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About Me

I am an engineer and an artist. My passion is merging my technical experience and my love for product innovation, design, and creativity together into fresh, inspiring product lines. In my personal time I love being outdoors playing volleyball, running, cycling and adventure racing or inside illustrating and designing. Contact me to join your team. Let's make some amazing product.

Professional Summary

A strategic and driven Senior Product Developer with advanced experience leading project management, product development, manufacturing, sourcing and innovation in a multitude of consumer product industries. Skilled in directing all areas within product development, inclusive of leading design, merchandising and manufacturing teams through project life cycles from concept design through product launch. Extensive manufacturing experience in both the US and Asia-Pacific regions. Thrives on stepping outside the box in a fast-paced environment to create newness, increase life cycle efficiencies and resolve issues to exceed project deadlines using a unique blend of technical, creative, and cognitive skills.


    •  Toy Development (Kids/Pet)            •  Product Innovation / Design      •  Injection Molding
    •  Material Development                        •  Footwear Development               •  International Communication
    •  Accessory Development                    •  Packaging Design                           •  Design / Construction Analysis
    •  Outerwear/Travel Development     •  Product/Material Sourcing.        •  Cost /Budget Analysis


    "Lisa is a creative thinker and great problem solver.  She always kept me informed about the good, bad, and ugly of situations.  There were countless projects that went extremely well due to her proactive approach, and she helped our product lines advert many disasters at the plant. However, setbacks and adjusting to adversity are regular occurrences at Mattel, and Lisa is someone you want on your team when times are challenging." 

    Ryan Mansour - Hot Wheels Brand Manager, Mattel Inc.

    " is very refreshing to work with you. To work with a company/person that asks direct questions and provides straight answers, clearly understands the product and opportunity, keeps the potential realistic and attainable, makes the extra effort to understand the integration process and has the foresight to see we can create a new category for you is, well, unusual.  I simply want you to know we appreciate the opportunity to work with you. I wish more companies were fortunate enough to have employees as knowledgeable and dedicated as you are. Working with you is a pleasure and be assured we will go the extra mile for you."

    Tom Schaeffer - CEO, Oryon Technologies Inc.


    "Lisa Matwijiw is by far the most proactive and efficient employee - Engineering or not - that I've had the pleasure to work with. She works above and beyond her responsibilities in every aspect. She is always helpful and available to solve problems."

    Mattel Leadership Development General Survey - Anonymous

    Work experience

    Mar 2018Present


    Breaking The Box Consulting

    Charisma Brands, Laguna Hills, CA

    Product Development Consultant                                                                                 Aug 2018 - Present

    • Design and Develop new product/innovation for future product lines in children’s toy consumer good with a main focus on new emerging categories for the company, engineering, and manufacturer partnerships.

      Senior Director Product Development                                                                    Apr 2018 – Aug 2018

    • Managed a team of two senior designers, one junior designer, and china development team consisting of one lead and two supports.
    • Strategize future line planning strategy, analysis of the current product, sales, market trends to create best seller line extensions and new product innovation.
    • Sourcing new manufacturing partners with the potential ability to produce new product concepts and long-term innovation R&D.
    • Maintained all development timelines, line lists, and product development process reports.
    • Led factory cost negotiations to confirm pricing on materials, final cost of goods, and landed costs, providing final costs and margins to upper management and sales team.


    Outward Hound ~ Product Engineer, Centennial, CO                                   Aug 2018 – Present

    • Product engineering evaluation and product development strategy for new product lines with a focus on both Dog and Cat toy hardline goods.
    • CAD review and collaboration with design team on product improvements for manufacturability and cost reductions.


    Pioneer Pet ~ Product Engineer / Design, Cedarburg, WI                          Nov 2018 - Present

    • Product engineering and design for pet toy consumer products with a focus on Cat Category.
    April 2017Dec 2017

    Senior Innovation Manager

    R2P Group Inc
    • Oversaw and managed new product innovation brainstorming, competitive strategies, concept design, licensing partnerships, and outside inventor relationships across company brands and private label for both mass and specialty customers.
    • Collaborated with internal design team, development manager, and factory partners to implement non-traditional material development and innovation of manufacturing processes for new product.
    • Analyzed outside inventor submissions for viability in the marketplace, including retail comparisons, uniqueness, product costing, and financial strategy along with executing go-forward submissions from concept through CAD development, functional customer samples, and final production.
    • Managed company process efficiencies through the implementation of Technical Design Pack, New Product/Innovation timelines and trackers, and file server organization and clean-up.
    • Executed additional team tasks while staffing was low including packaging design, customer presentation decks, customer style guides, product design and technical design pack completion.
    Nov 2013April 2017

    Senior Product Developer – Private Brand

    Petco Inc
    • Managed development across all company categories including in-line, seasonal, hardline and softline toys, travel gear, accessories, apparel, health & wellness, consumables, home décor, and customer experience.
    • Collaborated with internal teams on research, analysis of market trends, sales history and emerging innovation for future line planning and 3Yr Innovation Roadmap strategies across all categories identifying priorities through ease of execution, required resources, and ROI.
    • 2016 oversaw and managed external agency through the recreation of the 2017 in-line dog toy segmentation customer experience in conjunction with final implementation through internal management collaboration of merchandising, design, and marketing teams to bring to life the resulting Phase 1, 2 and 3 segment rollouts.
    • 2015 successfully led teams through the design and development of the Dr. Seuss product line with a schedule reduction of 4 months through process lead-time reductions, licensor management, and overseas vendor collaboration.
    • 2014 initiated Petco Innovation Team and managed new ideation, research, product market viability, cost analysis, and full product development in all categories with Incremental, Break-Out, and Disruptive first to market product and customer experience strategies.
      • 2014, created and implemented standardized Technical Design Pack and Teardown templates for new product execution, increasing development efficiencies in communication, sample making, and speed to production with overseas partners and factories by 15%.
      • Partnered with Asia overseas team members to create vendor standards for general sample making, fabric approvals, and construction requirements for faster approvals and speed to market.
    • Patent Pending for Digestible Noise Maker
    Jun 2010Dec 2013

    Product Development Manager - Kids Footwear/Crocs Accessories

    Crocs, Inc
    • Successfully developed footwear for Kids, Juniors and Womens categories which included last development, material selection/development (textiles and plastics), upper pattern development, 3D CAD analysis, sample teardown, fit testing and Asia counterpart management.
    • Lead all licensed product including Disney, Hello Kitty, LEGO, Nickelodeon, Real Tree, Warner Bros, Cartoon Network, Lucas Films, MLB and Collegiate while implementing process efficiencies in design and development specific to licensed product, decreasing approval and production lead times by 15%.
    • Designed and developed the first LED EVA Clogs and Boots, initiating the 2014 CrocsLights™ franchise generating over 1MM orders in the first season.
    • 2013 removed PVC as the primary material of character product lines by developing a new manufacturing process that utilized earth friendly and safe materials for both assembly workers and end product consumers.
    • 2011/2012 developed Crocs™ Jibbitz Accessories projects and process including purses, bags, backpacks, phone cases and silicon jewelry with mixed material components and construction.
    • 2010 initiated and co-developed with overseas partner, the successful Crocs Chameleons™ color changing shoe franchise one year ahead of schedule, generating over $1.0MM in Sales ($) within the first 4 weeks.
    • Lived in Asia between 2010/2011 providing development and new supplier sourcing support on baseline and innovation projects while gaining extensive knowledge in manufacturing processes including EVA injection, textile pattern making, textile raw material manufacturing/processing, last development, LED component development, plastics sub-processing.
    Aug 2004Jun 2010

    Project Management Specialist - Hot Wheels, Collector

    Mattel Inc

    • Recruited by management to pilot Mattel’s development hybrid program, which involved combining cross-functional roles and training colleagues and new hires in the areas of product development engineering, manufacturing and costing.
    • Effectively managed the collaboration between US design, graphics, marketing, and packaging teams as well as Asia-Pacific manufacturing teams to successfully launch at a minimum 5 new Hot Wheels Adult Collector premium product lines, 35 toys per line 0 to 1 week prior to required launch avail targets, 2% below target costs and within an average operating profit of 48%.
    • Managed the relocation of Hot Wheels’ most premium toy line (The Red Line Club) from China to Thailand by residing in Asia to move manufacturing resources, oversea operations of manufacturing, approve new suppliers and train the production staff to optimize production operations. This led to an average overall product cost savings of 10%.
    • Collaborate efforts with China, Malaysia and Thailand development and manufacturing teams to develop and adopt one process for digital tool development, streamline the design process and decrease tool costs and capital investment by 10%.
    • Developed and line planned new Hot Wheels premium product lines including Adult Collector and the Redline Club. In addition, lived in multiple Asia locations for 6 months partnering and training Asia-Pacific manufacturing teams.
      Feb 2003Jul 2004

      Mechanical Design Engineer - Ground Support

      Northrop Grumman Space Technology

      Designed and developed ground support equipment for satellite component integration and testing by generating 3D modeling, full blue prints and leading supplier in component fabrication and safety testing.


      Lead Product Management Engineer

      Chrysler, Inc

      Managed product development, tooling, supplier communication and manufacturing for the interior trim and overhead systems of the 2005 Dodge Dakota, 2003 Dodge Ram Van, and 2003 Dodge Ram Truck.

      Product Development Portfolio

      Hover over the images to see descriptions of each sample.

      Athletic & Adventure Passion

      Since I was a kid climbing trees in the Mid-West, I have always loved being in sports, outside or on an adventure. Athletics have always been my outlet for being competitive and connecting with the outdoors and nature at the same time. I grew up playing soccer, volleyball and going on family hikes. As an adult I have experienced so many different athletic endeavors including competitive beach volleyball, cycling, adventure & mountain bike racing, running, hiking, stand-up paddle boarding and triathlons. I believe that success is feeling passionate about what you do. If you're not bringing a culmination of technical knowledge,  life experiences and creativity to the table, you're not thinking of the next big thing!

      Artistic Passion

      In addition to my analytical, engineering thinking, I have been dreaming up new designs and illustrating for as long as I can remember. Below are some examples of my personal creations.

      Resume Attachment

      Lisa Matwijiw Larson Resume


      Aug 2014Present

      Associates of Science

      Palomar College

      I am always ready to learn more about how things are made and inventing my own product. I am currently enrolled in Palomar College to gain even more knowledge in textile science, pattern making, sewing and overall construction.

      Sep 1997Aug 2002

      Bachelor of Science - Mechanical Engineering (Emphasis on Computer Aided Design)

      Oakland University


      Adobe Creative Cloud

      Illustrator, Photoshop,  Adobe Acrobat Professional

      MS Office Suite

      Powerpoint, Excel, Word

      PLM Systems

      Arena, WFX, Centric