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I am currently working as a full-time certified medical assistant. I am also enrolled in school working towards my RN. I am very comfortable with communicating with people. My typing skills are very strong.


My number one interest is my children. I have a two year old daughter and a one year old son. My children are my joy. Another interest that I just became interested in is pancreas divisum. I would like to found out if this birth defect is present in certain ethnic backgrounds.

Section 2

I am going to add a food tool to my portfolio. I will add this because it gives more of an insight to my personality. This tool could also help with various health issues. Certain health problems need special diets, such as high blood pressure patients should be on a low sodium diet. I think that this tool will be help with my knowledge in the healthcare industry. I think that it will also help in my personal life. It will allow me to create now meals for my family. Overall a food web tool would be beneficial to me for two reasons. Reason one, this web tool will allow me to be able to teach patients good skills with cooking that pertains to health issues that they may have. The second reason, it will allow me to be able to be more creative in cooking meals for my family.

I am also going to add to my portfolio the web tool community. I think that this web tool will allow me to stay in touch with the various events and activities that take place in my community. This web tool will allow a list and blogs of what other family’s do and what places they enjoy visiting. This tool would be beneficial to my career because it will show different business in the community. The community tool may help businesses come together to help the children and low income families. The community web tool would help many people; it will bring people of all ages and race together.

Work experience

Certified Medical Assistant


My job duties at Healthpartners include rooming patients which includes taking a pulse, blood pressure, height, weight, temp, and oxygen levels. My duties also include doing telephone messages, reviewing labs results, and assisting the doctor with procedures.


Herzing College

I recieved my training for medical assisting through Herzing College. I took microbiology, anatomy and physiology, medical term, among many other classes.

Aug 2008Present

North Hennepin Community College

I am currently working on obtaining my RN. I am attending school at North Hennepin Community College. I recieved my training for medical assisting at Lakeland Academy which is now Herzing College.


In my job you have to know how to communicate with people. I am constantly talking and listening to patients as well as my co-workers. I am a very good listener which is very important when it comes to having to be able to take care of people when they are ill.
I can currently type 60-70 words per minute. At Healthpartners we are on an electronic medical record, so everything is done on the computer. I have to type everything and being able to type well helps in my job duties on a daily basis.


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Medical Assisting

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American Heart Association