Jack Robinson


I am a results-driven independent contractor with field experience as a Staff Support Manager, experienced in Detail Engineering, Construction Management and served as Project Supervisor for project managers. I dedicate my efforts to taking a project from implementation to integration focusing on management s goals, client requirements and required services. I have been successful by completing projects in a fast paced environment with tight deadlines utilizing team resources, a hands-on approach and management s knowledge and resources. Recently; we implemented the UMTS Overlay in San Diego per Clients directives. I communicated our objectives to team members, vendors & coordinated those efforts with the general contractors. I conducted site walks, inspected installations and verified the general contractor implemented the scope of work, safety rules and requirements, and would be able to meet scheduling. I reviewed & collaborated with the team about Material Orders and Change Orders and verified with the contractor those order changes were documented and invoiced. I supported Project Managements requests for various data bases creations; tracking and distributing project reports such as Implementation, Installation, and Close Out deliverables. Also, I was responsible for the installation & maintenance of a temporary office network and the integration of clients, visitors, and team members to that network.

Work experience

Work experience

Construction Manager