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Ionut Carst

Passionate Front End Developer

Work experience


Owner and Developer


I maintain the blog where I write tutorials for developers like myself. Besides that there is a small portfolio with some of my work. But I recommend to check my git account


Sr Web Developer

Tele2 Nederland

I work with a great group of talented developers both Front End and Backend to establish, maintain and evolve standards, best practices and the development process for the organization.

I get to dig in early on projects to work out the technical architecture with other specialists both internal and external. Some of those projects I get to be the primary developer but it's not uncommon to tag-team projects with other UI/UX Designers to accommodate resourcing and schedules which is why consistency in process is super important.

Some of the achievements: Integrated Modular JavaScript Architecture with AMD using requirejs Migrated from jQuery based app, to vanilla JS. Switched from SVN to GitHub, integrated TDD best practices and unit testing(Jasmine, Mocha etc.) CSS architecture based on SMACSS and BEM and transitioned everything to SASS and Bootstrap.

Dedicated library for mobile devices including feature detection Responsive Web Design(not using px) In house trainings and coaching.


Mobile Front End Developer


As a front-end developer, my work as part of the team was to build and integrate enterprise scale, highly interactive mobile web systems, targeting millions of users on many HTML5 game portals.

My role: Involved in building the mobile architecture platform. Ensure that runs on tablet and phone devices, by enhancing and modifying as necessary to guarantee coding best practices, best performance, and an outstanding user-experience.

Applying graceful degradation, and progressive enhancement to support all mobile devices.

As a core front-end developer of my team I developed a new JavaScript API on which all features were used on Kik platform and FirefoxOS for off-portal users Design and develop functional specs as required during the development process.

Guide and mentor other front end developers Working with Zend framework and rewriting the CMS based on Zend Provide solutions that performs well in low bandwidth countries, performance optimization, automatically detect and render based on the form factor(Tablet, Mobile).

Writing documentations and presentations for helping developers on integrating API's, coach them on mobile best practices, performances and HTML5 games issues.


Front End Developer


FrontEnd Developer at Inter- (4 years 1 month)

As a front end developer I had the pleasure working with different clients from different countries. I worked on different projects, using in house developed PHP frameworks or in other cases wordpress.

I focused mainly on front end, using with CSS, HTML, JQuery, JavaScript and Photoshop. Main responsibilities: Directly responsible for front-end development projects converted Photoshop designs into a working website using Web standards Optimized websites for Mobile Devices.

Implemented in since early stages, Responsive Web Design, layouts , besides that I Developed custom Wordpress themes, emails templates design and code implementation compatible with all mail user agents.

Direct interaction with clients to gheater feedback and changes on the projects. 

Coding cross-browser-compatible websites from IE6-IE9, Firefox, Opera, Safari.


Quality Assurance


Testing different web applications.  

Skills & Expertise

JavaScript (ES6, ES7)

CSS(LESS, SASS, post CSS, BEM, SMACS, Boostrap),  Layout / Grids, RWD, 

Task Runners, Build Tools, Process Automation Tools

HTML5, XML, Node.js, React.js, AngularJS, RWD

PHP, Zend Framework, MySQL, Swift, Objective-C, Wordpress, C++, Java

OOP, Functional Programming, REST/CRUD Api

Gradle, Composer, Chartage, Git, SVN, CLI, VIM

UX/UI, Adobe Suite (Photohsop, Illustrator, Experience CC)

Cordova, Titanium


Cross-Browser Testing, Cross-Platform Testing, Cross-Device Testing

Unit Testing (Mocha, Jasmine, Protractor, NightwatchJS), TDD

Individual Projects

Scrum Planning Poker -2015

Scrum Planning Poker is a strong tool to estimate faster the product backlog. It's fun and and can be used anywhere!

Decibel Sound Meter - 2013

Turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a sound meter tool, measures the sound pressure level all around you.

Multi Level Responsive Menu - 2015

Navigation menu for any devices.

Contacts Filter - 2015

Build using Backbone, and as a backend service it's using php.

Sorting Menu - 2015

A small app witch you can sort a restaurant menu. Uses ES6 and CSS flexboxes.

Frontend tools Boilerplate - 2016

A boilerplate using Gulp, Babel, SASS, and Browserify.

Robin Banks - 2014

Wordpress based website. I did the full implementation and the theme customization with unique features, that are visible in the website design.

Cookie Based Gallery - 2012

A photo gallery, build in native JavaScript where you can specify the image folder, that will automatically be read and displayed in the gallery. With features remove the photo in view, pause the slider, save the current position.

To Do List - 2012

JavaScript To Do List, based on LocalStorage where you can add, remove or mark items as finished, also searching for added items. No third party libraries.

ESGM - JS Architecture - 2014

ESGM -> Easy Scalable Game Modules.

It's a JavaScript architecture build using design patterns like: mediator, callback, observer, module, singleton, publish/subscribe

Can be used on different type of projects and also for games. Used on games I build two modules like:scalability, and multiplayer.

Touch based promo slider for phones - 2013

Touch based promo slider for phones. Build for mobile pages but also can be expanded for tablets. It's a promotional slider on which a set of images are displayed in a slider in order to promote items or other things on a webpage.

Content touch swiper for phones - 2013

Horizontal content touch swiper it's a touched based slider content, dedicated for phones. Similar to the horizontal slider you find in App Store or on Google's web search page (the navigation tool bar).


English           (Professional working proficiency)

Romanian      (Native or bilingual proficiency)

Dutch             (Beginner)



Technical University of Politehnica Department Chemistry 




Computer Science High-School

Tomsa Voda



Lower Education