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Ibrahim Mohamed Suliman


Work experience

Nov 2012Present

Assistant Field Monitor

  • Monitor the distributions of Food Aid to all categories of beneficiaries under various programmes to ensure beneficiaries are served correctly and in a timely manner.
  • Monitor and follow on commodity movements and deliveries to the Distributions Points by Logistics unit, check transport, handling, storage, damages, etc.
  • Prepare field visit reports and other ad hoc reports or updates on all field activities, indicating action points and recommendations.
Nov 2011Nov 2012

Nutrition Officer

HelpAge International
  • Maintain excellent working relationships with the Labor Office and ensure that all staff recruitment and/or termination of contracts are carried out in conformity with the requirements of Sudanese Labor Law.
  • Guide and supervise the staff in the area of responsibility; arrange for and/or attend meetings on day-to-day basis on human resources matters; participate in discussions of new or revised procedures and practices.
  • Ensure that all staff are trained, (Briefing/debriefing) on issues relating to human resources matters; understand and abide by key Organization policies - Code of Conduct, Protection Policy.
  • Reviewing the contractual status Create, check and maintain personnel files of staff in order to ensure that all the documents are up-to-date.
  • Mediate and ensure that disputes between staff and/or between staff and management are resolved in a mature and professional manner.
  • Advise senior staff on staff development needs and identify ways of addressing the challenges.
Aug 2010Aug 2011

Assistant Project Officer

Catholic Relief Services (CRS)
  • Conduct peace building and conflicts resolution trainings for teachers, community leaders, and youth leaders in west Darfur.
  • Work closely with Ministry of Education, schools Managements, to facilitate the formation of peace clubs and identify peace clubs leaders.
  • Supervise and monitor the implementation of Peace building activities (Peace Clubs, literacy Classes).
Apr 2009Jul 2010

Data Base Officer

HelpAge International
  • Responsible for training and supervising all Programme staff in data collection using harmonized and standardized data collection tools/formats.
  • Carry out accurate data entry, recording programme data across all project sectors and provide programme/filed staff with linked data to assist in decision making.
  • Provide quantitative data reports to Programme staff and the senior management team on a monthly basis.
  • Assist with monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and annual reports through the provision of statistical information.
  • Prepare formal data and statistical presentations as required by programme staff.

     Responsible for quality control of collected data and for taking corrective action in cases where data collection needs to be improved

Aug 2007Apr 2009

Trainer of Trainers (TO) Youth&Teenager Mobilizer&Community Mobilizer

Terre des hommes (tdh)


  • Trainer of Trainers (TOT) : January 2010- April 2010.


  • Responsible to define the trainings topics according to the needs identified in the field.
  • Followed specific training provided by partner and replicate to the organization staff.
  • Meet with partners to coordinate and participate in the trainings plan.
  • Evaluate the activities on the field and adjust the training plan according to need identified.
  • Define monthly, quarterly, annually training plans and Budgets.
  • Responsible to give oral translation during the workshops for both language beside the translation of handbooks into Arabic.
  • Youth and Teenagers Mobilizer: June 2008 –December. 2008, tdh.


  • Facilitate the participation of the teenagers in the daily life and activities conducted in the center
  • Support , facilitate and monitor psycho-social activities ( recreational , non-formal education , hygiene care and promotion ,child rights )
  • Identify , coordinate and collaborate with service providers in order to reinforce information sharing and provision in the camp ( drug awareness , health , hygiene promotion )
  • Directly establish and\or facilitate the establishment of teenagers committees
  • Participate in community awareness activities regarding protection and psychosocial needs of teenagers in the community.
  • Community Mobilizer August. 2007 –June 2008 Tdh org


  • Conduct surveys and data collection within the camp IDPs Camps.
  • Assist in the maintenance of records on the population and settlement in the camp to build knowledge on community composition.
  • Identify, coordinate and/or collaborate with other service providers in order to reinforce information sharing and provision in the camp (Drug Awareness, Health, Hygiene promotion, etc.) through the ad hoc Committees and built knowledge.
  • Directly establish and/or facilitate the establishment of community committees/groups with a focus on community participation in decision making and information sharing.       Particular attention should be paid to vulnerable groups and/or persons, i.e.: women, youth, etc., whose voice might not be heard.


Oct 2001Jun 2005

Bachelor of ARTs


BA of Public Relations and Advertisement


Awadalla El-Khalifa Osman/ Head of Habilla Sub-Office, WFP (SUDAN)