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Work experience

Aug 2011Present

Media Specialist

MCSD East Columbus Middle School

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Aug 2009Jul 2011

Lead Pre-K Teacher

MCSD Midland Academy Elementary
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Aug 2007May 2008

Kindergarten Paraprofessional

MCSD North Columbus Elementary
Aug 2006Aug 2007

Media Clerk

MCSD North Columbus Elementary
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Jan 2010Present

Masters of Library Media

Columbus State University
Aug 2004May 2009

Bachelors of Science in Education

Columbus State University


It is an educator’s responsibility to continue their own professional growth and development. Education is an ever changing environment and this is the only way to continue to support students appropriately and encourage them to become lifelong learners.If I teach, I must also learn.

Learning and implementing the AASL standards will better me as a professional as I strive to support my school and students.


•I believe all students can reach their full potential as long they are provided the support they deserve. I believe it is my responsibility to support their learning by creating a relaxing environment, supplying them with appropriate resources and collaborating with the classroom teacher to deliver instruction in creative ways and in multiple settings. •Technology is an important asset for the teacher and students if taught and used correctly. The world is a place where technology reaches every corner I want to make sure all students are technology literate to better their future and improve classroom performance.

Standard 1.2

Standard 1.3

Standard 1.4

Standard 2.1

Standard 3.1

Standard 4.1

Standard 4.2