Driver

DHL Solutions

Drove R-20 reach truck forklifts and made sure orders were processesed with accuracy.

Mar 2008Sep 2008

Warehouse / Logistics Manager


Responible for the order in the warehouse, shipments coming in and going out.

Jan 2008Mar 2008

Volunteer Field Biologist

Global Vision International

Volunteer Field Biologist – Collected samples of introduced species, setup of transects for study of Wild Boar and feeding stations for the endangered Andean Condor.

Jan 2007Dec 2007

Front Office Supervisor

Banff Caribou Properties

Trained five staff in guest services and problem solving. Assisted the Front Office Manager and the General Manager with their tasks.

Nov 2006Jan 2007

Front Desk Agent @ Panorama Mtn Village

May 2006Nov 2006

Warehouse / Loading Supervisor

Aug 1997Oct 1998

Company Fire Support Office

Swedish Armed Forces

Swedish Navy Special Forces - Gained strong leadership skills, learned about group dynamics, physical and mental endurance and the ability to make rapid decisions under pressure.


Sep 2009Present


Camosun College

In this science-based, 32 month program you'll gain academic expertise combined with hands-on laboratory and field skills to prepare you for immediate work. Environmental Technologists work within assessment teams, collecting, collating and presenting information that will help decision-makers understand how their decisions will affect the Earth and its inhabitants.

By combining in-class learning, on-campus lab work and hands-on field trips, you will learn a wide range of marketable skills and knowledge in the areas of:

  • aquatic monitoring,
  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
  • map and airphoto interpretation
  • Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
  • field safety,
  • soil classification,
  • sustainable resource and waste management,
  • horticulture and biodiversity,
  • air quality,
  • environmental impact assessment.

BC Parks Courses I & II

BC Institute of Technology

Part I:

This course is the first of two courses designed to take a learner from the definition of law and its governing bodies through to the elements and procedures of law enforcement within a park environment. Topics covered: introduction to law; code and statue offenses common to BC Parks; authorities and powers; and duties and responsibilities.

Part II:

This is the second of two courses designed to take the learner from the definition of law and its governing bodies through to the elements and procedures of law enforcement within a park environment. Topics covered: investigations, preventative law, emergencies, investigative report writing and statements

Sep 2009Present

Associate of Applied Science Degree

Camosun College

The two-year Associate Degree is a collection of academic courses that are fully transferable to any BC university or university-college, as well as universities across Canada. It's the first half of a Bachelor Degree, but it's also a recognized credential on its own. That's important if you decide not to continue into 3rd year studies. Camosun offers many different Associate Degree programs in Arts and Science.

Surveys show that Associate Degree graduates have greater success at university than other transfer students. Also, some BC institutions offer lower GPA entrance requirements or priority admission to Associate Degree graduates—some even grant transfer credit for all courses taken to complete an Associate Degree.

If you're enrolled in the Associate Degree program you'll have high priority when registering for courses at Camosun. Every effort is made to timetable courses to meet the program needs of Associate Degree students.

Associate Degree courses must be transferable, in the year taken, to at least one BC Research University (UVic, SFU, UBC Vancouver or Okanagan, UNBC). Use the BC Transfer Guide to confirm transfer eligibility.

Students planning on transferring to another institution with Camosun College’s Associate Degree should consult with that institution to determine whether the individual courses taken will be applicable to their final educational goal.

Sep 2001May 2002


College of the Rockies

Turn your education into an adventure. Gain outdoor skills and professional certifications for the adventure tourism industry while you experience the beautiful Rocky Mountains of BC and Alberta in the Mountain Adventure Skills Training Program (MAST).

Outdoor Skills

  • Canoeing
  • Rock and Ice Climbing
  • Mountaineering
  • White Water Kayaking and Rafting
  • Backcountry Ski Mountaineering
  • Wilderness Hiking
  • Helicopter Safety


  • Avalanche Skills Training II
  • Ski or Snowboard Instructor
  • Swiftwater Rescue Technician
  • Raft Guide Training
  • Canoe Instructor
  • Advanced First Aid

Right click and open in new window:

Jan 1999Jul 2001

Bachelor of Science

James Cook University

Double major in Environmental Science and Zoology.

Environmental Science -

Earth science is concerned with understanding and managing the earth’s system of surficial interactions involving sediment, soil, ocean and fresh waters, and the atmosphere. The study of environmental earth science embraces many current global concerns including responsible resource utilisation, climate change, water pollution and land degradation.

Earth science studies range from geology – the science of the solid matter that constitutes the earth – encompassing rocks, soil and gemstones, to hydrology – the study of the earth’s processes involved in the water cycle. JCU’s School of Earth and Environmental Sciences is renowned for its teaching and research programs and is supported by industry and leading research organisations.

Located within reach of diverse geological terrains and mineral provinces and a broad range of tropical environments, JCU provides an exceptional base for field studies. Earth science and environmental science graduates enjoy well-paid careers in Australia and overseas.

Zoology -

With its immense biodiversity in marine and terrestrial environments, northern Queensland is one of the best places in the world to study whole organism biology and ecology.

Tropical Biology and Conservation is one of JCU’s key areas of research strength. JCU is acknowledged as a world leading university in biology and conservation research and training in the tropics.

Students have access to a range of environments around northern Queensland for field trips and practical study including the World Heritage rainforests of the Wet Tropics, and the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park – plus outback, savanna, wetlands, agricultural and urban areas.

Further facilities and expertise are made accessible through JCU’s association with partner organisations including: CSIRO, Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS), Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (GBRMPA), Wet Tropics Management Authority (WTMA), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Water (NR&W), Queensland Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries (QDPI&F), cooperative research centres (CRCs) and other research centres of excellence.



Risk Taking
Risk is not something dangerous. Risk is something everyone has to manage everyday in our lives, some more than others, naturally.   I Fernie, BC at College of the Rockies in a WhiteWater Rafting Guide training module one of our guides/instructors taught us the huge difference between the two types of risks.   ** Real Risk vs Perceived Risk **
Customer Service Skills
Treat others like you would like to be treated yourself - with this simple analogy I reached great success working the front desk at Hidden Ridge Resort in Banff, AB.   Just read this review:   I continually won the competition within Banff Caribou Properties for nine months straight of receiving most mentions in guest feedback cards.  
Problem solving skills
Problems are our best friends! Without problems we cannot stretch to progress and become greater.   Without gravity we wouldn't be able to fly.   A positive attitude and an open mind to think outside the box is one of my strengths.
Strategic Thinking
Being strategic, making plans, back-up plans and strategize options on a project is something I throughly enjoy!    My entire life has been and probably will continue to be strategized on work opportunities, dreams and goals.
Time management & Organizational Skills
Being an officer, a student and working in the field all need attention to time.   My position in the special forces was very time dependent. Being at the right place at the right time, with the right gear for me to be able to solve the issue at hand. My position in particular was all about telling people when to act and when to stay put so they are not injured by friendly fire.   As a tertiary level student I learnt to manage my time to perfection. Nothing will ever be perfect, it'll be as perfect as time allows it to become. Juggling five-six course loads every semester forced me to plan ahead and to get organized to manage my time allocated to each project.   Those few times I do run late due to circumstances outside my control, I do all I can to contact the people I have scheduled a meeting with to let them know. 


May 2009Present

Firearms Safety Course

May 2002Present

Flatwater Canoe Instructor

Dec 2001Present

Advanced Recreational Avalanche Awareness

College of the Rockies
Aug 1998Present

PADI - Divemaster

May 1996Present

Operators Licence

Vägverket (Sweden)
Apr 2002Present

Swiftwater / Flood Rescue Technician

International Rescue Instructors Association & Rescue Canada
Aug 2001Present

Bear Awareness

College of the Rockies
May 2010Present

Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)

Health Canada
May 2010Present

Small Pleasure Craft Operators Licence

Transport Canada
May 2010Present

Maritime Radio Course

Transport Canada
May 2010Present

Field Operators GPS Certificate

May 2010Present

Streamkeepers Certificate

Project Watershed

IELTS or 'International English Language Testing System'

Univ. of Cambridge and British Council

Forklift Licence A+B - Class: I, II, III, IV

ICA Sverige AB

Security Course VU1 & VU2

Väktarskolan BYA

Security Course - Cash Handling/Transport

Securitas Internal Training Course

Rescue Climber

Ascensus Competence

Super Host

Tourism BC

Interpretation Canada - Module I & II

Association for Heritage Interpretation

PADI - Enriched Air / NitrOx


Snake Awareness & Handling

Queensland Park and Wildlife Service

Swedish Navy Survival Course

Swedish Armed Forces

PADI - Rescue Diver


Swedish Army Survival Course

Swedish Armed Forces

Survial Course Civilian

Swedish Survival Socielty
Aug 2011Aug 2017

Firearms Licence - Possession and Acquisition Licence (PAL)

Jan 2008Jan 2010

First Aid - Level A


Stephen Gormican

Francis Prézeau

Dr. Anna Colangeli

Roland Bjuggelius

Jamie Schoel

Sandra Wyllie

Ted Sheldon

Brian Bedford