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A self-motivated Professional Systems Architect working within an Oracle 3 tier environment. Highly qualified, with a broad range of computer skills. Imaginative problem solver with exceptional organisational skills. A natural leader, motivator and active participant. SME manager for oracle development tools within CSC.

Work experience

Nov 2007Present

Lead Solutions Architect

  • BAE Surface Fleet Solutions Oracle Lead – Primary Responsibilities,
  • Working closely with the client to define ICT strategy.
  • Presentation to technical and managerial colleagues and client up to board level.
  • Project management and ICT consultancy: Identify and lead new technology reviews, leading to strategic adoption.
  • Creation of Conceptual, Logical and Physical applications models: Mapping of technology direction and IT Strategy.

Information Systems Architect

  • BAE Surface Fleet Solutions Oracle Lead – Responsible for development standards, IT strategy and product evaluation.Review of sites usage of the oracle tool set, with specific focus on reporting tools.Design application architecture of APEX, to ensure a consistent backend database with user authentication and authorization being integrated with OID. Integral part of the Architecture team responsible for the design and implementation of Oracle Application Server on solaris zones, being the first to utilise this virtualisation technology within CSC UK.
  • Oracle Technical Lead ISIS2 project.Integrated OID (LDAP) with Oracle Portal and APEX (formerly HTMLDB) to provide a seamless front end user experience.Lead team of 10 developers crossing a number of diverse Oracle tools, OWB, AWM, APEX, Portal, Discoverer, as well as providing technical consultancy on the configuration and management of Oracle Application Server.

Senior Oracle Consultant/Oracle Community Leader

  • Functional and technical consultant for Belron within a supply chain area of Oracle Applications 11i.Majority of work focused on Inventory, OrderManagement and Warehousing.
  • SATS system for Selex.Assisted with the physical design of SATS Oracle 10g environment and the subsequent build of the environment.Set up Development Team for Oracle Forms and Discover Reporting.Provided consultancy services to the Project Manager and Solutions Architect with regard to Oracle 10g product set.System built using Oracle 10G database, OAS10G, Oracle Portal, MOD/PLSQL and incorporated Fine Grain Access to control user access to data.Nominated for innovation award.
  • Marine Life Cycle Catalogue (MLCC) for BAe Naval Ships.Designed and configured web based architectures for production, test, development and training environments.Installed and configured IAS 10.1.2 software to provide the middleware solution for MLCC.Developed new functionality for the front end web application using MODPLSQL and javascript.
  • Integrated Business Systems for BAe. Managed the root cause analysis team.Developed a Web front end using PSP's and Reports 9i generated JSP's.Configured and managed IAS 9.0.2 to enable Oracle web based products.Produced templates, styles, layouts and basic content for Portal based management information system.
  • Consultant for BHS upgrade program.Assisted and advised on migration from developer 2000 to developer 6i.
  • Configured Internet Application Server (IAS), forms and reports server to assist with the implementation of a web based architecture for BNFL.Provided documentation and standards documentation plus assisted with the day to day problems incurred while preparing their Forms and Reports modules for web integration.
  • Process and Product Costing Model for BAe Salmesbury. Used Designer 6i to model and document system. Created PLSQL packages for cost forecasting of future production. Managed a team of 4 developers, setting code and style standards and improving their knowledge of the Oracle development tools.Created 15 Forms using version 6i of Developer and configured and supervised the installation of IAS on a UNIX environment.
  • Maintenance Significant Items Database for Airbus (BAe Filton) Created and altered Forms (Version 5) for failure modes and effects analysis of Airbus series of aircraft.
  • Completed conversion of Timesheet Entry System(TES) from forms 3 (character based) to 6 (GUI), in half budgeted man hours.Only part of year BAe Y2K conversion done on time and to budget.This involved the conversion of approximately 30 forms.
  • WebDB3 Oracle Beta testing.Set up enviroment for beta testing of Oracles WebDB3 (which later became Portal). Installed database, imported a database, installed and configured WebDB3, created and managed users and privilages for a development team of 6. Investigated the use of WebDB3 as a tool for developing, managing users and for allowing users the opportunity to manage their own data and small web based systems.
  • Customer Contacts Database using Forms 6 and Reports 6. Incorporated HTML pages using PLSQL Toolkit to view and enter customer details, an interface to Microsoft Mail, the ability to store documents and retrieve files (Word, Excel etc) and allowed the extract of data into excel format which was automatically picked up and viewed through a web browser. Awarded Chairman’s Bronze Award for Innovation (BAe Systems).

Oracle Developer

BAE Systems
  • Management Information System. Includes project accounting, labour and materials costing by project, timesheet entry. Written in Forms 4, Reports 3 and upgraded to Forms 6, Reports 6.
  • Personnel Database including interface to payroll.
  • Security Database for staff and visitors. Records security clearances for staff, prints passes and records visits to sites by non-BAe employees.
  • Management Information System interfaces to Finance System and Purchasing System. Oracle batch processes written in PLSQL.
  • Produced web (HTML and PLSQL) front end to Management Information System using Designer 2000.
  • Assisted with upgrade of database to ORACLE 8i, shutdown and export of database, removal of old software, installation of 8i and import.
  • Configuration and management of forms/reports server and Oracle Application Server (OAS).
  • Assisted in documentum migration (export/import of oracle database, install of software, creation of docbases)


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