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Communication / Graphic Design / Industrial Design / Furniture Design

My CV in a nutshell is that I am a Graphic Designer and Industrial Designer / Furniture Designer.

My experience in the two sectors is that the 2 professions are very different. Still in my work as an industrial designer I have been using and taken advantage of my knowledge about Marketing / Advertising / Communication.

The two professions - however - have one thing in common which is the task analyzing markets, competitors, segment (s). It is the part of the work in the two sectors - for sure - most important to succeed any project.

Jes Lassen

Work experience

Jun 2009Present

Graphic Designer / Industrial / Furniture Designer

Jes Lassen Freelance

My entire professional history...

In this section you can read about my work history. It's all about Graphic Design, communication, marketing and Industrial / Furniture Design.

Call me if you have any questions:

Tel: 0034 628 241 301

Mail: [email protected]  /  Skype: @ Jes Lassen Freelance



Futhark Design

Furniture Design - industrialized. A "hands on job" in any aspect. From Flat Packed Furniture to Custom Built and Finished Furniture. Ranging from The Cheap Industrial Sector to High End depending of customers and market, world wide. Team Working doing Furniture Designs, hand sketching, constructing and working with the furniture in 3D, making close to photo realistic pictures, Communication Platforms and argumented presentations presenting the feature / benefits. Finally adjusting and correcting prototypes in construction and appearance together with the factories.

Furthermore Corporate Designs for business associates and customers, Communication Ideas and Fair Designs. Art Direction and Graphic Design.

Sep 1988Nov 1994

Art Director

EnVision A/S


as Art Director. Communication and Marketing for EnVision clients.

Doing Art Direction / Advertising / Communication Ideas / Campaigns / Prospects / Layouts / Any Graphic Task / Any commercial communication task.


Jes Lassen, Grafiker


Communication and Marketing for private clients.

Doing Art Direction / Advertising / Communication Ideas / Campaigns / Prospects / Layouts / Any Graphic Task / Any commercial communication task.


AD / Graphic Designer

Bruun & Sorensen A/S

Employed as Team Leader and Graphic Designer / AD

Communication and Marketing for B&S clients.

Doing Art Direction / Advertising / Communication Ideas / Campaigns / Prospects / Layouts / Any Graphic Task / Any commercial communication task.


AD / Graphic Designer

Jes Lassen, Grafiker


Communication and Marketing for private clients.

Doing Art Direction / Advertising / Communication Ideas / Campaigns / Prospects / Layouts / Any Graphic Task / Any commercial communication task.



Real Life Training

School of Life

The School of Life tought me 3 languages and a few other things...

Apart from my education as a Graphic Designer and Art Director - and finally as a Furniture Designer - life has to me been - and it still is - a very good school.

In my very young days I completed an education in the metal business, which also gave me a "hands on" experience. The machines, the materials, the procedures. My destiny was, however, that I did not continue in that direction, which should have made me an Ingeneer - so I changed my track in life to become an Art Director / Graphic Designer instead.

Apart from this I spent now almost 10 years in Spain working with Furniture Design and Graphic Design. Living in Spain I learned the language in speaking and writing, which today makes me able to communicate in 3 languages - Danish, English and Spanish.


Furniture Designer

Futhark Design

Industrial Design / Furniture Design

Adding Industrial Design and Furniture Design to my education and experience as a Graphic Designer, working for BoConcept and a lot of bigger and smaller furniture companies around the world.

I consider those years as learning the business by experience although this was not an official education - but I learned "how to make commercial designs" from doing the job, also about how to pinpoint styles and designs by analyzing markets, competition, segments and sub segments to know profoundly about the style and direction to go for before creating any design.

I worked at Futhark Design for 15 years - from 1994 in Aarhus, DK until the company moved to Valancia, Spain in 2001. I continued my work for the company until July 2009.

Please see reference in CV from 1994 - 2009.


Learning Graphic Design

Sven Lassen Reklamebureau A/S

Graphic Designer / Art Director

Education as a Graphic Designer / Art Director including Copy Writing.

4 years learning all the basics in Marketing and Advertising.



Segment Research
 Knowing the direction is often more than half the design...   The first thing to do before "designing a product" is always to "know about the direction" and "how to attack the market".   Market Research, Segment Research, Competitor Research. Not taking these actions as the first and most important steps, any design project will most likely fail.   Designing is not Art - it is developing products that "you know" (can see) will sell in specified markets.      
Presenting your product making your customer WANTING IT...   Presentations made as PPS / PPT - videos and in other formats, showing and explaining the Feature / Benefits is very important to do - the right way. Which program used for presentation is not the important thing, but how it is done. Of course - if your product is making sounds of importance, if it is moving or that it has moving parts of importance it may be a good idea to use video. The most important thing in presentation of a product is that the arguments are well explained and that the feature / benefits makes it obvious that "this product looks like a hit". Furthermore that pros and cons are explained and - of course - that it has a lot of very good pros and very few cons. The presentation should have a professional layout and it should be good looking. (Call it appeal if you want).      
Putting elements together in beautiful layouts...   As a Graphic Designer InDesign is of course a must. I use InDesign for making layouts and earlier I used Quark Express. The Adobe package in general I am of course also using.   Look at for examples of layouts.    
3D Max
Controlling Virtual Reality - by 3D Studio Max   In particular I have been using 3D Max for Furniture Designs - but almost anything can be simulated in 3D.   Ask me for work samples. If you already have designs in mind that you want to see in an environment I can make you high quality pictures and presentations showing your product - before it exist. The easy and cheaper way to evaluate and adjust any product design   Look at for examples of - in the 3D case - Furniture Designs.  
Know How about Pixel Fighting...   My wife is my wife - PhotoShop is my mistress. Any task concerning pixel manipulation - you will get the best work ever, very quickly and made with creativity. I made Pixel Fighting one of my favorite tasks and I do it extremely well. Try me.   Look at for examples. Look at "Pixel Fighting".      

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