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Work experience

paramedic/reaction officer

secure link security

Whilst patrolling the area by motor vehicleI am also required to respond to all alarmActivations and complaints from company.Clients in both the domestic and IndustrialSectors.As I was trained as a medical officer IResponded to all medical emergence callsIn order to render emergency treatment until Such time as the patient was able to beTransported to hospital.On my rest days I also worked at theCommunity clinic as additional experience.

Medical Officer/Manager,responsible for all medical personnel,equipment,records.

Jan 2010Present



I respond to emergency calls as well as Assist with the transferring of patients to Various hospitals around the country.

ØDiagnose & treat Tropical Diseases, Malaria, Typhoid,


ØAero medical Evacuation

ØIntern. First Aid Facilitator/Assessor

ØClinical treatment of Patients


Dec 2003Jan 2010



I respond to emergency calls as well asAssist with the transferring of patients toVarious hospitals around the country. As an addition I work at St Augustine’s  Hospital in their Trauma unit which is a  Level 1 Trauma Facility

Mar 2001Dec 2003

basic life support paramedic

Kwa-Zulu Private ambulance Service

I respond to emergency calls as well as Assist with the transferring of patients toVarious hospitals around the country.As an addition I worked at the EmpangeniGarden Clinic in the Trauma Unit in order To gain additional in hospital experience.

Jan 1998Dec 2000

Reaction Officer

Enforce Security

Armed reaction,responded to emergency calls,Area patrols



South African Safety Academy

Occupational Health and Safety officerSAMTRAC (November 2008)

·Fire Fighting


·Accident investigation Methodology


·Occupational Injuries and Diseases

·Health and Safety Representative


·OHS –Supervisors and Managers

Apr 2005



  • Field of study
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Emergency Care and Transportation
  • Drug Protocols
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Cardiac Emergencies
  • Trauma
  • Pediatric Emergencies
  • Pharmacology


Toni White

Shane Papanicolaou

Letter of reference:

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter, written on the 13th of June 2007, serves to confirm that Justin Mac Donald is currently employed at Netcare 911 Pinetown Base Kwa Zulu Natal. He is a senior crewmember on an intermediate life support vehicle.He is hard working, diligent and is reliable.

There were many occasions where he was requested, without obligation, to change shifts or work night shifts instead of dayshifts or the same visa versa, which he did so willingly and without hesitation. He is responsible for ensuring that all Afid David’s received from the South African Police services are completed by the relevant parties and sent back. He undertook this task diligently and proved reliable.

Justin sick leave record is impeccable; he always comes to work early in order to take over his vehicle so he could be available for calls shortly before his shift starts. Justin has been a productive asset to the Pinetown operation because he has a business focus, which has contributed to the financial success of our business.

Justin is a person of integrity and has a high moral value system. He has always been a worthy ambassador for the company and always casts the company in a positive light because of his empathy and excellent bedside manners toward our clients and patients.

Justin is a highly competent clinician and has had many years experience in the prehospital emergency field. He keeps calm and focused when dealing with emergencies especially when people around him are distressed or panicking.

I would not hesitate to employ Justin.

Shane Papanicolaou

Operations Manager

Netcare 911

Durban West Region

Andre Dupreez


I have been working in the emergency medical field for 10 years,I have considerable hands on experience in this specialized field. I am a person of integrity,hard working an have a high moral standard.


Other Courses:


Security Officer Grade B

 Security Officer Grade C

Security Officer Grade D

Security Officer Grade E

Advanced Reaction Course

Customer Relations Seminar

Fire Arm Training (Basic)

Fire Arm Training (Intermediate)

Fire Arm Training (Advanced Level 1)

Fire Arm Training (Advanced Level 2)

Occupational health and safety (Supervisors and Managers) (August 2007)

Occupational Health & Safety Representative (August 2007)

Intermediate Life Support (AEA) Refresher course (September 2007)

BLS for Health Care Providers course (September 2007)

Intermediate Life Support (AEA) Refresher course (September 2008)

BLS for Health Care Providers course (September 2008) 



In 20062007 I played social pool as well as Natal League pool for a club called Crazy 8

2006 was awarded trophies for being ranked 4th overall

2009league pool Ricochet pool club awarded trophies for being Ranked 10th overall

National Sea Rescue Institute

In my spare time I work for the National Sea Rescue Institute on their Helicopter as

A medical officer, and assist them with any sea rescue emergencies. I also attend physical

Training on a regular basis.


2002-2003 I worked at Empangeni garden Clinic which was a level 3 Trauma unit this gave me the opportunity to gain more experience in the hospital environment.

2006 I worked assessional staff in the Trauma unit at St. Augustine’s Hospital in Durban this hospital is a Level 1 Trauma facility.


2007 – 2009 Lecturing (facilitator &Assessor) :Amandlolwazi training centre,

South African Safety academy

first aid Level 1, 2 & 3 Amandlolwazi training , South African Safety academy

Occupational health and safety for Amandlolwazi training centre



In 1991 and 1992 I was in the 1st Team at Weston Agricultural College and in 1992 and 1993 I Captained the 1st and 2nd teams as well as coached them. In Matric (1993) I was elected Squash Captain and was awarded School Colours.


In 1996 I attended the Natal Pool Championships held in Durban, myself and my team were placed second overall and were awarded trophies.

League 2006-2007 Championships ranked 4th overall

League 2009 championships ranked 10th overall


In 1993 I was elected as a School Representative for the Junior Town Council Committee