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I have spent the last 7 years of my life as a legal assistant for small to medium sized law practices.  I have acted as receptionist, secretary, legal assistant, paralegal, and office manager in my positions. I have gained experience in Personal Injury (Pre-litigation and Litigation), Workers Compensation, and Traffic Law.  I graduated with my Associates degree from Guilford Technical Community College while earning additional certificates in Corporate, Bankruptcy, and Real Estate Law.

I recently returned to the workforce after an absence due to health problems. I currently am employed as a pre-litigation  senior case manager with Crumley Roberts.


To obtain aparalegal or legal assistant position with an attorney(s) that will permit me to make use of my current abilities, while encouraging me to continue to develop further skills.

Work experience

Oct 2010Apr 2011


Lanier Law Group

I came to work for Lanier Law Group to help them start their traffic division. While I work for the criminal defense attorney, we mainly negotiate traffic violations. I enjoy the challenge of learning a new type of law. As part of starting the traffic division, I also send out voluminous amounts of Legal Advertisements a day, it is my responsibility to merge, print, stuff, and mail these advertisement every day. I enjoy my employment with Lanier, however, I would like to obtain full-time employment.

Apr 2010Dec 2010


Bartenfield Injury Law

I drafted settlement brochures for personal injury cases as in independent contractor.

Aug 2007Mar 2009

Litigation Legal Assistant

Lewis & Daggett, Attorneys at Law

I worked for Lewis & Daggett for two years, during that time, in addition to my previous abilities in litigation, I gained further experience in trial prep work.  While none of my cases went to trial during that time, I got to assist other legal assistants and even prepare a couple of my case to go to trial, all the way down to the trial notebooks that would have been used. 

I also enjoyed arranging and facilitating focus groups (or as some would call them "mock trials") to help the attorneys better evaluate cases and determine their plan of attack for trial.

Apr 2007Aug 2007

Legal Assistant

Randolph M. James, PC

While working for Randy James, I learned how to transcribe dictated material.  I also gained some experience outside of the typical "personal injury" field.  Mr. James practiced construction law, as well as handling some rather large medical malpractice cases.

Apr 2006Apr 2007

Litigation Legal Assistant

Egerton & Associates, Attorneys at Law

Working for Egerton & Associates, I focused more on litigation, as opposed to all aspects of a personal injury case, as I had done in the past.  I learned more about pleadings and discovery, including some nursing home negligence cases, where I had previously only worked motor vehicle accident cases and workers compensation.

I also had the privilege of arranging and leading the monthly litigation meetings, in which the litigation attorneys and legal assistants discussed potential litigation cases and the positives and negatives of filing each case.

Feb 2004Mar 2006

Legal Assistant

Bartenfield Injury Law

I started working for Bartenfield as an intern, but quickly rose to manage his office.  Bartenfield was a solo practicing personal injury/workers compensation attorney.  I learned a great deal from working in his office. I learned the ins and outs of most typical motor vehicle accident cases from beginning to end.  I interviewed potential clients and shared my evaluation with the attorney.  I drafted all correspondence and managed all of his case files.  While working for Mr. Bartenfield, I also performed all daily clerical and administrative tasks and eventually trained a new employee to handle most of those tasks while I focused more on the substantive case management details.

I crafted Mr. Bartenfield's direct mailing procedures while employed with him. When I started working for Mr. Bartenfield, he did not participate in direct mailing and soon expressed and interest.  I collected samples from other law offices and learned the procedures for gathering and evaluating accident reports.  I soon crafted a system that meeted Mr. Bartenfield's approval and we began obtaining clients through direct mail, as well as his other advertising.

Aug 2003Jan 2004

Paralegal Intern

Legal Aid of North Carolina

I worked for a short time for Legal Aid as a family law intern. I learned how to draft correspondence and I would arrange appointments for the attorneys, as well as any other clerical tasks that they required.


Aug 2003May 2005

Associates of Applied Science

Guilford Technical Community College

I attended GTCC and earned my Associates degree, in addition to their Corporate, Bankruptcy, and Real Estate Law Certificates while a single mother.  The last year of my degree was also undertaken while working full-time for Mr. Bartenfield and managing his law office.  I graduated with several recognitions including, The National Dean's List, the President's List, the Collegiate All-American Scholar Award, and graduating Phi Theta Kappa.



I have spent 5 years in litigation.  I have prepared cases from the filing and serving of the case to the preparation of the trial notebook and exhibits.  I have litigated various personal injury cases from the typical motor vehicle accident, to daycare negligence cases, nursing home negligence cases, and dog-bite cases.


Dec 2011Dec 2016

Notary Public

Secretary of the State of North Carolina