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Consultancy Projects

Latest Experience

Witney Road Survey for Philip Kingston Associates (2011)

Developed online php code for graphically mapping client survey data and cordon zoning analysis - shortest path for road distances and journey times. Code for conversion and extraction of data into GPX XML format. Northing/easting to longitude/latitude conversions from post code information. Use of external cloud services, via api interfacing in PHP based scripts. Support for a client's job in Witney, Oxfordshire.

Asset Management Prototype for DDM Management Consultants (2011/12)

Development of a working executable prototype (mini system server tool) for linking transient sensor and fixed data via a mysql database to a client's reporting software using port 80 instead of remote mysql on port 3306. Using AES data encryption. Asset Management. None Technical Disclosure Agreed.

CAST - BAA for LeighFishers (2011)

Developed a quick executable tool for a possible future client to allow desk allocations to be edited on CAST models by converting desk object's xml to csv format (not direct Excel import) and vice-a-versa. One row equals one xml timing node.

Airport Modelling Summary
  • Passenger modelling using Arrive/Depart and Visual Simulations undertaken at Heathrow airport for Terminals 3 and 5, Birmingham, and Athens International Airport.

  • Cast/BAA Modelling while on secondment at Heathrow Airport - HET design work.

  • STORM program used for vehicle campus modelling at Heathrow airport for Terminal 5 (fleet size requirement).

  • Developed a Visual Simulation model of Lyon airport - modelling plane runways and airspace stacking.

  • Visual Simulation modelling of vehicle campus at Heathrow airport, Terminal 5 - incorporating baggage hall, airside roads, taxiways, and Cargo dynamic modelling. Dead leg movements coming from the STORM program.

  • Vehicle Kerbside modelling (visually) outside Terminal 3 check-in, Heathrow airport.

  • Other airport related utility applications.

Model Development


The ARRIVE/DEPART programs were originally written back in the 1970's on a prime mainframe to model the movements of passengers and transfers at 'third world' airports. They were written in Fortran 77. The latest version is written in Fortran 90, with a clearwin addin for Windows 95/98/2000 support.

Further developed these programs to enhance the level of sophistication of the simulation. Enhancements include:

  • A passenger control filtering system on processing facilities

  • Extension of the number of processing facilities and holding areas

  • Development of a link between Arrive and Depart to enable full modelling of all transfer movements

  • Development of variable desk opening at all passenger process points, in Arrivals and Departures

  • Incorporation of the full simulation of people mover systems within Arrive

  • Addition of fast track channels and executive lounges

  • A multitasking option between these two models within one program ARRDEP98

  • Graphical user interface

  • Links to our Visual Simulation system.

This new version has been used successfully to model the Terminal 5 extension at Heathrow Airport, Athens Airport, and Birmingham Airport.

STORM Program Development

STORM stands for scheduled traffic operator and route manager and was developed to analyse vehicle congestion at the T5 design study stage at Heathrow airport. Kept up to date, and made much faster via improved data sorting methods. This program generates vehicle fleets on a supplied network (for a specified flight schedule), and like CONTRAM, gives the user an estimation of the delays due to resultant congestion. Used to generate the dead-leg journeys for our Virtual Simulation Campus models.

Visual Simulation Development

Visual Simulation models were developed on a project specific basis - incorporating modular object specific code to represent projects which needed to use an Object Orientated Design Solution, although the software itself was written using C without class structures. These chiefly consist of Airport models - check-in queues, immigration halls, arrival halls for passengers and the road campus for service vehicle fleet size requirements. Visual Simulation has also been used to model railway stations, like City Thameslink 2000 project. Uses dynamic link libraries written by Jacobs Consultancy within a third party render/Virtual Reality engine called Superscape.

Project Utility Applications

Development of various programs/model designed to help collect and analyse output from other models - project related. Ranges from Excel spreadsheets using VBA, to standalone applications compiled in either Visual C++ or Fortran 90. Also includes some Taxi survey applications written in Pocketc, which will run on Palm PDAs.

Pedestrian Modelling (other than Visual Simulation Modelling)

2006 Paddington Hammersmith and City Station, London Underground, UK

Development of PEDROUTE passenger simulation models for the existing and proposed Hammerson scheme for the Hammersmith and City station at Paddington. I have been responsible for developing various station matrices and the overview of the modelling.

2004-2007 Kings Cross / St Pancras Station, London Underground, UK

Development of various models for King's Cross / St. Pancras London Underground Station. The study has involved both PEDROUTE and static analysis on a call-off contract. I have also undertaken various assessments on the project including model checks, demand review, recreation of station matrices, evacuation assessments and developments of models to replicate proposed Interim Station Arrangements. Completed a study for Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the LU station works.

2005 Stratford Regional Station, Docklands Light Rail (DLR), UK

Development of PEDROUTE passenger simulation models for Stratford Regional Station. I was responsible for adapting the models to incorporate new infrastructure and determining weaknesses in the proposed design. I was also involved in the development of demand matrices for the station.

2005-2007 Stratford Regional Station, Transport for London (Major Projects), UK

Development of a passenger capacity enhancement scheme for Stratford Regional Station (Olympic scenario testing). The station is subject to several major future rail schemes and is already currently congested. I was involved in the development of a scheme to relieve congestion at the station. The PEDROUTE model was used extensively on the project to assist in the development of a workable scheme and to assist in modelling used to develop a Business Case for the project.

2004-2005 Peterborough Station, Peterborough City Council, UK

This project involved the creation of Base Year models of the station used to develop future scheme proposals for the station. I was responsible for the analysis of various survey data to create and validate the Base Year PEDROUTE models. On completion of the Base Year models I assisted in the development of Future schemes for the station.

1998-2005 New Route Assignment Model for PAM

Started the process of developing Jacobs Consultancy's own route assignment program to define the routes of pedestrians within PAM, without using CONTRAM, in order to enhance PAM's marketability as a standalone product.

1994-1995 PAM Validation at St Pancras Station

Converted the old PEDPAR spreadsheet for pedestrian jourmey times into a FORTRAN 77 program to model pedestrians within a pre-defined network, interfacing with CONTRAM to assign pedestrians to routes. This was called the PAM package.

Visual Simulation Modelling

2006-2007 STAR Alliance - CAST simulation modelling

Utilised the advanced CAST simulation modelling tool to assess the performance of proposed capital projects for the STAR Alliance project at Heathrow Airport, including the HET project (redevelopment of Terminal Three, Heathrow Airport). This involved client meetings to understand the requirements, stakeholder consultation and reporting.

2003-2006 T5 Campus Model

Developed a combined visual simulation model of the proposed Terminal 5 (Heathrow Airport) service vehicle campus for the purpose of obtaining the vehicle fleet size required for the whole day - this links in all the separate areas of the campus done to date; plus Satellite 3. Work involves modelling the vehicles crossing taxiways - with subsequent closure delays. The modelling period, instead of just been the peak hour, became a full real time 24hour model for the fleet size requirements.

2001-2002 T5 Baggage Hall Visual Simulation Modelling

Developed a visual simulation of the proposed Terminal 5 baggage hall at the core terminal. This model is processing all the expected baggage vehicles from plane stands and parking bays, to reclaim devices, empty ULD collectors, transfer baggage, and departure baggage build points. It runs in real time (but has a go faster option installed). Various numeric output files for analysis are produced, using Excel spreadsheets, and analysis utilities written by myself.

2001-2006 T5 Southern Ancillary Road Visual Simulation

Developed a visual simulation model of the proposed Terminal 5 southern ancillary road. This models the plane service vehicles on an important but congested area at T5. Created twelve different scenarios, including time controlled traffic lights, roadabouts and vehicle actuated traffic lights. This model also runs in real-time, and produces various output files for analysis.

2000-2006 City Thameslink Visual Simulation Modelling

Developed a visual simulation model of City Thameslink station in London for future year, base year and construction scenarios. This simulation models both trains and the passengers in real-time on the platforms and how they 'interact' with the trains.

2000 London City Airport Visual Simulation Modelling

Using the code developed for Lyon Airport (below), developed a similar projects for London City Airport.

2000 Lyon Airport Visual Simulation Model

Designed a visual simulation model (C++ code) to simulate plane stands and taxiways, later used by that division for other airport terminal analysis work at London City Airport. Modelled the landing and taking off of planes from the runways, and how they interact on the taxiways to get to and from their stands.

1996-2006 Virtual Reality Research (became Visual Simulation Modelling) and Development Projects

  • Developing a visual simulation skill base on a project by project basis

  • There are chiefly been linked to modelling pedestrians and vehicles, in simulated real-time, flowing through various networks linked to data from Jacobs Consultancy's PAM, ARRIVE/DEPART, and STORM packages

  • Developed a graphical application to model 52 different vehicle types on the airside roads at Heathrow Airport, including traffic light junction modelling, part of the Terminal 5 extension study (with BA)

  • Developed an application to demonstrate Jacobs Consultancy's VR capabilities in pedestrian modelling to the 'passenger terminal EXPO98' in Hamburg, Germany (February 1998)

  • Developed a visual simulation for the new Athens International Airport, modelling passengers arriving at the check-in area

  • Developed a visual simulation of Broadgate Plazza, simulating lift movements between three floors, and people's resultant delays

  • All new visual simulation projects are mentioned on a project basis from now on (above)

  • These applications were all written in Microsoft Visual C++ for the superscape virtual reality system. Helped gain new service role for transport consulting.

Planet/EMME2 Update

2001-2006 Planet MM/Planet North Model Update

Enhanced the Ptline program (see below) to model two rail networks in Emme2, one for the southern UK counties, and one for northern England/Scotland. Designed for the Planet Rail model update work.

1998-2006 Ptline Program Update

Developed a program called Ptline to allow Jacobs Consultancy to update LUL's Emme2 railplan model timetables, the program can now cope with more than one node associated with the same tiploc station. It can also use a network file to find shortest path routes between stations. The same program was previously used for the Planet98 transit lines update. Also helped with the Planet98 demand matrix updates using ticket data from Railtrack. Also used the Ptline program to generate trips transit lines for the East Coast MainLine project.

Other Modelling

2003 Saturn Network Editor

Developed a new Saturn tool for the Thames Crossing study which helps users edit and adjust the saturation flows in Saturn Network files. Also developed a tool which takes signal data outputted from a spreadsheet (macro written by myself), and updated the signal timings in the Saturn Network files.

1995 Validation of GART at Waterloo Station

A large study of taxi behaviour was carried out at Waterloo, and the GART program was modified to seek validation against the flow survey results. The existing empty taxi model needed updating and was replaced with a completely revised model, substantially improving the validation results. The above was achieved by developing a database program, TAXIRTES, to aid analysis of the survey data.

1994 GART Program

Continued software development of GART program to model traffic flows generated by train or plane services, at airports or railway stations. Modifications were made by user request, chiefly to make the program more user friendly.

Skills Overview

Programming: PHP, Javascript, Ajax via PHP/Jquery, Wordpress Plugin Development, HEscript (for Exeoutput php compiler), HTML, CSS, Unix scripting, C, Fortran, Excel/Word VBA, Libre Office Macros, MetaTrader scripting Consultancy Support: Cloud PHP API interfacing, Transport Modelling Analysis, Data Conversion, Cast-Terminal, Visual Simulation Modelling, Pedroute, Trips, Emme/2 Data. In-house developed packages: Arrive/Depart, Ptline, 'Storm' apron link road modelling packages.


I have in excess of 20 years total experience in programming and data analysis. I have over 4 years experience in web programming/server support, 14 years experience in computer programming based consultancy support for a transport consultancy based in London as a Senior Transport Consultant, and 3 years working for the M.O.D.. Between August 2006 and August 2007 I gained considerable experience in handling XML data while working on secondment to BAA, Heathrow Airport - writing XML applications in Visual Basic macros (Excel VBA) for their CAST-Terminal modelling system, as well as helping to develop the Star Alliance models. My background is as a procedural programmer, but I do have experience in object orientated code in PHP 5 and to a lesser extent C++ (C was used for Visual Simulation code development). My current brainbench PHP 5 score is 3.76, this is classified as advanced level.

I am gaining web programming experience in writing in-house Wordpress plugin PHP code for incident/event mapping services for platinumshore (freelance agent), utilising third party mapping services, and the design of a website's api code for returning incidents and association global locations from mysql (ajax based searching too) - GPX conversions (surveys) Currently learning Android App SDK development, and for tutorial use I have a skype SDK developers account.


My main current goal is to organically develop my UK based consultancy support / programming company so I can merge my recent freelance web programming experience with my past consultancy experience to offer custom made programming solutions and modelling support to primarily smaller consultancies. It is a belief of mine that there is a lot of room for task automation within the consultancy sector, helping to lower project development costs, especially in the data conversion field.


Outside computing I have interests in the peakoil movement/transportation, via my own website

I have my own chess website (, and on-line space adventure game ( I also, time permitting, do some country walking.

Entertainment: I like a wide range of musical styles from Indie rock, 'swing punk', to heavy metal. Fan of metal group Disturbed and pop music solo artist Darren Hayes (formerly of Savage Garden).  Watching films I like alternative comedies/horror movies and sci-fi. My current favourite film is Wes Craven's Scream. I also like earlier Hitchcock thrillers. A fan of Simon Pegg's/Edgar Wright's 'ice cream and blood' films  - Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, World's End (suggested title).

Favourite colour is Lime Green.

Work experience

Jun 2008Present

PHP Freelance Programmer / Support is a web business based in the United States (not owned by myself) which specialises in developing websites to sell to clients, and client maintenance of websites, and offering hosting services.

I am currently working from the UK, on a self-employed basis, for, acting as a work agent. My current position chiefly uses PHP (currently version 5.2.12), Mysql (5.0.81) both for both back-end and front-end programming, and Unix scripting/support. I also have some minor Macromedia Flash decompiling/Actionscript editing experience.

The current three main services offered are summarised below:1) Programming in PHP, Unix scripting and Mysql for back-end scripts (cron scheduled jobs, utilising the WHM/Cpanel PHP API) and front-end web design (plus javascript) used mostly for payment processors, Wordpress plug-ins, googlemaps (googlemap PHP API), and form handlers, and also some Flash (.swf) de-compiling and subsequent re-compiling of .fla files.2) Unix support for the main server (redhat enterprise version 4 - 32 bit OS) - used by platinumshoreMy server support includes server security via lsf/csf firewall (iptables front end), domain management, basic mysql optimisation (my.cnf) and unix scripting for automation/cron jobs (eg. batch installation of wordpress). I am experienced in using Cpanel/WHM, Plesk and ssh for remote shell server access.

3) Basic search engine optimisation including htaccess rematching filenames to php scripts (Apache RewriteEngine) and page meta keywords, title, description tags coding. Recently used the PHP Automatic Keyword Generator library for auto generating page keywords based on page content (

For front-end PHP programming, I have past experience in developing 'in-house' e-commerce packages, but more recently in developing Wordpress plug-ins for blogging websites (auto content posting in RSS XML format). I also have experience in developing paypal, yourpay, and e-gold payment processor modules utilising Curl-PHP for the transaction processing, and developing custom made processor code. For example, I developed a payment processor system for a Japanese Print company based in Madison Avenue, New York, so that it could handle overseas international credit card payments (previously only allowed domestic US sales) using ( as the credit card payment handling company (input data passed to the payment processor as an xml string, and result returned as an xml string). Also involved Ajax programming techniques on form handling. I also have experience in using PHPBB versions 2 and 3, and developing Googlemap applications using the googlemap PHP API library.Currently involved in developing RSS news feed Wordpress sites for client advertising revenue (google adsense) and business promotion via associated links.

Techniques Summary: Curl-php, ffmpeg-php, WHM/Cpanel PHP API, Googlemap PHP API, Automatic Keyword Generator library, Javascript-Ajax, Jquery, Smarty templates, Unix Scripting, Ffmpeg video converting (to/from Flash format/h264).

May 2011Present

Director / Programmer

Orion Metrics Limited

I am Director of Orion Metrics Ltd, a company registered on the 14th September 2010 (Reg: 7374769). Programming/Data Analytical support services for the consultancy sector. Started trading on the 8th May 2011. This company was set-up initially to satisfy a request from some former work colleagues who are looking for support in their own future consultancy ventures. A legal framework was necessary outside my web programming freelance work, so formed a limited private company to fulfil this need. Developed online php code for graphically mapping client survey data and cordon zoning analysis - shortest path for road distances and journey times. Code for conversion and extraction of data into GPX XML format. Northing/easting to longitude/latitude conversions from post code information. Use of external cloud services, via api interfacing in PHP based scripts. Support for a client's job in Witney, Oxfordshire. Development of a working executable prototype (mini system server tool) for linking transient sensor and fixed data via a mysql database to a client's reporting software using port 80 instead of remote mysql on port 3306. Using AES data encryption. Asset Management. None disclosure agreed. Developed a quick executable tool for a possible future client to allow desk allocations to be edited on CAST models by converting desk object's xml to csv format (not direct Excel import) and vice-a-versa. One row equals one xml timing node.

Nov 2009Present


Exchange Trade Investment Club (ETIC)

ETIC is a small friendly Investment Club, which engages in private investments, mostly, in equities, formed at the end of November 2009. The domain was gifted to the ETIC by Orion Stella Inc on the 25th November 2009.I am the Treasurer of ETIC.

Aug 1993Aug 2007

Senior Transport Consultant

Jacobs Consultancy/Gibb Limited

My position at Jacobs Consultancy (formerly known as Gibb Limited)  was as a senior consultant developing/writing software modelling tools for both myself and other analysts to use, as well as data analysis and general modeling in the projects I was assigned too . I used C, Fortran, and VBA programming languages, and later some PHP programming. A brief summary of projects are displayed below, more project specific details can be seen in my Transport Projects section (right side column).

  • Online File Sharing: Developed a secure online area for Jacobs Consultancy staff to use to share files with clients and vice-versa, to overcome a parent company email policy with regards to file attachments – zips,executables, and even spreadsheets were blocked as attachments. It used Clam anti virus via cron scripts to scan for viruses in uploaded files, and php front ends to Apache using htaccess for access protection and mysql.

  • Cast Modelling: Utilised the object orientated BAA Cast modelling tool, and developed in-house xml handling functions for output data manipulation. Also developed baggage allocation models using VBA (Excel) & C programming based.

  • Virtual Simulation Modelling: Designed software to MODEL passengers, planes, trains,  and service vehicles in a 3D visual way, utilising a third party 3D rendering engine (Superscape). This was used successfully at Heathrow airport, City Thameslink 2000, and other European airports (Lyon Airport Runway). Written in C as plug-in dynamic link libraries for the Superscape VRT system, using Visual Microsoft Developer (1997) and Superscape SDK libraries. The Superscape SDK alas did not allow the use of the  C++ language, and therefore used linear C programming to emulate objects, each object (eg. passenger) stored as an array element or structure with related data parameters, such as current velocity vector, journey time, route stage etc. Actively involved in the running of these models and subsequent data analysis.

  • Route Assignment Models: Developed function routines to calculate shortest path routes, not just based on time related variables, but including  pollution and fuel cost factors. Used to override other packages shortest path calculations, mostly in Trips and Emme2 (via Jacobs's PTLINE program). It was an integral part of Jacobs developed STORM model, and also used for trip route (path) generation in Jacobs's Virtuall Simulation Modelling. C and Fortran based routines. Modified variants of Dijstra's algorithm.

  • Arrive/Depart: Developed and enhanced a package to model passenger congestion in airport terminals and to a lesser extent rail stations. Orginally written using Fortran 4 on a Prime mainframe, but was re-wrtten by myself using Salford Clearwin for Windows, via the Fortran programming language.

  • Stratford Re-development/London Olympics: Developed Word VBA macros to improve the extraction of PEDROUTE level of service graphical reports and auto embed them into Word .doc reports, aswell as been actively involved in the setting up of the models.

  • Data Handling: Developed various tools written in VBA, C, or Fortran for handling data manipulation – taking data out of third party modelling applications and converting it into formats like for Excel and sql for databases.


SO Grade

Atomic Weapons Establishment : MOD

Worked as part of a small team which developed software packages on a VAX mainframe and IBM PC to process and analyse various kinds of experimental data. This software package was developed using a combination of Turbo Pascal, DCL for batch processing, VAX Fortran 77, VAX Pascal, and C computer languages. The specific program packages cannot be described because of the Official Secrets Act.

Helped with the day to day running of a thin-wire Ethernet LAN, comprising of two MicroVax Stations and several networked IBM PCs, under guidance of the Systems Manager.



Bsc Hons

University of Surrey

About Surrey University (Guildford)

The University of Surrey is an international university with a worldwide reputation for excellence in teaching and research. It offers students a unique combination of high academic standards, employment success and a prime location in beautiful surroundings, yet with ease of access to London.


Highdown Comprehensive

PHYSICS              'A' Level - Grade B

MATHEMATICS    'A' Level - Grade B

Six O levels including Mathematics, English and Statistics.


Exeoutput - PHP EXE Compiler
Using PHP  in the Exeoutput compiler to develop standalone executable applications - only for use in my company Orion Metrics Limited of which I am both programmer and director.   See for more details on this compiler.
My skills in standard web design are more back end programming work than designing standard css/html tags, but I have gained considerable experience in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for page file names and defining page meta tags. My knowledge of html document type standards is more Intermediate, but I have a good knowlege of css style-sheets definitions and standard html tag coding.   I have a working knowledge of Flash and have de-compiled none encrypted flash swf files and adjusted the actionscript versions 2 and 3 code, and recompiled the fla files back to swf using Macromedia Professional version 8. I also have a working knowledge of using the byte code decompiler/compiler Flasm for doing quick code updates for none encrypted Flash files.
Mysql Database
Based on using the mysql server both in PHP programming scripts and optimising the Mysql server my.cnf configuration files, I believe my mysql proficiency level is advanced.
Microsoft Office - Excel
My strength in using Microsoft Office comes in using and designing Visual Basic Macros for handling data requirements and Excel small models, however I am not so strong in using convientional Excel methods like pivot tables. As a result setting my Proficiency level as Advanced rather than Expert.   My proficiency level in Word and Access is more intermediate than advanced.
Fortran Programming
This is the first programming language I learn't while at Surrey University - prior to that I used to use BBC Basic. It was extensively used in the M.O.D. and latter for simulation modelling work at Jacobs Consultancy.
C Programming
Despite C lacking an object orientated class structure, I designed dynamic link library plugins for Jacobs Consultancy Superscape Virtual Reality SDK system to successfully model passengers at Airport Terminals and the Apron Link Roads  - large arrays to store vehicle/passenger attributes and lots of linear code.        
My current brainbench php 5 score is 3.76 (Advanced Proficiency Level)   Note: Because I learn't PHP 4 first, and my background as a procedural programmer since leaving university, my object orientated skills are my only weakness in PHP, but I am able to adapt previously written OO code and use OO libraries.  I have used this programming language for web design, and back end programming.  


Mark Hilton

I am working for Platinumshore on a self employed basis. An alternative email address to contact Mark on is [email protected]

Gemma Starr

Contact for a reference from Jacobs Consultancy.