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AT A GLANCE: Accomplishment Chronology

1)  Market Manager 2006-2010

      Syracuse, New York

*Drove sales and increased profits

*Improved customer experience

*Increased market share

*Improved associate relations and built team relations

*Managed 10 operations with over 600+ million in sales

2) District Manager 2005-2006

Syracuse, New York

*Increased Facility count from 6 to 10

*Opened 2 brand new Super Centers

*Developed a strong community presence

3) Store Manager 2003-2005

Epping, New Hampshire

*Opened a new Super Center

*District Training Manager for the apparel program for the region

*Increased customer traffic in new territory

*Highly visited by both regional and divisional personnel

*Training store for the region

*”Store of the Year” for the region 2005

*Achieved sales, profit and shrink results first year opened.

4) Store Manager 2002-2003

North Dartmouth, Massachusetts

*Managed a culturally diverse atmosphere

*Increased associate relations and improved associate opinion survey by 10%

*Remodeled store and staffed other stores for other remodels within the district

*Increased profits

*Promoted Co-Managers to Store Managers

5) Store Manager 2000-2002

Greensboro, North Carolina

*Led a high volume 90+ million Super Center

*Re-opened a storm-damaged store within 48 hours

*Increased sales and customer traffic

*Drove store standards

6) Store Manager 1997-2000

Ellsworth, Maine

*High Tourist Area

*Extreme Economic Conditions during off season

*Managed the sales and profits during extreme seasons.

7)  Store Manager 1994-1997

   Walpole, Massachusetts

*Located just outside of Boston

*Created a profitable store--for the first time

*Reduced Shrink from 2.21 to a .82

*Highly visited store and held the retail merchants meeting in 1995

8) Co-Manager 1993-1994

Norwich, Connecticut

*Opened a new store from the ground up

*Responsible for hiring and training of the Assistant Managers

*Placed in charge until they named a Store Manager

9) Assistant Manager 1992-1993

Virginia, Connecticut

*Served as the Training Assistant

*Opened 2 new Walmart stores-- one in Chester Virginia and one in Connecticut

*Assisted in hiring and training of associates

 10)  Buying Assistant 1990-1992

Bentonville, Arkansas

*Worked with the buying group in Electronics

*Helped facilitate the buying of pre-recorded music and video

*Worked primarily with vendors such as Walt Disney and MGM Studios.

*Communicated daily with over 1500 stores and wrote orders for products.


Enterprising visionary in arriving at strategic plans to increase revenue and market share. Dependable administrator who knows the value of hard work. Expert team builder and motivator.

Developer of optimal customer experiences with products. Winner of multiple awards in sales and management.

MBA Candidate in International Management with interests in global enterprise management and competition, market dominance, and enterprise growth. Loyal to community and civic organizations.


* Outstanding Associate Opinion Survey for the Region, 2009

* Outstanding Customer Experience Track for the Region, 2009

* Market Manager For Outstanding Leadership, 2008

* Outstanding Customer Experience Track for the Region, 2008

* Outstanding Associate Opinion Survey for the Region, 2008

* Highest AchievementinProfitPercent,2008

* Highest Achievement in Profit Dollars,2008

* Highest Sales and Profit Indexing Achievement, 2008

* Market Manager of the Second Quarter Region 11,  2007

* Market Manager of the Second Quarter Northeast Division, 2007

* Epping Store ofYear, 2005

* Buying Assistant of the Quarter, 1992

Leadership Awards

* “Regional Leader of the Year” award – 2007

* “Market Manager of the Quarter” for the region and the division – 2007

* “#1” in Customer Experience in the region – 2007 to 2009

#1 in Associate Opinion Survey for three consecutive years in the region:  “Top 10” in the division – 2006 to 2008


* Staff/Talent Development

* Employee Education/Incentives

* Strategic Planning

* Inventory Control

* Succession Planning

* Competition Analysis

* Operations

* Customer Loyalty Development

* Customer Service Standards

* Revenue Gains

* Merchandising Strategies

Work experience

Jul 2010Feb 2011

District Manager

TJX, Company--A.J. Wright Division

Supervised 315+ associates--focused on talent and team building in the off price retail setting.  Headed all merchandising and operations for 7 stores with combined volume of $33 + million in the Chicago market.


Market Manager

Walmart Inc.

Supervised 3500+ associates—promoting mutual respect, inclusiveness, and adherence to company standards. Promoted four times within 15-year period due to continuous successes Managed Northeast Division during aggressive market expansion. Headed all merchandising and operations for 10 stores with combined volume of $600+ million.

As store manager, operated five different locations in East Coast markets.Led operations and staff management in opening and remodeling of five Super Centers.


Revenue Gains: Increased profits by implementing strategic changes in store layout and merchandise presentation, which increased customer traffic and market share.

-Achieved average yearly sales volume increase of 3.5% for past 4.5 years.

-Outperformed regional sales average of .79% (YTD in FYE 2010) and ranked second highest for entire region with sales growth rate of over 1.21%.

-Landed 6th in entire region—out of  117—and achieved profit increase (YTD FYE 2010) of 8.33%.

-Reduced overtime expense by 75% by implementing proper staffing levels and new store structure throughout the market.

Staff/Team Development: Proactively encouraged opportunities and professional development.

-Promoted and trained a developmental market manager who was later promoted to market manager in charge of all of the Erie, Pennsylvania market.

-Actively recruited interns from local colleges and universities and participated in job fairs to recruit top talent.

-Created a comprehensive training video for facility operators to improve procedural workflow and increase employee education in store operations and management policies.

-Created a comprehensive training video for facility operators to improve procedural workflow and increase employee education in store operations and management policies.

Strategic Planning:  Created strategy that not only expedited $500K Super Center remodel to open by Memorial Day holiday—two-weeks ahead of original schedule—but also a strategy that resulted in substantial opening-month profits.

-Saved around $350,000  on projected costs due to early opening.

-Expanded product offerings that build customer enthusiasm/loyalty—generating 6% sales growth—outperforming the regional average of .5 to 1%.  

-Leveraged power and speed of training by incorporating visiting managers to serve as supplemental onsite trainers in a hands-on mentoring of new employees.

Inventory Control: Prioritized top five “high-shrink” departments to quickly resolve inventory losses; switched from process of “book inventory” to “SKU inventory” to more accurately track items.

-Reduced high-shrinkage stores from four stores to one in four years; achieved an average shrinkage record in .72 of under .68% for 4.5 years. 

-Met new-store target of 500 or less “out of stocks” (inventory temporarily unavailable), and achieved average of just 350—outperforming target by 30%.

Competitive Analysis: Executed multiple projects/presentations for regional general manager on competition analysis, which developed a critical edge on local competition. 


MBA Candidate

Northeastern University

Expected Graduation, Spring 2011


--> Managing Information Resources

--> Managing the Global Enterprise

--> Information Analysis

--> Global Competition and Market Dominance

--> Ethics and the Market Place

--> Organizations in the New Economy

--> Strategic Decision Making in a Changing Environment

--> Innovation and Enterprise Growth

-->The Cultural Aspects of International Business



University of the Ozarks