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Golf: I am an avid golfer (I play 3 times a week)  15 HCP

Aviation, as a former aviator I am interested in the history and evolution of aviation, and the aeronautical systems associated with the field.


Seasoned educator with experience in the implementation of technological system applied to education.


Net Standard 5
Engage in Professional Growth and Leadership: The use of the Internet as a source of data, information, general and specific knowledge is well handled by students. One has to point them in the right direction and clarify the terms and responsibility of leadership. Many feel it is just bossing everyone around. Actually, the leader is the one who has answers in critical situations. An educator must inspire and promote these users to apply technology to their goals.
NET Standard 4
Promote and model Digital Citizenship and Responsibility: As an educator the students will demand views and opinions on local, regional and world issues. Setting the example of responsible citizenship leads me to join community groups like the Community Emergency response Team and the local neighborhood Watch organization. The application of technology to all the fields of the activities include, but are not limited to communication tools for disseminating information, the use of laptops to take the Internet into the field and to research sources of information for the improvement of the community, like water disposal directives, water usage and control.
NET Standard 3
Model Digital-Age Work and Learning: Technology can be applied to enhance effectiveness in learning and develop student's skills and creativity. Using technology in the educational event penetrates the aura of apathy with which some students view the educational process. Having students prepare powerPoint presentations facilitates promotes the creativity in the students and with the resources that are found in the Internet they will learn to research information, select it evaluate it and verify the credibility. This also leads to the respect for copyright laws.
Net Standard 2
Design and Develop Digital-Age Learning Experiences and Assessments: The current trend of the young is to accept technological tools and achieve a high level of dexterity in the application of these tools. I believe this trend can be useful in the introduction of technology to the classroom environment and expand the learning activity beyond the classroom hours, just on the interest of the young students. I feel that I have to be ready with the adequate tools for the circumstances that I foresee in my educational events to come. The use of digital cameras and projectors, to bring events closer to the real world of the students ,contributes to their own experience.
NET standard 1
IT IS NOT SO MUCH WHAT YOU KNOW..... IT IS WHAT YOU KNOW HOW TO TEACH. Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning Creativity: The motivation aspect of teaching is fundamental. The idea is to establish a situation by which the students feel the urge to learn, to investigate to research. If the inspiring is not effective, the educational event will be sterile. Through video games, similar to popular  "game shows", students' interest in learning, so as to be ready as a "contestant" is enhanced.
Speed-reading and just studying have been the prime source and access to knowledge. I enjoy reading and it has always been food for thought, in many areas. Whether the literature is for entertainment or for professional inquiries, there is always a message, positive or negative, that enriches my intellect.
Writing letters/papers/proposals
Writing is a skill that I have excelled at. I like to write, keeping the focus on the subject matter and making the style light and interesting. The play on words and the potential poetry in everyday speech attracts me toward making my written expression more than just informative. However, I do recognize that there is a need for straightforward non nonsense communications when it comes to business.
Public speaker
I have had to address audiences of diverse nature and academic levels. As a Career Officer I have had to stand before units at my command. In the engineering projects I have stood before persons of professional status. As Academic Director I have addressed audiences of high educational level. I have always felt comfortable. 
Adapting new procedures
I welcome new procedures as the obligated process of human development. I feel privileged to be part of that process. Repeatedly through life, I have found that it is better to analyze improvement or propositions to change, rather than ignore them altogether.
Dispensing information
As an educator the delivery of the points of knowledge I must teach my students is crucial to my effectiveness.  The use of technology and the advantage of the learners to adapt to the development of tools to learn, communicate and research information enhances the capacity to reach the learners, motivating and inspiring them.
Interpreting languages
Having learned both Spanish and English in a formal manner, and with the courses taken toward the certification of Court Interpreter in the State of Florida, I feel very useful at interpreting oral testimonies and translating written documents, from one language to the other.
Problem solving
Experience has a positive impact on the resourcefulness of a person to find solution where other only see problems. I have excelled in this area, as was shown many times during the implementation of the radar projects and other sensitive situations in the military field.
Handling complaints
Dealing with persons who receive a service will always test the ability to handle complaints. I have handled them with sensitivity, justice and fairness, to the benefit of all the persons involved.
Finding information
The imagination and creativity applied to the search for information has always been one of my personal traits. Researching information and analyzing like problems and situations have been the key to my success in this area.
Calculating numerical data
The technical challenges usually come in the form of the requirement to forecast, through the calculation of numerical data. That has been part of many of my tasks to abide by and supervise that calculations of others to verify their results.
Every program needs resources and these have to be expressed in a budget that later has to be adhered to. I have had to work on elaborate budgets and always have had to perform within a budget and time limit.
Analyzing data
As Project Manager for the implementation of the three terminal radar systems that serviced three major cities in Venezuela calculations for technical administrative and budgetary purposes was an every day process.  
Advising people
As a Career Officer, advising, orienting and guiding people toward their search for clarity and progress in their professional life , is an important part of the responsibilities that come with the rank.

Work experience


Espada Group USA INC

Establish a small business investment company.

Organized and registered Espada Groups USA Inc.

Activated Gator Translator for freelance interpreter and translator of testimonials and documents in the Spanish language into English and vice-versa. 

Obtained a certification for Community Association Management, and manage the White Oak Home Owners Association.

Purchased a franchise from Coverall Cleaning Concepts, and service three facilities

Jul 1993Oct 2007


Asociados Espada C.A.

Establish a satellite communication network in Venezuela to serve private and public organizations with Internet, SCADA, and videoconference services.

Established 10 satellite teleports in different areas of Venezuela.

Introduced Internet in Venezuela and helped the development of Internet in Colombia. 

Served the country's main oil company with SCADA system for the control of oil ducts.

Established data networks for two Venezuelan banks.

Offered videoconference to business via international hotels in Venezuelan cities, coordinated with US based counterparts. 

Jul 1963Jul 1993

Career officer

Venezuelan Armed Forces

Served in the Venezuelan Armed Forces as Career Officer. Reached the rank of Colonel.

Served as Academic Director for the military Communications and Electronic School, in Caracas, Venezuela

Professor of Radar Technology and Systems, Communication Systems, Mathematics,

Project Manager for the analysis, selection installation and implementation of the terminal radar systems for the international airports servicing the cities of, Caracas, Barquisimeto, and Porlamar, in Venezuela.

Project Manager for the final implementation of the radar system for the international airport servicing the City of Maracaibo, Venezuela



Dec 1981

Staff and Command Course

Escuela Superior de las FAV

I was designated the Course Chief.

Aug 1973

Bachelor Degree in Science of Technology

University of South Dakota

Graduated with a 3.5 GPA on Agust 10, 1973

Aug 1973

Associate Degree in Applied Science

University of South Dakota

Received the Degree on August 10, 1973

Jul 1963

Military Arts and Sciences

Escuela Militar de Venezuela

Graduated 10th out of 64 cadets, as a career officer with the rank of 2nd. Lieutenant July 05, 1963


Military / Private Pilot

Venezuelan Armed Forces / FAA

Certified Notary Public

Florida Department of State
Aug 2005Aug 2011

Community Association Manager

State of Florida