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Solution Data specialises in data integrity and information security solutions. Our success and experience has been gained by understanding what represents value to our clients at any stage of their project, whether for advice, evaluation or in their final buying process. Solution Data offer proof of concept implementations to help assist in the most appropriate IT control framework to customer environments that help address data accountability, traceability thereby safeguarding your operational data and structures.

Increasing financial and regulatory compliance requires organisations to assess operational vulnerabilities and implement appropriate risk management controls to mitigate risk to systems and underlying data. Solution Data provide leading IT security technologies that help in achieving or complimenting IT Risk Control and Compliance with Audit Requirements. Our experience includes:

Pikchur City * Database Auditing - Accountability and Transparency of how data is used

* Database and OS Level Vulnerability Assessment – Address vulnerabilities before they are exploited

* OS Level and Web Penetration Testing

* Network Management

* Extricom WLAN installation and configuration

* Automated Line of Business Reporting and Escalation.