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My objective is to become the head of a web design and development team that's passionate about the customer experience as well as quality of work. My unique ability to design and develop websites and applications as well as manage a team that does the same gives me an advantage against my competition with only management experience.

Work experience

Jul 1998Present

Manager, Web Design and Development

Pitney Bowes Business Insight

Was hired in 1998 as a Web Designer and within a year was promoted to the head of "everything web" at (then) Group 1 Software. Since 1999 I have managed the company's entire web presence including Intranet, Internet and consulting to other internal clients. I have expanded my team to include a dedicated Web Developer/DBA as well as a Front-end Developer. I also manage external contractors when extra workload scalability is required.

In addition to web planning and managing my team, I am also a designer and developer. Unlike most managers that have limited or stale technical experience, I create new designs, code webpages and design CMS features daily. This fresh technical ability gives the team increased scalability as well as efficiencies gained by having a manager who can fully understand what's being requested and how to implement it.

Mar 1996Jun 1998

NT System Administrator/Technician

Westinghouse Wireless Solutions

Working as a contractor (through Chesapeake Computer Technologies) I was the system administrator for the Windows NT servers including email, file serving, fax and remote access for a team of 60 individuals. Additionally, I was part of the workstation technical team supporting end user issues both software and hardware. Shortly before my contract ended, I also created an online database-driven product registration system using Cold Fusion.

Web Sites Created


ExpressionEngine CMS
After moving PBBI to ExpressionEngine from Vignette, I continued to build out over 20 EE-based websites for the company. In addition, I have launched over 10 websites for various clients through my freelance business.
I have a successful side business as a Wedding, Portrait and Architectural photographer. I am able to do corporate headshots, modeling, real-estate, product photography and nearly any other style or subject requested.
I effectively manage a small, agile team of web developers and designers (including external contractors) to quickly build top-quality web sites that satisfy client-requests as well as web standards and best practices. My entire team is distributed throughout the country (MD, FL, CA, NY) so I embrace technological solutions to manage them from afar.
All websites I create are database driven as I believe in the efficiencies gained by using a content management system either home-grown or off-the-shelf. I am proficient in Microsoft SQL server and open-source database systems like MySQL on both the administration and database design arenas.
I am proficient in Active Server Pages (VBScript) as well as PHP when used as server-side web scripting languages. On the client side I'm also well-versed in JavaScript.
Information Architecture
I have extensive experience performing content audits, card sorting exercises, research, user testing, etc in order to create site information architectures that work for visitors first and foremost but still serve the needs of the business.
Web Graphics Creation
I can create my own graphics for web use in both Photoshop and Fireworks. I can also work from designer-provided documents to slice and lay-out as needed.
Legacy HTML Design
I no longer create web sites or applications using table-based layouts but realize that email rendering engines aren't ready for XHTML/CSS yet. Because of that, I still have the skills to create table-based designs for use in HTML email newsletters, etc.
Search Engine Optimization
I have consistently achieved first page and even some first position Google placements for important search phrases using only intelligent content design combined with semantic XHTML/CSS.
Semantic XHTML/CSS
I am an expert in hand-coding semantic, XHTML web markup combined with CSS. I prefer to use text editors rather than IDEs like DreamWeaver because I want full control of my markup.

Additional Example Sites