• Miami Fl

Ibrahim Casas

Work experience

Work experience

Mechanical Technician Type A

Jul 2006 - Apr 2015
Transtur S.A


Mar 1996 - Jul 2006
Reyes Corporation S.A


Jul 1986 - Mar 1996
Cimex Corporation



Mechanical Technician

Sierra College

Mechanical Engenier

Sep 1981 - Jul 1986
Cienfuegos University


-Experience with any kind of car
-Ability and quickness to solve and find the fauet mechanics.
-Knowledge of mechanical engineering.
-Hard worker, quick learner, and ability to assume responsibilities.
-Working well under pressure as part of a team.
-Specialist in arm and disarm cars engines.
-Meticulous worker, attentive to quality and detail.
-Knowledge of brakes and diagnostics.
-Hatch direction, alignment and supervision of trucks.
-General knowledge of light vehicles. 


Julio Cesar Pacheco coworker in Transtur S.A                      305-846-1946
Manuel Polinario      coworker in Reyes Corporation S.A     305-333-5814