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Finance and Business Administration Executive


  • Ascending career in large multinational companies with 25 years experience in the controlling and finance function. 
  • Responsible for prospecting new businesses and opportunities for the Business.
  • Professional experience acquired in companies such as Mauser do Brasil, Lab. Wyeth-Whitehall, Rassini NHK, Ericsson do Brasil, Gradiente among others, leading and managing cost, rolling forecast, budget, accounts payable and receivable, cash management and accounting divisions, currently filling the position of Chief Financial Officer at Mauser do Brasil, industrial packaging Company with € 120 million/year turnover, leading a team of 25 people, after strong restructuring program. 
  • In charge of the Finance Department providing financial/administrative/legal/IT/HR support to the whole local business, reporting directly to the CEO Brazil and to Finance Board of Directors at Head Quarters, Germany.
  • Strong leadership and performer in restructuring programs.
  • Solid relationship with all the strategic areas of the company.
  • Change agent within the process of organizational change.

Work experience

Jun 2009Present

Career Transiction

Jun 2007Jun 2009

Administrative & Finance Vice President

Mauser do Brasil Embalagens Industriais S

German multinational company with approximate Sales of € 1,5 billion. Operating in Brazil, since 2006, with more thane € 100 million invoicing, acquiring the packaging business from Metalúrgica Barra do Pirai. Owns 4 plant units; Responsible for the Finance, HR, Legal, Controllership, Accounting, Fiscal, Costs and IT areas, with a team of 32 people. Report to local CEO and Corporate CFO in the headquarter (Germany). Led initiative to reduce the working capital, collaborating for the more efficient implementation of production planning, as well as for intense negotiation of reduction in the receivables and payables terms. Working capital reduced from 19% to 13% and inventories reduced from R$ 30 million to R$ 18 million. Conducted audit of fraud, together with international audit in the HR area that identified gaps in procedures and processes. Corrective measures were implemented with the consequent more transparent and reliable information. Promoted complete review of the accounting system, adjusting all the accounting and local accounting for conversion into IFRS, minimizing risks for the shareholder. Established and led complete review of the costing system, production routes, products structure and costs centers. As a result, the costing system started presenting reliable results and closer to reality, bringing transparence and assertiveness to the strategic decisions of products performance as well as more accuracy in the cost accounting system. Led strong organizational restructuring process together with complete review of routines and processes, adjusting the headcount in the financial, HR and IT areas, from 60 to 32 people, generating savings of R$ 1 million/year. Managed the restructuring process of the Operational-Productive and Commercial areas, discussing reorganization, review of processes, controls and results with the executives and CEO. There was a global reduction of headcount from 1.160 employees to 750, with savings of about R$ 10MM

Aug 2000Jun 2007

Head of Finance Support to Supply Chain

Laboratórios Wyeth-Whitehall Ltda

Sales of approximately US$ 22 billion. Strong performance in Brazil with invoicing of about US$ 300 millions. Administrative-Financial Head of Support to Supply Chain Operations Responsible for the administrative-financial support to Supply Chain activities, including costs, tax and investments areas. Report to the local Corporate Financial Director of the Headquarter (USA), leading a 13 people team. Led and implemented control and SOX process systems in several cycles, bringing more credibility to the processes and internal controls and complying with the demand of the Corporate Internal Audit. Developed and implemented new model of indirect costs allocation based on the installed capacity. This new model has brought more understanding of the product cost composition, further to bring them close to the reality. This model was approved by the headquarter in USA and was also rolled-out to other subsidiaries around the world. Led development and implementation team of standard costing system in 6 months for which I was warded the "Star Performance Award" as highlight of 2003. Performed in a determinant manner to create more synergy between the Financial and Supply Chain areas which were affected by a great relationship waste, minimizing personal conflicts among the area´s heads. Organized multifunctional team for the implementation of cycle counting of inventories, eliminating annual general counting and reducing the plant stoppage and overtime (reduction of at least 300 overtime). Led team for the mission, vision and company values dissemination, through seminars, covering all the employees in leadership positions, which resulted in a sensitive behavior change. We started retaining and hiring talents based on this vision of values.

Feb 2000Aug 2000

Administrative and Finance Manager

Rassini NHK Ltda
Nippon Mexican multinational company of Auto parts segment with approximate invoicing of US$ 20 billion. Administrative Financial Manager Report to the President Director with a team of 18 employees. Responsible for conducting the Planning, Controllership Accounting IT and Finance areas, in the Headquarter and two plant units in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. with approximate invoicing of US$ 20 billion.
May 1998Mar 1999

Cost & Budget Manager

Enertec do Brasil
Report to the President Director with a team of 18 employees. Responsible for conducting the Planning, Controllership Accounting IT and Finance areas, in the Headquarter and two plant units; Auto parts segment industry arising from joint-venture (USA/Germany/Mexico),with global revenues about US$ 15 billion. Costs and Budget Manager Report to CFO Brazil and Corporate CFO wit a team of 5 employees. Responsible for the conduction of the Financial Planning, Cost, Budget areas and for the intercompany prices policy for Latin America. Organized multifunctional team involving the Controllership and Production and Warehouse Planning, establishing physical count monthly, implementing processes and standards. Reduced the inventories variation from R$ 2 million to R$ 100 thousand. Developed and implemented inventories cycle counting methodology.
Feb 1997May 1998

Cost Supervisor

Ericsson do Brasil Telecomunicações
Swedish company of Telecommunications segment with Sales above US$ 40 billion, In Brazil, counts on 750 employees and annual invoicing of about US$ 850 million. Costs Coordinator Report to the CFO Brazil. Responsible for the conduction of the Industrial Costs and Services areas of the business unit of mobile telephone Performed as functional expert in the implementation of ERP SAP R3 system, in the modules CO, PC and PA. Determinant participation in Project for the implementation of new plant unit of radio stations based in S.J dos Campos.
Mar 1995May 1996

Cost Supervisor

Gradiente Ltda
. Annual revenues about R$ 1,3 billion. Cost Supervisor Report to Costs and Budget Manager, with a team of 3 employees. Participation in the implementation of ERP Datasul integrated system. Led complete review of the import program, diagnosing root causes, reviewing interaction with public authorities and adjusting the documents flow for regulation of inventories and production appointments. Reduced the average term for formal release of imported items from 40 to 18 days.
Nov 1991Mar 1995

Cost Supervisor

Fábrica de Papéis Santa Therezinha Ltda
National/family company of Flexible Packaging segment. Annual revenues about R$ 700 million. Costs Supervisor Report to the Controller, wit a team of 2 employees. Responsible for the Industrial Cost area. Developed tool to evaluate the margin performance of products, providing to the Commercial area an important instrument to redirecting of commercial and production strategy, thus maximizing the profitability. Strong performance to improve the relationship between the Administrative Financial and Operating areas, increasing their integration, As a consequence the information quality arising from the operating areas improved, facilitating the decision process.
Jan 1989Jan 1991

Purchases Supervisor

Indústria de Papéis José Tcherskassky
Development of control tools to manage purchases and evaluate suppliers. Development of control tools of production and cost of indirect expenses.
Apr 1986Jan 1991

Cost Analist

Indústria de Papéis José Tcherskassky
National/family company of Flexible and Semi-Rigid Packaging .About R$ 1 billion annual invoicing. Purchases Supervisor – 1989 to 1991 – Report to Logistics Manager. Costs Analyst – 1986 to 1989 – Report to the Controller. Development of control tools to manage purchases and evaluate suppliers. Development of control tools of production and cost of indirect expenses.
Apr 1985Apr 1986

Costs Assistant

Bombril S
Jul 1984Apr 1985


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