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Associates of Applied Science

Portland Community College

Associates of Applied Science

Portland Community College


I've taken several classes at PCC in Java Programming but the last one had just begun to tap into visual implementation. I'm capable of coding the backend but other than Blue J's output I'm not skilled in outputting.
Final Cut Pro
I love editing. I'm currently doing freelance work editing interviews and small advertisements for various Portland area companies.
Actionscript 3.0
This is the scripting language I am most well versed in, largely in part to Phillip Kerman's great instruction. I would love to work with actionscript and am always willing to learn more.
I've taken an introductory PHP class and have a grasp of how it works and is implemented. I could easily jump back into it by brushing up on syntax and would be very interested in any opportunity to work under someone more skilled in PHP.
Adobe Dreamweaver
I prefer writing html in a plain text editor. Dreamweaver is nice for quick projects but is a tool more suited for users who are less familiar with html and css.
Adobe Flash
I'm well versed in the use of Flash's GUI but prefer to work mostly in code.
Adobe Acrobat Professional
We only briefly scraped the surface of Acrobat Professional at PCC but I'm comfortable with it's use to create presentations.
Adobe Photoshop
Fully versed (as fully as one can be since Photoshop is only limited by how creatively you can utilize it) in Photoshop, this was the first Adobe program I picked up and used.
Adobe Illustrator
Fully versed in Adobe Illustrator functionality but it's not home base.
Adobe InDesign
Fully versed in Adobe InDesign as it's the home base for print Design.

Work experience

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Cody Lentz Motion Graphics

My own personal business I do all my free-lance work through.

Camel Killers

Beckett's Massive Online Gamer