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  Interested in a position that incorporates my teaching and construction experience and allows me to work with young individuals who aspire to learn the skills that are specific to the construction trade.

Work experience


Member of Instructional Services Advisory Team

Marie L. Greenwood Elementary, Denver Public Schools

Responsibilities include admitting and exiting students from the Bilingual program (Transitional Native Language School Model) for the school as well as monitoring those students who have already been exited from the Bilingual program.  Duties include advising staff members on strategies and techniques for helping students develop proficiency in English based on research.


Manager & Corporate Member

Contemplative Construction, L.L.C.

Founder of small general contracting business focused on the  building and remodeling of one and two story residential buildings.  Duties include the performance of daily business operations for the company, oversight of the building process, customer satisfaction, quality control and every other aspect related to conducting business in the  construction industry.


Working Foreman

Groth Construction

Full-time and part-time foreman for a General Contractor located in the Roaring Fork Valley.  Specializing in all phases of construction for  both residential and commercial projects.   Responsibilities include the supervision of work crews and subcontractors, as well as the performance of any necessary work related to aiding the building process.  Foreman is familiar with plan reading and site layout, excavation, foundations, framing, siding, drywall hanging & finishing, painting, tile, interior & exterior trim and siding, roofing and every stage of the construction process. 


Junior Institute Advisor

Denver Big Picture High School

Responsibilities include designing classroom curriculum, assessments and providing direct instruction to 'High Risk' High School Students. Duties  include conferencing with students to help students design their own standards-based projects  related to their individual interests and community-based internships in various career fields. Worked with students to develop documentation for all stages of their projects as well as created and managed the set-up and direction of meetings with mentors including creating contact between students, businesses and community resources. 

Participated in the design of school 'systems' related to discipline, parent involvement, student attendance, curriculum, project design and assessment.  Provided informational  meetings and staff development to peers, school administration, and State officials related to school operating procedures, school philosophy and student achievement.


John Groth



Masters of Education

University of Colorado

Education, Equity and Cultural Diversity Program (EECD)The Education, Equity, and Cultural Diversity program offers a course of study devoted to the critical examination of theory, practice, and policy in two major areas of emphasis: the education of culturally and linguistically diverse students and the education of exceptional children. The program stresses analysis, evaluation, and implementation of educational programs for students who represent diverse learning needs within the public school system. School culture, language policies, and the social and political context of schooling are examined across emphases. Policies that affect the assessment, placement, and services provided for exceptional children also are examined.  Courses in first and second language acquisition theory, program development for bilingual and English as a second language, and methodologies appropriate for such programs are explored, as well as courses in special education methodologies, assessment, and program implementation.  The program is designed to train scholars, teachers, resource specialists, and administrators for careers in academic institutions, public schools, and federal and state agencies.


K-12 Professional Teaching License

Metropolitan State College of Denver

Teachers-In-Residence Program... Teacher-licensing program designed for professionals entering the education field from other professions.   This  program incorporates on-the-job training, where the teaching candidate is placed in their own classroom and performs all the duties and responsibiilities related to the position.  Candidates have mentors who guide them in all aspects of teaching.  Candidates also attend classes classes related to the pedagogy, philosophy and instructional strategies for teaching students.  The culmination of the the program is the award of a K-12 Professional Teaching License that enables the teacher to teach in any district or school in the State of Colorado.



ESL endorsement

Colorado Department of Education

K-12 Professional Teaching License

Colorado Department of Education
Nov 2010Nov 2011

Residential Contractor Class C

City and County of Denver
Nov 2010Nov 2011

Residential Contractor Supervisor Class C

City and County of Denver