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Work experience

Mar 2015Present

Senior Development Manager

Tulip Global Trade (USA/EGYPT) 

Online promotion(Social Media/Emailing/… etc.)

Creating the online content leading to expand the leads base(Sales Funnels/Landing Pages/… etc.)

Studying and evaluating the possible business niches most useful for the company income.

Oct 2007Mar 2015

Senior Engineer

Smart Systems (KUWAIT)

Supervising the implementation of modern systems especially what are Computer Based Evaluating the Online applications suitable for the company activities to achieve better revenues

Nov 2004May 2007

The Development Manager

Riyadh House(Jeraisy Company)SAUDI ARABIA

Performing the necessary studies and recommending the needed policies and actions to improve the performance of both the Projects and the Technical Services Departments. Doing the technical feasibility studies for the new business lines suggested by the different company department Preparation of the vendors and products list of a proposed non-food HYPER MALL in Riyadh. Selecting and supervising the implementation of the Electronic Library of the company. The reporting is directly to the company President.

Aug 1986Jan 2003


Specialized Systems & Services Co. (CAIRO, EGYPT) 

 CEO(8 years), Business Development Manager(2 years), Procurement Manager(6.5 years) Establishing the company policies and strategies. Sell and supervise 58 control projects for central HVAC systems and BMS systems for different categories of building Projects including the interfacing of other building systems(Mechanical, Electrical, fire alarm, CCTV, security, plumbing and other electro-mechanical systems) in addition to other control projects in the industrial applications. the engineering, commissioning and start-up of the BMS of Forte Grande Hotel(Abu Dhabi) as a subcontract from Landis & Gyr of Switzerland during 1993. In, I have completed the updating the specifications of the Building Automation & Control Systems(BACS) for DAR ALHANDASAH CONSULTANTS who is one of the most prestigious offices in the Middle East.

Jan 2003Nov 2004

Technical Services Marketing Manager

Riyadh House(Jeraisy Company) SAUDI ARABIA

Implementing, administration and supervising the company website of the Home Furniture Daughter Company“ HAYAT” Suggesting the necessary procedures to improve the profitability of the technical services offered by the company especially through using the computerized maintenance management systems using ORACLE applications. Supervising the implementation of the policies approved by the cabinet of directors regarding the above targets. Reporting to both the Marketing Department Manager and to the company President.

Jan 1979Jul 1986

Senior Sales Engineer

Al Bahr International Group (KUWAIT)

Self-Independent Senior Sales Engineer handling and supervising the sales of the Electronics Division which covered Testing & Measurement Instruments and systems, Telecommunication systems, Scientific Research automated systems + Building Services control systems.

Nov 1968Dec 1978

Instrumentation Engineer

Ministry Of Industry Cairo (EGYPT)

Instrumentation Engineer Metrology Engineer involved in the preparation of Measurement Standards and Calibration systems for the Electrical, Mechanical & Physical measurements.

Countries Visited: Japan-USA-The Netherlands-France-Belgium-Italy-Austria-Switzerland-Germany-UK-Greece-Cyprus-Spain-Denmark-Czech Republic-Middle East(Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, Qatar, Bahrain, Syria, Abu Dhabi & Dubai)



Professional Engineering Management Certificate

American University


Alexandria University