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Community Involvement

Icon Model Management positively impacts local and global communities through its regular contributions to a number of charitable events, including the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s Heart Truth Fashion Show at LG Fashion Week. The annual event brings together celebrities and top fashion designers in support of the Heart and Stroke Foundation and the Heart Truth Campaign. Heart disease and stroke are currently leading causes of death in Canadian women, and the Heart Truth Campaign strives to motivate women to protect the health of their hearts. The Campaign educates women about how to identify their risk for and recognize the warning signs of heart disease and stroke. The iconic red dress has become the official symbol of the Campaign, a representation of women’s courage, passion, and power as they raise awareness about heart health. This coming year will mark the third annual fashion show, which brings together 20 celebrities to walk the runway in unique red dresses created by top Canadian designers. An invitation-only event, the Heart Truth Fashion Show is one of the most celebrated highlights of LG Fashion Week. The Heart Truth Campaign concentrates on connecting high cholesterol, high blood pressure, smoking, and sedentary lifestyles with an increased risk for heart disease and stroke. Hoping to inspire women to reduce their risk factors, the Campaign seeks to empower women to talk to their doctors and to seek needed care. Both young and old women are at risk of heart disease and stroke, a fact many overlook. By making simple lifestyle changes and taking preventative action, women can easily and significantly reduce their risk for heart disease and stroke. Quitting smoking or staying away from smoke, exercising, eating right, and monitoring blood and cholesterol levels can reduce a woman’s risk of heart disease and stroke by up to 80 percent. Icon Model Management is proud to be part of such a momentous occasion and to support such a worthy cause.


Donations to Sick Kids, Canadian Cancer Society, Heart and Truth Foundation- fashion show

Press Releases


Icon Model Management Inc. boasts some of the hottest talent in the industry. Icon Models enjoy appearances across a variety of mediums, including print, television, movies, music videos, and fashion show catwalks. Icon Model Management Inc. represents men, women, and children, maximizing exposure across the industry for a range of talent. Icon Model Management has displayed an uncanny ability to recognize potential talent, and Icon Models agents are constantly crisscrossing the globe to find the right fit for a client’s campaign. Icon Model Management employs a philosophy of long term growth and care to all aspects of its business. This approach permeates Icon Model Management Inc.’s offices in Toronto’s Fashion District, as it applies to both models and clients of the agency. On the business side, Icon Model Management employs a managerial staff that is dedicated to the task on hand and is deeply familiar with the modeling industry. Icon Model Management Inc.’s executive staff seeks to provide the highest quality representation for its talent, while cultivating rewarding ongoing business relationships with clients. Icon Model Management Inc. is always on the lookout for new talent and new clients. As one of the leading modeling and talent agencies in Canada, their models have established campaigns with the likes of Dior, Bvlgari, Cartier, Diesel and Polo.