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I graduated from the Department of Geography at New Mexico State University, with a minor in Government: Security and Intelligence Studies.  I am especially interested in US policy, economic and military interests in the Caucasus and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Keywords: geography, political science, ArcGIS, history, anthropology, research, data entry, customer service, word processing, administrative assistant, 2 years Japanese, 1 year Arabic

Work experience


US Army 35G Imagery Analyst

10 MTN Division

Imagery team leader, overseeing four soldiers in support of NORTHCOM and 10 MTN Division.


US Army - 25C Radio Operator

4 Infantry Division

FM retrans team leader overseeing soldiers deploying FM communications in support of Division.

Jan 20092015

Graduate Student

New Mexico State University


Jan 2009Dec 2015

Masters of Applied Geography (Honors)

New Mexico State University
  • My Master's level work in Geography encompassed spatial statistics, imagery analysis, cartography, database management, and data modeling. My Graduate minor in Government – Security and Intelligence Studies encompassed Middle Eastern popular culture, and the effects of nationalism and terrorism on American foreign policy. Research fields: Deradicalization of terrorists, cyber-nationalism, American foreign policy in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Caucasus, the effects of soil and meteorology in tactical and strategic military theaters, cartography, GIS database requisite layers and data sources.
Aug 2001May 2008

Bachelor of Arts

New Mexico State University
  • I began my studies in Anthropology, where I learned of the twin roles of biology and culture and their impact on people, groups, and society. I also gained a language and linguistics research background, familiarizing me with the science of phonemes and language. This assisted greatly when learning an advanced language such as Arabic. Research fields: Forensic anthropology, pre-historic environmental manipulation in Native America.

  • My interest in peoples led to a second major in History which gave me research skills and familiarity with multiple historical narratives, as well as familiarity with the subjective roles of motivation. I also learned the value of researching primary source documents. Research fields: military history, comparative religion, Bachelor thesis: Water laws of New Mexico as they pertain to Dona Ana county.


Imagery Analysis & Geospatial Analysis

I have used ArcGIS as a platform for digitization, modeling, and spatial statistics. I am also proficient in SocetGXP, and Imagery Analysis.

581 Portfolio: GIS Design

Written Works

GIS products

Map Variables - Thesis