Rebecca Hsu

Rebecca Hsu

Work experience

Work experience
Oct 2009 - Present

Clinical Information Manager

Alpha Physician Resources
-Managed medical-legal risk in ER patient documentation -Organized and followed multiple labs, scans, tests for minute-to-minute data -Collaborated with physicians, nurses, therapists during life-and-death situations
Jul 2009 - Feb 2010

Teacher, Editor

Kugnus Educational Center
- Created curriculum, presented material to class, facilitated discussions - Taught, modeled and assigned public speaking and debate assignments
Jul 2009 - Feb 2010

Teacher, Tutor

Mathnasium Educational Center
- Created curriculum, presented material to class, facilitated discussions - Taught, modeled and assigned public speaking and debate assignments
Jun 2006 - Aug 2006


Medical College of Wisconsin Family Medicine Department,
-Hsu, R., Papin, Kathleen, M.D. "Meta Analysis on Long Term Duration of Anti Depressant Use." Journal of Family Medicine, pending publication -Poster presented at Medical College of Wisconsin Research Poster Conference, Milwaukee, WI. Sept. 2006. -Conducted meta-analysis of 153 articles on antidepressant use. -Identified 153 pertinent research articles -Reviewed, interpreted, extrapolated, synthesized data from different sources into a comprehensive listing -Cross- referenced and accounted for discrepancies between 2,522 pieces of raw data -Organized information graphically, presented findings at research conference of 567 in attendance
May 2005 - Aug 2005

Lead Clinical Research Coordinator

Western Research Psychiatric Clinic
-Administered screening evaluations, placed 2,560 psychiatric patients in appropriate studies -Conducted 5,122 assessments profiling and quantifying ongoing symptoms -Ensured accuracy of 468 pages of documentation weekly -Corroborated with and participated in weekly audits from 32 sponsoring pharmaceutical companies -Supervised compliance with HIPAA, JCAO and state, federal regulations -Dispensed, quantified, documented prescription medications under supervision of M.D. -Managed emergent situations with patients undergoing physical exams and lab requisitions
Jan 2000 - Jul 2005

Research Co-author

Office of Dr. Alan Rosenbach, M.D., F.C.A.A., physician of Jennifer Aniston

-Hsu, R., Rosenbach, Alan, M.D., "V-Star Eye Laser Study Treatment of Dermatological Rhytides."-Poster presented at American Academy of Dermatology Conference, Louisiana, April 2004.

Created 3 armed clinical trial protocol:

-Selected 123 subjects from 322 candidates recruited

-Created 15 page protocol and standard operating procedures of study

-Increased efficiency 32% by implementing cutting-edge evaluation scale.

-Hired and trained assistants that stayed with company 2 years prior to leaving for      professional school

Data gathering:

-Ascertained subject progress with monthly assessments, documented data

-Designed DVD and training manual distributed to participants unable to attend meetings

-Increased efficiency 32% by implementing cutting-edge evaluation scale.

-Doubled accuracy and precision by initiating procedure to randomize and double-blind subjects

-Improved precision by 33% by doubling number of physicians participating

Interpretation and Analysis:

-Established 23 page Master Key securing confidentiality of involved participants

-Generated analysis and interpretation of results; tabulated statistical significance

-Organized, charted and graphically compared 550 pieces raw data within 3 treatment arms

Jun 2001 - Sep 2002

Teacher, Tutor

Beverly Hills Tutoring Center; Ohr Haemet Private School,
-Taught Algebra class of 23 students - Created lesson plans and exams - Corrected and reviewed student homework assignments - Enlarged tutoring center’s client base by 12% through referrals - Augmented profit margin 6.8% in tutoring packages sold
Jun 2002 - Aug 2002

Project Fellow

Harbor-UCLA Family Medicine Fellowship
-Coordinated teams of physicians, medical students to implement Health Fairs with 3,233 in attendance -Assisted in raising hundreds in monetary donations, collected thousands of dollars worth of medical supplies, recruited dozens of volunteer physicians for Health Fairs -Led educational discussions with community groups of approximately 30 attendance, at 7 locations -Traveled to impoverished areas, conducted house-to-house and community clinic surveys -Spoke at public conferences to represent needs of communities to legislative representatives -Mentored at-risk teens; perpetuated relationships that allowed their completion of high school and college entrance


2005 - 2008


Medical College of Wisconsin

Completed three years of M.D. and passed United States Medical Licensing Exam before withdrawing from the program to pursue career in research.

1998 - 2003


University of California, Los Angeles

graduated cum laude

3.7 GPA



usage of Microsoft Office programs

I am an expert at using Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.


typing speed: 76 words per minute


Full-time, permanent employment as Clinical Research Associate.


dancing, painting and doing other fine art, cooking, exercising-- running, weight lifting, rock climbing, hiking, literature



United States Medical Licensing Exam


CPR certified