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Sep 2003Present


The Open University

Courses Completed:

1. An Introduction to the Social Sciences: Understanding Social Change Concepts of identity, nature, power, globalisation and knowledge; 2. Economics and Economic Change Concepts of micro- and macroeconomics: demand and supply, competition, monopoly, strategy, well-being, circular flow income and money, unemployment and inflation, international trade and production, investment, growth and stabilisation; 3. Understanding Business Behaviour

Concepts of environments, markets, processes, organisations;

Work experience

Apr 2009Present

CEO / Owner / Founder


Specialisation: • eCommerce company Key Experience: • Setting up a new company; • Development, design and management of eCommerce website; content, graphics, implementation of payment systems, SEO, web research and analytics; software used: Adobe Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Fireworks, Flash; HTML / CSS layout, basic XML, PHP and JavaScript scripting; • Liaison with suppliers and customers, marketing and advertising;

Aug 2007Oct 2008

Lead Structural and Civil Design Engineer

DJ Fitzgibbon & Company

Specialisation: • A consulting firm providing professional engineering and project management services to clients involved in building and constructionKey Experience: • Engineering design and analysis of steel, reinforced concrete, masonry and timber structures on a wide range of commercial, industrial and residential projects; used computer methods and conventional hand calculations; 3D integrated modelling; software used: CSC Fastrak Building Designer, CSC S-Frame, CSC Fastrak Portal Designer, CSC TEDDS, AutoCAD, Microsoft Office suite; • Drainage systems design; software used: WinDes;

May 2005Jul 2007

Senior Engineer

Kingspan Century

Specialisation: • The largest timber frame building manufacturer in Ireland and Britain, and one of the largest in Europe Key Experience: • Timber frame engineering for residential, commercial and public developments; design of roof structural elements and complete roof structural systems; software used: Alpine Roof Truss Design; • Preparation of detailed drawings of timber and steel elements for production and site instructions; software used: AutoCAD, hsbCAD, Microsoft Office suite; • Supervising the tasks and methods used by technicians assigned to the project; checking completed projects with regards to compliance with the structural requirements and current Building Regulations; • Liaison with contractors and providing technical support to site engineers; dealing with change and modification requests;

Mar 2002Apr 2005

Structural Design / Project Engineer

Modern Timber Homes

Specialisation: • A timber frame building manufacturing company Key Experience: • Timber frame engineering for residential sector; design and preparation of construction and manufacturing drawings, specifications, and structural calculations; software used: AutoCad, hsbCAD, Alpine, Microsoft Office suite; • Liaison with clients, architects, contractors and providing technical support to site engineers;

Aug 1999Nov 2001

Structural Design Engineer / Project Manager

Elite Plus

Specialisation: • A consulting firm providing professional engineering services for design of buildings and structures Key Experience: • Design and project management of a wide range of residential, commercial and public projects: high-rise apartment buildings, medium-rise office, leisure and shopping developments; • Structural analysis and design using computer methods and conventional hand calculations; finite element analysis; production of concept and final designs; technical specifications and engineering reports; software used: SCAD office, Microsoft Office suite; • Managing project team; preparation of tender proposals and planning; ensuring optimal solution is developed; providing structural guidance to clients and design teams; value engineering; site utilization planning, project scheduling and phasing, constructability review and analysis; review drawings and documents for compliance with the Building Regulations and company standards; liaison with clients, architects, contractors and other professionals involved in projects;

Sep 1995Jun 1999

Civil / Structural Site Engineer / Construction Manager

Yamal Gaz Prom Construction

Specialisation: • Engineering and construction company specializing in Arctic construction Key Experience: • Bovanenkovo Gas Field development – a multi-million project on Yamal Peninsula in arctic area of northern Russia. Construction management of gas field residential-industrial complex in tundra for Gazprom - the world’s largest producer of natural gas. Permafrost conditions; steel and wooden structures: residential complexes, offices, shops, bakery, bridges, service and industrial buildings including gas plant, boiler houses, storage buildings, above ground pipelines, pipe supporting structures, platforms, power substation, storage tanks, ice-breakers, offshore structures, prefabricated buildings assembly, driving piles in permafrost; • Construction crew management (up to 60 people); developing the project execution overall approach; ensuring conformance with engineering plans, specifications, construction standards; material management and coordination with the logistic department; • Coordinating and driving performance of subcontractors (3-5, including international); • Liaison with client; preparation and submission of progress and compliance reports;


Strong Leadership and organizing skills; ability to work autonomously and collaboratively Natural leadership abilities considerably developed during work in Arctic; gained high respect and recognition among construction team workers which is crucial in such hard conditions in order to succeed; Critical thought and decision-making Ability to structure and present logical arguments, analyse information critically, and make informed decisions; High-level people skills Able to see from the perspective of others and care for their welfare; High-level communication skills Good English Language skills in speech and writing; wide experience with information and communication technologies; Multi cultural communication skills Experience of working with Russian, Ukrainian, Irish, English, Polish, Finnish and Austrian engineers; Socio-cultural sensitivity High ethical standards in relation to professional practice; Good understanding of economic contexts and business procedures Knowledge of economics, organizational operations and understanding of business objectives; Style: flexible Natural tendencies are people-oriented but would match style to the environment for the best result
Structural Engineering
Proficiency in structural engineering analysis and design Strong knowledge of structural mechanics; broad knowledge of structural engineering theories and methods including Finite Element Analysis ; extensive experience in using computer methods and conventional hand calculations; Knowledge of British Standards and Codes of Practice; FM Global standards 7.5 years designing timber, steel, reinforced concrete and masonry structures to British Standards; High level of computer literacy Proficiency in AutoCAD, wide range of structural analysis and design software applications, civil engineering software and common Microsoft applications; advanced graphic and 3D modelling skills; software development experience; Off-site construction Factory pre-engineering of timber frame buildings experience; Drainage system design Storm water drainage and sewer systems design experience; Extremely high standards of quality Perfect quality is what makes me proud of myself the most; Design approach: creative, innovation in everything High Interest in new technologies, focus on CAD, automatisation of design process and software development;

Engineering Portfolio


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My passion in the systems engineering

It is all about how to meet the challenge of engineering a system of unprecedented complexity.

Although my practical experience mainly lays in designing of building structures, planning and managing execution of construction projects, I also have an interest in many other types of systems such as economic and sociocultural systems, systems in cognitive science and organizational theory as well as natural systems.


Personal Characteristics
  • Analytical, intellectual, ambitious, structured, optimistic, dogged, creative, responsible
  • All-round self-development is the way of life
  • Easy adaptability to change and ability to function efficiently in unfamiliar settings
  • Enthusiastic about taking up new challenges in life
  • Openness and confidence in trying new things; willingness to take risk
  • Ability to learn independently new things quickly and easily
  • High moral and ethical standards


Engineering,Architecture,High Tech,Internet Technologies,Information Architecture and Analytics,Business,Ecommerce,Marketing,Commerce,Trade,Organizational Development,Strategic Planning,Graphic and Web Design,Photography, Videography


• A Civil / Structural engineer who has extensive international experience in structural design, project and construction management including extreme Arctic conditions; wide range of building types and structural systems including large-scale complex projects, high-rise developments, long-span structures and off-site building solutions; • A Manager who is strong advocate of systems thinking as opposed to command thinking; • A Developer and designer who is more interested in designing a system than managing it; • A Knowledge seeker who has a strong autodidactic spirit, however, formally M.S. qualified in Structural Engineering and doing B.A. in Business Studies; interests in many areas of engineering, technology, natural and social sciences; • A Challenger who genuine enjoys types of projects that are a brain-teaser (the more difficult the better); easy adaptable to change and able to function efficiently in unfamiliar settings; • An entrepreneur who is always full of new ideas and has a passion for development; confident in trying new things and willing to take risks; • A workaholic who sets extremely high standards for himself and believes in his own hard work; • A person who takes all-round self-development is a way of life;