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Work experience

Editor of International Journal of 3D Information Modeling

IGI Global
Sep 2009Present


Beykent University


Apr 2001Feb 2007


University of Salford
Sep 1998Sep 1999


University of Greenwich
Sep 1994Jul 1998


Balikesir University

Conference Papers

  1. A Survey of IT use in the Turkish Construction Industry (FP) Isıkdag, IPRC2002 Conference , University of Salford,2002
  2. Integrating Building Information models with GIS: The technology Review (FP) Isıkdag, Aouad, Underwood & Trodd , IPRC2004 Conference, University of Salford,2004
  3. Towards the Implementation of the Building Information Models in GIS (FP) Isıkdag, Aouad, Underwood & Trodd, UDMS 2004,Venice
  4. Representing 3D Building Elements using Spatial Data Structures (FP) Isıkdag, Aouad, Underwood & Trodd, CUPUM 2005,UCL,London
  5. A research framework for Implementing Building Information Models in Geospatial Context (FP) Isıkdag & Underwood, IPRC2007 Conference , University of Salford,2007
  6. Implementing BIM in Geospatial Environment: The System Design Phase (FP) Isıkdag, Aouad, Underwood & Trodd, SCRI 2007 Conference , University of Salford,2007
  7. Building Information Models: A review on storage and exchange mechanisms (FP) Isıkdag, Aouad, Underwood, & Wu,CIB W782007,Maribor,Slovenia
  8. Design Patterns for Building Information Model Based Collaborative Environment (ABS) Isikdag & Underwood, International Workshop on BIM and Interoperability supporting Collaborative Workspaces at AEC-FM, I-ESA 2007 , Portugal
  9. Investigating the applicability of IFC in geospatial environment in order to facilitate the Fire Response Management Process (FP), Isıkdag, Aouad, Underwood, & Trodd, CIB W782007, Maribor, Slovenia
  10. The Strategic Role of ICT within the Turkish AEC Industry (FP) Isikdag, Underwood, Kuruoglu & Acikalin BEAR 2008,Sri Lanka
  11. Evaluating the Integrative Function of ERP systems used within the construction industry (FP) Acikalin, Kuruoglu, Isikdag & Underwood , ECPPM 2008, Sophia-Antipolis, France
  12. The Industrial Viewpoint on the Role of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems in Establishing Information Integration (FP), Isikdag, Acikalin, Kuruoglu & Underwood, SCRI 2009 Conference , University of Salford,2009
  13. Two BIM based web-service patterns: BIM SOAP Façade and RESTful BIM(FP), Isikdag & Underwood, Construction in the 21st Century Conference, Istanbul, May 2009
  14. A SWOT analysis on the implementation of Building Information Models within the Geospatial Environment(FP), Isikdag & Zlatanova, UDMS 2009,Slovenia,June 2009
  15. A Synopsis of the Handbook of Research on Building Information Modelling(FP), Isikdag & Underwood, CIB World Congress 2010, UK, May 2010
  16. A Comparative Analysis of the Strategic Role of ICT in the UK and Turkish Construction Industries (FP),Underwood & Isikdag, CIB World Congress 2010,UK, May 2010
  17. A Web-Based Bidding Flow Management System for Road Construction Projects (FP), Akbıyıklı,Tercan,Gül & Isikdag ,Advances in Civil Engineering 2010,Turkey, September 2010

Book Chapters

  1. Towards defining a framework for automatic generation of buildings in CityGML using Building Information Models, Isikdag & Zlatanova LNG&C Series 2008, Springer
  2. Blogs and Forums in a Presidential Election Process in Turkey, Uluc, Yilmaz & Isikdag, Handbook of Research on Social Interaction Technologies and Collaboration Software: Concepts and Trends, to be published by IGI Global in 2009
  3. Interactive Modelling of Buildings in Google Earth: A 3D tool for Urban Planning, Isikdag & Zlatanova LNG&C Series 2009, Springer Developments in 3D Geo-Information Sciences Eds: Tijs Neutens,Philippe De Maeye
  4. Geospatial Views for RESTful BIM, Isikdag ;Underwood, Kuruoglu,Abdul-Rahman Handbook of Research on Building Information Modeling and Construction Informatics: Concepts and Technologies, IGI-Global in 2010
  5. Preface , Underwood & Isikdag, Handbook of Research on Building Information Modeling and Construction Informatics: Concepts and Technologies, IGI-Global in 2010
  6. Enabling Data Interoperability for the AEC Industry: A Building Information Modeling Perspective, Isikdag & Underwood, submitted to Data Management, to be published by Nova Science in 2011


  1. Handbook of Research on Building Information Modeling and Construction Informatics: Concepts and Technologies, (Eds.) Jason Underwood, & Umit Isikdag, IGI-Global, 2010

Refereed Journals

  1. A survey of ICT use in the Turkish Construction Industry  Sarshar & Isıkdag, Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management, Volume 11, Number 4,2004  pp. 238-247
  2. Investigating the Role of Building Information Models as a Part of an Integrated Data Layer: A Fire Response Management Case, Isıkdag,  Aouad, Underwood, & Trodd Architectural Engineering and Design Management, Volume 3, Number 2-3,pp.124-142
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