Work experience

Work experience
Apr 1992 - Present


Ann Bacon Studios

Art Studio producing paintings, drawings, prints and graphic design.

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Artist's Statement:

Why do I take a blank piece of paper and patiently move a pencil across it until an image emerges? Where does that image come from? Imagination. The word “image” is inside the word “imagination.” Sometimes I have to close my eyes in order to get the image to come up front, right behind my eyelids so I can see it. Other times, I have to stare at a spot on the paper where I want the image to appear. After a while, my imagination will pull the image out and it will slowly emerge onto the paper like a photo appearing from a chemical bath. Those are the times when I feel the magic of the creative process.

How do I choose the images I create? They must convey a story. Most of the time, my work contains at least one person. Sometimes, though, I like to use trees as my storytellers.

I like to draw with pencils. I like the permanence of lead. I like the way I can lay the tip sideways and at different angles against the paper to create certain effects. I like watercolor. I like the way it soaks into the paper and moves this way or that. I like the surprise. I like oil pastels. I like smushing them around. I like the screaming colors.

I produce my art entirely freehand. People often ask me if I “work from photos.” Sometimes I use a photo as a source of inspiration, but all of my work is from life and some of it is totally from my imagination. No, I don’t use photos with a projector to trace an image. The idea of that goes against my desire to work freely.

Art is the ultimate expression of freedom. That’s why artists are always the first ones to be imprisoned during times of revolution. I feel strongly about the role of artists in any society. They must be protected. Supported. Art is about survival. Art is the opposite of war. Art is constructive. War is destructive. Without art, there is no chance for innovation, invention, community progress nor economic development.

Jan 2006 - Present


Skywave Writers

Ms. Franks directed a creative writing and storytelling workshop, “Skywave Writers”, from 2006-2010 in Hudson, Ohio. The workshop drew an average of six participants per weekly session. The local news magazine, The Hudson Monthly, published a four-page article about the success of the group in 2006.

In 2006, she created a work of total originality, “Porch Stories™”. Participants pay to tour 3-4 grand old porches, where an actor tells an engaging story about an inspiring person or interesting event from the town’s history. The idea for Porch Stories came to Ms. Franks from years of ruminating on the fact that no one sits on their front porch anymore visiting with their neighbors. People feel disconnected. Our fast-paced life styles have run over our need to have a sense of community. Sharing our stories revitalizes our roots and allows us to hear our common voice. During these stressful times, it has become more important than ever to think of ways to connect with our neighbors and strengthen our communities. Porch Stories can do that.

This event not only brings a steady stream of visitors to town, but also serves as a fundraiser for the local community theater. 

In 2009, she added a Ghost Story Tour to events that Skywave Writers produce. The tour was successful and received many good reports. Several tour-goers noted that this was the best ghost tour they'd ever been on - it actually had real stories attached with every stop. 

Aug 1993 - Feb 1997

Group Administrator

Group Administrator for team of three investment bankers and six analysts. Duties involved arranging client meetings, organizing and implementing group’s participation in annual investment conferences in New York and San Francisco, coordinating IPO roadshows, organizing group’s travel schedule, etc.

Aug 1986 - Apr 1990


The Nanny Network


Creator and Owner of employment agency that matched nannies with families 

The network consisted of over 200 nannies available for employment. On-going training was provided, by on-site visits and monthly seminars at the agency. 

The Nanny Network quickly established a reputation for excellence. Ms. Franks was interviewed on the KRON morning news show in San Francisco as a successful entrepreneur and childcare consultant.

Jun 1981 - Aug 1986

Portfolio Assistant

Crocker Bank

CROCKER BANK, San Francisco, Investment Advisory Group

Secretary to a group of six investment advisors, then promoted to Portfolio Assistant, duties involved maintaining client commercial account balances, reconciling portfolio trades, analyzing portfolio timing.


Aug 1969 - Jun 1971

California College of the Arts



Non-Profit Board Executive

Ms. Franks served as President of Actors' Summit, a professional theater, for two years.   Vice President of The Hudson Woman's Club, Trustee of The Hudson Heritage Association, Trustee of The Hudson Community Foundation, Chair of the Rotary Club of Hudson Annual Auction for four years, and Chair of the Hudson Cable TV Advisory Committee.        


High level of creativity - reputation as an IDEA PERSON -  often asked to contribute ideas for various community projects, such as fund-raisers, festivals, education & recreation centers


  Known as an excellent writer. Intuitive talent for for articulating project visions, company goals and objectives. Reputation for writing a compelling story. Bulletproof on details.

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