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About laurence Thomas

Professor Laurence Thomas has instructed graduate students at the Maxwell School of Syracuse University since 1989. As a tenured Professor of Philosophy and Political Science, he has taught a number of courses over the years, including American Slavery and the Holocaust, Ethics and Contemporary Issues, and Political Theory.

In addition to his duties as a Professor, Laurence Thomas also writes prolifically on a variety of philosophical topics, such as the nature of friendship and morality. His works comprise over 90 essays and four books titled The Family and the Political Self, Sexual Orientation and Human Rights, Vessels of Evil: American Slavery and the Holocaust, and Living Morally. Professor Thomas has also written a number of articles in French, and edited the anthology Contemporary Debates in Social Philosophy, published in 2007 by Blackwell Publishers.

Laurence Thomas has been invited to speak at professional and academic conferences on numerous occasions as well. One of his most notable lectures includes the keynote address at the 21st Annual VeerStichting Conference in 2000, which was attended by the Queen of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Queen Beatrix of Orange. He has served as a guest lecturer at the United States Holocaust Museum, the University of South Africa, and the University of Carolina at Chapel Hill, in addition to many other notable academic institutions.

Professor Thomas maintains membership in the Midwestern Political Science Association and the American Philosophical Association. He belongs to the editorial boards of the Journal of Philosophical Psychology and the Philosophical Forum, as well as the Board of Consulting Editors of the Encyclopedia of Ethics.

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