Since 1977, Instachange Displays Limited has been an active leader in visual productions, a commercial activity in which the company has thrived and won numerous accolades for. Its pop display and merchandising products seek to exploit the latest trends in technology in a bid to offer value to the final consumer at both the individual and industrial level. IDL ships a lot of its merchandise to consumers, a service it has become quite good at. The activities the company is involved in include offering services related to shelf management, display construction signs and label holders, brochure holders and shelf holders, product merchandising, poster frames and banner hangers. The company’s mission is to produce quality merchandise at affordable prices for clients across the board.

For the last three years, Mr. Howard Topping has been at the helm of IDL. A graduate of Drake University, Mr. Topping has vast experience in the displays sector, a niche he has been involved in since the 80’s. He has relentlessly pushed for an embrace of environmentally friendly solutions to displays all through his career.

Instachange Displays Limited
360 Harry Walker Parkway South #1
Newmarket, ON L3Y 9E9
Phone: 1-877-579-1882