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I am a Top-tier technology expert with over 30 years of business experience, a charismatic leader with the ability to build consensus among diverse team members.I’ve demonstrated that I am a decisive and organized manager with excellent communication and presentation skills. I will meet or exceed any and all of your expectations.I strive for excellence in everything that I do; for my life, wife, family and career.

The following is part of my assessment generated by based on standardized psychological instruments that have been validated through many years of research to accurately capture key personality traits:

  • Successful at learning and complex problem solving
  • Prefer seriousness and formality
  • Deeply caring about the task at hand
  • Bounce back from frustration quickly
  • Handle job pressures well
  • Excels at quantitative reasoning
  • Very high ability to process and evaluate numeric information
  • Very communicative
  • Thrive in a formal work environment and deal with high levels of stress
  • Good manager of time-critical deadlines and projects
  • Reassuring and encouraging of others
  • Very warm, positive and friendly
  • Very conscientious and open to input from others
  • Care deeply about the tasks to which I am assigned, and can manage situations that require both self-sufficiency and external guidance
  • Possess many character traits that make me effective in a work environment


Project Management
Leading the Project Team, Communicating Project Information, Negotiating Project Terms and Conditions, Active Problem Solving and Influencing the Organization.
System Analysis
Expert abilities to analyze current systems and procedures and to develop new systems and procedures to better meet the business demands, an agent for change.
Report Writing
Expert report writer using R&R Report Writer and Crystal Reports - Enterprise Edition and SQL Server Reporting Services.
Over 20 years of experience creating, managing, modifying and processing data in dBase and SQL Server.  Experience managing database systems in a stand alone, network and internet environment.

Work experience


Substitute Teacher

Nye County School District

Nye County School District educates the students of our home town.  I am one of the most requested substitute teachers in the district.  I am certified to teach children in grades ranging from K - 12.  It's all about connecting with the children, earning their respect and attention, and providing a proper environment for learning.  I have been recently asked to take over the teaching responsibilities for the Honors Physics and Geology classes at the high school.


Director, Technology Solutions

Harrington & Reed, Inc.

Harrington & Reed was a small company specializing in coaching executives looking for work in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The current corporate structure was limited on the number of Resource Partners that could be helped at one time.  My position with Harrington & Reed was a temporary one, developing a project plan to use technology to expand the scale of the business.  The owner has passed away the company has been closed.


President / Project Manager


BiiBPX was a startup company developing a web hosted, virtual business environment providing a global sales reporting service to the entire wine and spirits industry.  The organizational structure of BiiBPX was Projectized, with the parent project existing over subprojects.  I lead the parent project team from a formal position of authority, also managing subprojects outsourced to multiple vendors.  I was responsible for Strategic Planning, Project Management, Product Specification and Corporate Management.


Contract System Analyst

Winery Exchange

Winery Exchange purchased Reiser Reports in 2001, creating a team to develop and operate a new division of their company called TradePulse.  TradePulse is a multi source web hosted report repository targeting medium to small size suppliers in the wine and spirits industry.  I was contracted for six years to be a member of both the development and operations teams.  The organizational structure of TradePulse is Weak Matrix.  While TradePulse has a development team, that development team may require the services of members of the operations team.  The project manager must coordinate with the production managers to ensure that development projects are completed without the undue interruption of production.  I was responsible for providing Industry Knowledge & Expertise, Database Knowledge & Expertise, Product Specifications and Operational Support to the TradePulse teams.  I was a senior member of the teams, providing leadership to the teams even though I was not in a formal position of authority.


Entrepreneur / Project Manager

Reiser Reports

Reiser Reports was founded as a business providing sales reports to wine and spirit suppliers, compiled and printed from data provided by Southern Wine & Spirits of California. The organizational structure of Reiser Reports was Projectized.  I lead the project team from a formal position of authority.  I was responsible for Innovation, Project Management, Systems Development and Sales & Marketing.


Bachelor Science

California Lutheran College

Master Science

University of Phoenix