Ian Heller


I believe marketing should be a "profit center" and I apply thoughtful, cutting-edge, cost-effective and highly-productive marketing processes and techniques to drive great results.

Classically-trained, I combined the best of the theoretical models to many years of hard-earned experience.  I like to take highly directed, chaotically-derived inspiration, combine it with loads of relevant data to create a unique lens through which we can focus unusually robust solutions.

I believe that, "Marketing is far too important to be left to the marketing department," simply because it touches so many aspects of the business that the whole company is ultimately involved. The marketing function must understand the company's marketing requirements, communicate this throughout the organization, measure and report on performance calculate the ROI for its efforts.

None of what marketing does should ever be abstract, obtuse, or "mystical" in nature (not even branding). Marketing benefits the organization by constantly applying the latest breakthroughs in cutting-edge thinking and business process to keep the firm ahead of the competition. However, marketing is responsible for delivering this performance within the company's profitability requirements and forever improving its own effectiveness both inside and outside of the firm.

Work experience

Work experience