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Carol Horn



University of Bridgeport


A resident of Connecticut, Kimberly Palczynski enriches her community with her considerable training and experience in art, meditation, and world travels. An undergraduate student at the University of Bridgeport in Connecticut, Kimberly Palczynski first journeyed to Kathmandu, Nepal, in 2006. While there, Kimberly Palczynski developed a passion for architecture and the Tibetan human rights cause. Kimberly Palczynski has dedicated her life to raising awareness in the United States about the hardships facing Tibetans all over the world. Kimberly Palczynski is deeply involved with organizations like International Campaign for Tibet and Tools for Peace. In 2006, Kimberly Palczynski organized a fundraising drive in Los Angeles, CA, for Tools for Peace. In the past, Kimberly Palczynski has collaborated with Simon Pearce, a prominent American artist who makes hand blown glass and pottery in Vermont and Maryland. Kimberly Palczynski has also worked with a variety of American fashion designers. In the past, Kimberly Palczynski partnered with the award winning clothing designer Carol Horn. Carol Horn, like Palczynski, derives much of her inspiration for her work from her travels all over the globe. Before joining Carol Horn, Kimberly Palczynski served as international director for a leather company and with New York-based designer Elizabeth Gillet. Kimberly Palczynski also acted as a consultant for the interior design of a new two-story, 17,320 square foot medical office. As program director for the Godstow Retreat Center, Kimberly Palczynski was responsible for organizing and implementing Asian Classical philosophy classes, literature programs, and Tibetan and Sanskrit language courses with highly regarded scholars from around the world.


scuba diving, sailing, dancing, travel, reading, yoga, music