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Bachelor of Arts

Jun 2003

Master of Science

Breyer State University


Versatile General Manager seeking full time or interim post within a (<$100m) technology focused company or within a division of a larger company. Successful in start-ups, turnarounds, mergers and acquisitions. An established record of rapid brand creation or reestablishment. Consistently able to improve total value returned to owners by rationalizing operational processes, repositioning or enhancing product offerings and improving overall product – project quality. Proven grasp of strategic management of technology based companies. Detail-metrics intense management style. Enhanced skill set learned and applied in Director-level Marketing and Business Development roles with two large ($500mm+) corporate operations. “Involve everyone – all the time”, ability to communicate with the all levels of the organization.


• Organization function and process effectiveness analysis. . • Brand establishment and enhancement. • Product and technology rationalization.• Sales force and sales channel optimization.• Organizational & cultural change management. • Financial management, budgeting and strategic planning.• Acquisition, merger and divestiture process leadership.• Generational transition planning for privately held companies. • Deal development to attract private equity.

Company History at a Glance


Certification:  Dispute Mediation (Ventura, California)

Patent Holder:    #6,872,303: Water Treatment Cartridge


"City Reaps Income From Sludge Processing System", Public Works Magazine, October, 1977.

"Sewage Sludge and How to Sell It",  The American City and County Magazine, October, 1977.

"Challenges to Public Water Supplies Create Great opportunities", Water Quality Products 

  Magazine, January 2001.  

"Technologies Emerge Amidst Water Demand", Water Quality Product Magazine,January 2002.

"Water, Its All About Money", Coffee Talk Magazine, April 2007.

Technical Paper:

" Utilizing Sensing, Recording and Control Devices With innovative Chemistry To Automate Odor Control in Municipal Waste Water."

Presented to the ISA (Instrumentation Society of America) Water and Waste Water Training Seminar, August, 2008 and the ISA National Conference, October 2008.

Additional Training:  Hazard Communications/ MSDS Development, Sales Force Management and Development, Senn-Delaney: Managing Culture Changes, Federal Supply Schedule Selling.

Product Illustrations

Significant Documents

Work experience

Jan 2010Present


ReliOx Corporation

Curently working with the University of Florida's technology licensing office to commercialize four technology packages. The technologies include air and water contamination removal as well as surface disinfection processes for hospitals and businesses.

Jun 2002Dec 2009

President, Founder

Intrusion Solutions, Inc. (Intrusol)

Intrusol was primarily a development vehicle for a water system disinfection technology.Secondarily, the company provided senior-level strategic advisory and brand management services to companies active in the water treatment market.Interim management contracts were completed at Cirqua Customized Water, Adapco Environmental Solutions and Q2 Technologies, Inc.; advisory contracts at Pionetics, Inc. and Frontier Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

·Re-branded Cirqua products; overcoming lack of market recognition. Grew revenue and profit by over 34% first year, reversing downward trend. Concluded Cirqua’s first National Service Agreement with Starbucks; covering over 6,000 locations. Prepared and presented a plan to recapitalize the business to a Private Equity investor.

Operated as CEO and Director.

·Contract to accelerate the branding and market penetration of this municipal odor and corrosion control division of Adapco, Inc., a Private Equity owned company.Product Line business model proved to be irreversibly flawed.Facilitated the divestiture of the division's assets to Q2 in 2008, saving Adapco ~$500,000.

Operated as Divisional Vice President.

·Contract to assist Q2 Technologies, Inc. with the acquisition of Adapco’s product Line.Post acquisition duties included marketing analysis, brand development, direct sales and proposal generation.Closed a 5-year $2 million odor and corrosion control contract with a Florida county.

Operated as market manager with Vice President title.

·Assisted Pionetics, Inc. in identifying potential acquisition candidates within the water treatment industry.

·Established a marketing agreement with Frontier Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and presented their disinfection product line to the Department of Defense.

·Designed, developed and patented a family of cartridges for water system disinfection.

Mar 1997Jun 2002

Business Unit CEO

Marmon was a privately held, $6.5 billion group of industrial companies.Chief Executive for a series of four Marmon owned companies. All four were in economic decline, requiring a combination of financial, product, marketing, project, program and general management expertise.Specifically:

1)Aqualytics, Inc.: initially hired to examine the viability of this hazardous-waste-chemical recycling company.The company utilized proprietary ion exchange membrane technology.

The accessible market for waste chemical recycling was found to be too small to allow for adequate ROI.Future prospects required closure of the company.Concluded a sale of company assets.

2)Ecodyne Water Treatment Systems, Inc.: promoted to this manufacturer of high purity water treatment systems, dealing with declining revenues.

Increased company sales by 52%, within first six months.

Focused advertising on the company’s highest margin products.

Decreased “quote-to-order” time by eliminating field sales and adding in-house 

engineers.     .

3)Matt-Son, Inc. added to responsibilities.Matt-Son is a manufacturer and distributor of machined plastic components for the water treatment industry.

4)Alamo Water Refiners, Inc.: managed the acquisition of this distributor of water treatment equipment.

Merged the Ecodyne, Matt-Son and Alamo operations under the Alamo brand; creating the $45million market leader in the distribution segment of the water industry.

Alamo was merged with Eco-Water in 2002.

Sep 1992Mar 1997

Director of Marketing and Business Development

WTI was a ~$600 million industrial equipment manufacturing subsidiary of Waste Management, Inc., managing a portfolio of industrial process and pollution control companies.

•Directed marketing activities for Wheelabrator's 23 business units. Units were involved in industrial high purity water equipment, municipal water treatment equipment and facility management, industrial waste water treatment systems, air pollution control systems, industrial stack construction, petrochemical catalytic-containment screens, process evaporation and crystallization systems, and well drilling and surface preparation equipment.

•Directed post acquisition integration of new companies and products.

•Led the development of a business-wide strategic plan encompassing diverse technologies and markets, as well as presntatio to senior Waste Management executives.

•Consolidated all promotional activities under a single agency.Created a single, company-wide brand for Wheelabrator: achieving “most recognizable” brand status.

Other positions within Wheelabrator:

President - Memtek Corporation, an industrial wastewater treatment company utilizing proprietary hollow-tube membranes for hazardous liquid waste treatment.

•Led the turnaround for this company, growing sales by 50% and achieving profitability for the first time in its fifteen-year history.

•Expanded sales into Asia to follow the Integrated circuit industry; sold $1.5 million in systems in first year.

•Added products to increase access to the wastewater market; results were 11 “zero-discharge” system sales in one year.

    Wheelabrator was acquired by USFilter in 1996.

Aug 1989Jan 1992

Director - business Development

Progress Technologies, Inc. (PTC)

PTC was the technology assessment and development subsidiary of Florida Progress Corporation (FPC), an electric utility based, diversified holding company.  Primary activity focused on liquid processing.

•Increased sales by over 100%, through establishment of new product mix, expanded distribution and refocused promotions.

•Designed and managed a project that reduced costs of a continuous deionization product from over $500,000 per unit to less than $5000. Formed a multidisciplinary team, narrowed applications focus and substituted of structural plastics for exotic metals.

•Member of Florida Progress’ Strategic Planning scrum team.

Florida Progress closed all diversified operations in 1992.

Feb 1980Mar 1988

Other Work Experience


Xydex Corporation,Bedford, Massachusetts

Xydex was a manufacturer of innovative laboratory sample preparation devices.Uni-Prep® and Autovial® products are now marketed by Whatman, Inc. (GE)

•One of three founders of this start-up company.

•Managed product development, manufacturing, distribution and administration.

•Developed and managed the program that brought six products from concept to market within a one-year period, including electromechanical assembly, fabrication of precision plastic and glass components, plastic injection molded parts and secondary assembly operations.

•Successfully sold the company within the investor’s five-year target period.


Millipore Corporation,Bedford, Massachusetts

A leading company in laboratory separations technology.Principally, laboratory to production scale filtration devices for fluids and gases.

•Managed the national account, government and contract sales function.

•Managed the custom system and sales engineering group.

•In prior positions managed operation of Millipore's 22 branches.