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Located in Mississauga, Ontario, IceGreen is a manufacturer, wholesaler and supplier of reusable bags and other environmentally responsible packaging products available at very competitive prices. As a reusable, eco-friendly packaging option for consumers and businesses across North America and globally, IceGreen offers an array of products that include: custom printed reusable bags, reusable thermal bags, nylon bags, reusable paper bags, eco-friendly drinkware, and recycling containers & programs. They also offer reusable shopping bags, reusable tote bags, and wine bags. IceGreen products are made from a wide range of materials including cotton, bamboo, recycled PET, FSC-certified Kraft paper and many others. They pay attention to the quality of their materials, offering a thicker and more durable product than others on the market. In addition, Icegreen is able to custom design in any size, any shape, any colour, and any printing that a client requires.

4140-A Sladeview Cres.
Mississauga, Ontario, L5L 6A1
Tel: 1-800-335-8105