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My Web Tools

Stixy is a very easy to use photo storage and bulletin board. It is free and you can have as many Stixy boards as you like. The feature I like the best is that you can share each Stixy board individually. They can be use as a wiki where you can set it up so a particular viewer the option of posting or editing as they wish. You may also keep boards private. They can be used as photos storage/albums, notes, documents, or to-do lists. I have a personal board that I use as a to-do list but I also have some personal photos there as I would if the bulletin board was hanging in my kitchen.

This tool can be used to showcase photos or documents to show prospective employers or customers. You can have boards for both personal and professional purposes. I hope to interest prospective customers in my photography skills (as they improve) in the future for possible jobs doing photos for weddings and other events.

Please feel free to visit my Stixy board I have made with photos from a recent concert I attended. Or I have provided a link to if you are interested in signing up.

Stixy Board Concert Photos

Foodari is a free online recipe book and more. It is very easy to use and very helpful also. You can create your own recipe book to share with others or browse other Foodari subscribers’ recipe books. Foodari has links to recipe sites as well as sites that will help you find ingredients, utensils, and gadgets that you need for all your culinary needs. There is a forum that you can use to chat about food and related subjects. A very good feature for someone like me who is a bit challenged in the kitchen. You can actually use most of the features without signing up for Foodari. The only thing you would not have access to is the 'My Kitchen' feature where you can enter your own recipes. Adding recipes is easy to do. You just type the ingredient and use the drop down measurement box, then the quantity. There is a box for preparation directions. I will be using this site for sharing all my mother’s recipes to share with my family. You can visit Foodari at the following site.                                                                                                                             

Have you ever thought about creating your own blog site? Blogspot is the perfect choice. It is free and so easy to use. You can use your gmail address to sign up and you just click on one of the many designs you like. Everything is pre-set. All you have to do is click in the text box that you want to put text into and type. You can customize fonts and colors to make your blog more suitable to what you intend to use for.

You can add gadgets such as your Twitter feed or slide shows. You can click on ‘add a gadget’ and you will see a long list of gadgets. Or you can add your own. YouTube is a popular gadget to have. Most are useful, but some are just for fun. I have the ‘Fish’ gadget that allows viewers to ‘feed the fish’ by using their mouse to guide the fish as you click to drop fish food.                                             

Although I have been using this site for school assignments, I do intend to use it to discuss topics of interest in the future. This may play a part in future employment. 

Kat's Rants

Kafafa is a tool for designing web sites. It is free and so easy to use. It is one of my favorite web tools. Signing up is as easy as giving them your email address and a password. The hard part is deciding what to do with your very own web site.

Kafafa gives you several choices of page design from fun designs to more conservative, professional looking designs. After you pick your design you can change backgrounds and colors to whatever you like. You can use your own photos for the background if you like. All the text boxes are there to fill with your own words, photos, links, etc. Move those text boxes around until you are happy with the look of your page. The text boxes can be changed in size and shape also.

You can add pages, put up slide shows, and add links to other pages that fit your theme.

What I learned through a friend is that you can let companies advertise on your web site and actually get paid for it.

I have not completed my web site yet. I filled in the about me portion, but I want to take my time to make my site really reflect who I am. Please feel free to visit at the link below, "untitled", and come back again to see it progress.

If you are interested in starting your own web site, click on the link below. ( is undergoing a maintenance repair as I write this).


Twitter is a social networking tool that is free and easy to use. Just go to and create a user name and password and that's it. You start with finding people to 'follow' by clicking 'find people' and type in a name or email address. You can send invitations to people to follow you to build your network. Or you can just let it happen by getting the attention of those you send messages, or tweets, to. The one draw back of Twitter is your messages can only be 140 characters, including spaces, in length. You can send photos, videos, or other links on Twitter as well. It is a geat networking tool that puts you in touch with people in your field of work. You can 'tweet' someone and ask them to 'retweet' which will send your message out to all that person's followers and if those followers retweet to their followers you will soon be reaching an infinite amount of people in a very short time.

I have dreams of being a songwriter and through Twitter I have been in touch with three people in the music business that may be helpful when I am ready to take the next step. Two of these people are now following me.

Twitter is also an amazing source of world news. Most new sources use Twitter to send out breaking news the moment it happens. A lot of people access Twitter from their cell phones and will send messages and photos as things happen.

Security on Twitter is not useful in the sense that if you choose to protect your tweets from being seen by anyone other than your followers, you can not send messages to someone not following you and that may be to your disavantage if you want to build your network with followers that may be helpful to your career. Howerver, you are not required to give more than an email address to sign up. Your real name is not needed.

Click on the link below if you are interested in signing up for Twitter. If you would like to check out my Twitter page, click on the RescuemeJR link.


New Web Tool Ideas

Idea #1

I would like to find a photo storage tool that fits my needs better. I like and will continue to use it, but I think there might be something better. I need it to be secure and easy to use. It must be trustworthy also. My photos are very precious to me and I would someday like to turn photography into something more than a hobby. That means the tool I use must display photos in easy to view albums. did not do this for me. I could not get in to change the names of albums or rearrange an existing ablum.

In one blog I was following, the writer described a tool called Photopeaches. It was a photo storage that had a feature of setting your photo to music. I think I would like to try that.

Idea #2

There are so many tools on the web that are free and very user friendly. I would like to try some of the Twitter tools. I know there is so much more I can do with Twitter that may work to my advantage. It can put me in touch with a whole network of people who can wurther my interests in music and photography.

One blog suggested a tool called It's a site that you type in your zip code or street address and you get updates about crimes happening in your own neighborhood. Kind of like your very own police blotter. I would like that same type of tool in a weather forecaster.

Web 2.0 has opened my eyes to a plethora of helpful tools for storage, organizing, creating, or just about anything you could possibly need for your personal and professional life.

Work experience

Jan 2003Present

Order Entry

Twin City Optical

My duties include data entry, receiving incoming orders via fax, mail, and electronic sources. I also train new employees and employees entering the data entry position.


Aug 2005Present

AAS Marketing

North Hennepin Community College

I have been attending North Hennepin Community College part time for four years. I have one more class that I need to take to complete my A.A.S. in Marketing.

I have earned the following certificates:

Business Communications

Retail Management

General Business

Desktop Publishing

General Marketing

I am also a member of Kappa Beta Delta Honor Society since 2007.