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I understand the power of social media, and love working with businesses and entrepreurs who also understand its power to build brands. There is nothing else I would rather be doing than working in this industry! Using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Foursquare, LinkedIn and blogs, I build, manage and engage social media communities to drive traffic in the social media sphere. With 10+ years' experience in search engine marketing and optimization, I understand the tools and strategies necessary to build a strong online presence, and am immersed in everything social media!

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Work experience

Jan 2009Present


Social Media Concepts NY

Social Media Concepts NY specializes in using the power of the Internet as a business marketing tool, and executes social media strategies for its clients based upon their specific needs and goals. We are well versed in social media terms, tools, analytics, emerging trends and best practices, and build social media marketing networks using popular social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, blogs, and other popular social sites.

Feb 2009Present


The Green New Yorkers Group

The Green New Yorkers Group is a contingency of like-minded individuals interested in developing environmental sustainability programs and initiatives in their neighborhoods. By doing so, we believe that New York can be a role model for other cities and communities across the country. We all need to step up to the plate and play a part in making our cities and neighborhoods greener, healthier, cleaner, quieter and more people-friendly. We believe the best way to accomplish these forward-thinking goals is to organize and educate volunteer community residents and leaders who are willing to work within their neighborhoods, block associations, community boards, green committees, and local city council and assembly members.

Apr 2008Present

Freelance Contributing Writer

Creative Essence Magazine

Creative Essence: A Community Connection & Beyond Magazine 

 Pat Lewis (Contributing Author), Sustainable Living

Freelance writer and social media influencer livingin New York City. She also founded the Green New YorkersGroup, whose mission is to involve community residents andleaders throughout New York to take responsibility forenvironmental sustainability in their neighborhoods.

Creative Essence, Winter 2010

Creative Essence, Spring/Summer 2010

Creative Essence, Spring/Summer 2009

Jun 2010Present

Social Media Marketing AdvisorSocial Media & Community Consultant

The New York Women's Agenda

Responsible for implementing and engaging social media initiatives to build community awareness of the organization's initiatives, drive new member enrollment and supporters, and build coalitions with other women’s advocacy organizations. Implement and oversee social media campaigns, manage messaging and content on Facebook and Twitter pages, and other social media channels. Over 3,000 monthly Facebook visitors and 400 Twitter followers to-date.

May 2006Present


Mar 2009Jan 2010

Social Media Marketing Consultant

Village Empowerment

Developed a social media marketing strategy to help this non-profit organization that helps villages throughout Africa become self-supporting within 12 months through education and local volunteers.The  ‘parent’ village then sponsors another village and aids in their process of becoming self-supporting. As a result, many lives are being saved, poor people are being fed, children and adults are learning to read, elderly people are being cared for, and orphanages are being supported.

Components of their social media strategy included:

·Project management of social media marketing initiatives

·Project monitoring and execution

·Website content development

·Newsletter development

·Press releases

·Internet research   

·Media interviews

·Email management

Feb 2009Aug 2009

Social Media Marketing Manager

Developed social media network to expand client base and build business opportunities.

Responsibilities included:

·Project management of social media marketing strategy

·Project monitoring and execution

·Website content development

·Newsletter development

·Press releases

·Internet research   

Jan 2000Mar 2006

Online Marketing Manager

MET Design, Inc.

In this position, I oversaw an online marketing team and was for responsible for client and partner acquisition and retention. Other duties included tracking and evaluation of marketing initiatives, collaborating with designers, working with the sales and client support teams and identifying new online marketing opportunities and trends. Wrote and optimized website content to ensure both search engine visibility and favorable user experience. Developed database of email addresses through a variety of means for email blasts of the e-newsletter. Tracked and monitored site traffic and optimized campaigns based on best-performing strategies.