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Work experience



Artalenta Media Sinema


Apr 2015Now

Video Editor & Videography

Jendela Studio


May 2013Now

Video Editor





Villa "Kek Pisang"




S1 Teknik Informatika



SMU. Kartika Wirabuana 1


SMP. Kartika Wirabuana 1


SDN. Gaddong 2


Desain Grafis

English conversation

Adobe Premiere



Video Editor


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Hello my name is Uspian. I more often known by the call Ian Sakuragi in social media and my friends.

My passion is in music, sports, design, and film. 3 years ago I entered into one of the existing community of movie lovers in the city of Makassar. and my experience it all started from there.

I entrusted to edit a short film first Findiemks "The message"

Then it continues with a wide-screen movie project "Pasukan Ramang" by Producer Ichwan Persada. I entrusted edit five mini teaser. But until now the film has not been produced.

I entrusted the same year served as a project manager position "Makassar Film Festival" held for the first time in the eastern Indonesian region, the city of Makassar.

Teaching in schools SMU 2. Makassar as a Video Editor.

Teaching in schools SMU. 17 Makassar in making short films. especially in the areas of editing, sound recording, lighting. and produce a short film.

I attended one workshop program organized by production house "Meditatif Films" - Makassar In Cinema, for four months and produced four short films. "Meditative Films" is a production house that works actively making feature-length films and short films in the city of Makassar until now. and this is one of the short films that I edit. Burassingang.

Starting from Makassar In Cinema I were invited to join the "Jendela Studio" as Editor. focused on audiovisual and multimedia creation. Our concerns are blending many disciplines of creativity to produce a fresh ideas, products, and solutions.
Currently our works cover such services:
- Documentary
- Production
- Post Production
- Consulting

In the same year I was invited by some friends to produce short films.

of the "Institut Kesenian Makassar", I entrusted into Voice Recorder in a short film titled "Sisa Senja"

of Meditative Films, I entrusted into a camera assistant and Lighting in a short film titled "TV Bekas Baru"

of SOK Films, I entrusted to Direct of Photography in a short film entitled "Warung Jujur". The movie trailer has not been uploaded on youtube.

of SOK Films, I entrusted to Assistant Director and Editor in a short film called "Jalan Asing". The film is still in the editing process.

of Elliquissalie Record, I entrusted to a video clip editor "Tabasco Band - Spectacle". one of the famous indie band in the city of Makassar. Video clip this still in the editing process.

Coverage Promotion of Tourism and Culinary Destinations Kota Makassar on foreign TV Channel Travel Channel and the Asian Food Channel has aired in November and December 2015. I became a local crew during filming in Makassar.
Wonderful Indonesia Makassar Flavours Asian Food Channel


I was involved in the filming of " Parakang " by the Production House Artalenta Media Cinema . as Soundman .