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Web Tools

Future Web Tools is a site I learned about through a fellow student at North Hennepin Community College. Kafafa helps you create your own web site. Despite the fact I love making web sites, I don’t always have the time to plan, design, code, and develop a web site. I’ve been looking for a site similar to this where I can refer friends and family to, and they can make their own web site, apparently, rather easily. A site on Kafafa would be great for a private user but I would advise against a company developing a web site anywhere other than on their own domain.

Skype is a web application that acts as a phone service that broadcasts your voice and even video, over the Internet. I’ve been wanting to try Skype for awhile now but haven’t found the time as of yet. I have family members that I know use it and it appears as though it’s a great way to stay in touch with them. I have a co-worker that uses the Skype app on his iPod that allows his newer generation iPod to act as a phone, when Wi-Fi is available. Seems to me as if it’s a good way to save money on phone calls.