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  • To experience the emotional and spiritual aspects of true love for the first time with a woman


  • Intensely focused and curious individual
  • Gifted with sense of premonition regarding isolated events
  • Well schooled and self taught in the sciences of an alchemist and silversmith
  • Married Remedios Moscote had carnal relations with seventeen other, different women who together bore him a total of eighteen sons
  • Lead the Liberal party as a colonel, organizing thirty-two battles and losing them all
  • Survived fourteen attempts on his life, seventy three ambushes, a firing squad, and a suicide attempt
  • Retired from the war with the Conservatives and returned to live out the rest of his solitary life

Work experience


  • Eloquent poet during and shortly after his time as a soldier.
  • Wrote beautiful verses about his wife, Remedios Moscote.
  • Ordered all his poetry burned to symbolize his disillusionment with the war.

Master Jeweler

  • Among the most famous jewelers in Colombia.
  • His signature piece, a magnificently crafted fish, has delicate scales of beaten gold, inlaid rubies for eyes, and laminated gills and fins.
  • Crafting these fishes may not provide Colonel Buendia with great wealth, but it has given him peace.


Rebel Armed Forces
  • Served in the armed forces of the Rebel Command for more than 20 years.
  • Rapidly promoted to commander-in-chief of the rebel forces.
  • When captured, converted his executors to the cause.
  • Suffered many defeats over the 20 years, but kept morale high amongst his troops.
  • Negotiated an honorable peace treaty with the Colombian government.



Gypsy Tribe
  • First experienced the wonders of science and technology at the age of five -- taken to see the inventions of the gypsies by his father
  • Impressed by the display of ice and imparted knowledge of it to his sons
  • After learning from their father, Col. Buendia's sons build the world's first and only ice factory


  • Learned the trade of alchemy as an apprentice in his father's workshop.
  • Successfully separated gold from a solution of copper, orpiment, brimstone, lead, and castor oil.
  • Aided in the research for discovering the properrties of the Philosopher's egg


Artistic Talents
Professional gold-crafter with the specializations of extreme patience and attention to detail while performing work Creative writer with extreme talents in poetry specifically
Had a rare gift of prediction and telekinesis. First manifested his gift when, shortly after being born with his eyes open, he caused a pot to vibrate to the edge of a table and fall. Successfully predicted the arrival, several weeks in advance, of Rebeca to the House of Buendia. Predicted by process of elimination his survival when faced with the firing squad.
Born leader capable of inspiring his subordinates to great loyalty. Singlehandedly kept the rebel forces united and fighting as one against the tyrannical Colombian government for nearly 20 years. Upon realization that total victory was not possible, convinced his troops to fight for peace, not just for victory. Contains a personal drive to gain more knowledge and is always curious of his surroundings Profficient in making new discoveries Capable of intense focus when necessary Able to detach all emotion and remain calm through stressful situations