Umit Isikdag

  • Ankara Turkey
Umit Isikdag

Work experience

Work experience

Editor of International Journal of 3D Information Modeling

IGI Global
Sep 2009 - Present


Beykent University


Apr 2001 - Feb 2007


University of Salford
Sep 1998 - Sep 1999


University of Greenwich
Sep 1994 - Jul 1998


Balikesir University

Conference Papers

  1. A Survey of IT use in the Turkish Construction Industry (FP) Isıkdag, IPRC2002 Conference , University of Salford,2002
  2. Integrating Building Information models with GIS: The technology Review (FP) Isıkdag, Aouad, Underwood & Trodd , IPRC2004 Conference, University of Salford,2004
  3. Towards the Implementation of the Building Information Models in GIS (FP) Isıkdag, Aouad, Underwood & Trodd, UDMS 2004,Venice
  4. Representing 3D Building Elements using Spatial Data Structures (FP) Isıkdag, Aouad, Underwood & Trodd, CUPUM 2005,UCL,London
  5. A research framework for Implementing Building Information Models in Geospatial Context (FP) Isıkdag & Underwood, IPRC2007 Conference , University of Salford,2007
  6. Implementing BIM in Geospatial Environment: The System Design Phase (FP) Isıkdag, Aouad, Underwood & Trodd, SCRI 2007 Conference , University of Salford,2007
  7. Building Information Models: A review on storage and exchange mechanisms (FP) Isıkdag, Aouad, Underwood, & Wu,CIB W782007,Maribor,Slovenia
  8. Design Patterns for Building Information Model Based Collaborative Environment (ABS) Isikdag & Underwood, International Workshop on BIM and Interoperability supporting Collaborative Workspaces at AEC-FM, I-ESA 2007 , Portugal
  9. Investigating the applicability of IFC in geospatial environment in order to facilitate the Fire Response Management Process (FP), Isıkdag, Aouad, Underwood, & Trodd, CIB W782007, Maribor, Slovenia
  10. The Strategic Role of ICT within the Turkish AEC Industry (FP) Isikdag, Underwood, Kuruoglu & Acikalin BEAR 2008,Sri Lanka
  11. Evaluating the Integrative Function of ERP systems used within the construction industry (FP) Acikalin, Kuruoglu, Isikdag & Underwood , ECPPM 2008, Sophia-Antipolis, France
  12. The Industrial Viewpoint on the Role of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems in Establishing Information Integration (FP), Isikdag, Acikalin, Kuruoglu & Underwood, SCRI 2009 Conference , University of Salford,2009
  13. Two BIM based web-service patterns: BIM SOAP Façade and RESTful BIM(FP), Isikdag & Underwood, Construction in the 21st Century Conference, Istanbul, May 2009
  14. A SWOT analysis on the implementation of Building Information Models within the Geospatial Environment(FP), Isikdag & Zlatanova, UDMS 2009,Slovenia,June 2009
  15. A Synopsis of the Handbook of Research on Building Information Modelling(FP), Isikdag & Underwood, CIB World Congress 2010, UK, May 2010
  16. A Comparative Analysis of the Strategic Role of ICT in the UK and Turkish Construction Industries (FP),Underwood & Isikdag, CIB World Congress 2010,UK, May 2010
  17. A Web-Based Bidding Flow Management System for Road Construction Projects (FP), Akbıyıklı,Tercan,Gül & Isikdag ,Advances in Civil Engineering 2010,Turkey, September 2010

Book Chapters

  1. Towards defining a framework for automatic generation of buildings in CityGML using Building Information Models, Isikdag & Zlatanova LNG&C Series 2008, Springer
  2. Blogs and Forums in a Presidential Election Process in Turkey, Uluc, Yilmaz & Isikdag, Handbook of Research on Social Interaction Technologies and Collaboration Software: Concepts and Trends, to be published by IGI Global in 2009
  3. Interactive Modelling of Buildings in Google Earth: A 3D tool for Urban Planning, Isikdag & Zlatanova LNG&C Series 2009, Springer Developments in 3D Geo-Information Sciences Eds: Tijs Neutens,Philippe De Maeye
  4. Geospatial Views for RESTful BIM, Isikdag ;Underwood, Kuruoglu,Abdul-Rahman Handbook of Research on Building Information Modeling and Construction Informatics: Concepts and Technologies, IGI-Global in 2010
  5. Preface , Underwood & Isikdag, Handbook of Research on Building Information Modeling and Construction Informatics: Concepts and Technologies, IGI-Global in 2010
  6. Enabling Data Interoperability for the AEC Industry: A Building Information Modeling Perspective, Isikdag & Underwood, submitted to Data Management, to be published by Nova Science in 2011


  1. Handbook of Research on Building Information Modeling and Construction Informatics: Concepts and Technologies, (Eds.) Jason Underwood, & Umit Isikdag, IGI-Global, 2010

Refereed Journals

  1. A survey of ICT use in the Turkish Construction Industry  Sarshar & Isıkdag, Engineering, Construction and Architectural Management, Volume 11, Number 4,2004  pp. 238-247
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