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Jose was born May 1968 of a humble couple in the little town of Esquipulas, Chiquimula, in the country of Guatemala, located in Central America.As a baby he was admired by all who saw his development, his kindergarten teacher reported “hopefully in the future this boy will continue to develop as he did in this section so that he may harvest more achievements.He left great memories in everyone who had the opportunity to meet him.”

Due to Belizean parents, Jose (Belizean by descent) spent his childhood in the country of Belize, Central America. He successfully completed elementary studies at St. Ignatius Primary School in 1981; in the middle of the “Rise! Unite! Build!” slogan celebration songs of Belizean independence from Great Britain.Through a work scholarship program, Jose studied at St. John´s College (SJC) where he satisfactorily completed the academic exigencies obtaining his high school diploma on May of 1985.On that same year, he obtained passes on the University of Cambridge General Certificate of Education (GCE) exams for chemistry, physics and biology, as well as passes on the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) exams for Caribbean History, English Language, English Literature, Mathematics and Spanish.

Mr. Simmons, then headmaster of SJC, declared: “Jose worked and studied hard during his four years at St. John´s.He took his studies quite seriously and because of his motivation and tireless determination, he succeeded.Jose is a responsible, honest and dependable young man.He is a gentleman, quite but outspoken.He makes friends easily.He doesn´t give up easily and once he sets his mind to do something, sees it to the end…”Living up to these words, Jose graduated from medical school in May of 1992 after six years at San Carlos University and arduous training practices at San Juan de Dios General Hospital in Guatemala City.

As a medical professional, Jose returned to Belize City where he dedicated fulltime service at Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital for six full years before leaving for service at the rural area for two more years.As a physician Jose has pushed to keep abreast of the fast changing medical science, receiving several courses of training in many areas of medicine but mostly on child care or pediatrics. For many years Jose has been participating in a diversity of health programs oriented at prevention, public health education, and healthcare.In November 2003, Fr. Jose Antonio Marquez, the Archbishop´s Delegate in Guatemala, affirmed: “…as a specialist in pediatrics… (he) is a present and a future in benefit of the sick child.Of young professionals like this continues to have much need our world.”Recently, in 2009, Jose directed the planning, organization and implementation of a new nutritional rehabilitation center for severely malnourished children in Guatemala for the God´s Child Project.This center, Casa Jackson, receives referrals from all over Guatemala for the recovery of severely malnourished children.

He is a member of various medical associations participating actively in planning and execution of a diversity of projects; in the year 2009 being treasurer of the local medical association.Being proficient in English and Spanish, Jose is also requested to translate recently published medical information for his colleagues.Self trained in computer software and hardware, Jose is frequently called on by colleagues to assist in solving problems in this field as well as website development and research.His recent research work has been directed at anthropometric difficulties and chronic malnutrition in Guatemalan children.Despite all this, Jose is aware that the impact of his work benefits a small percentage of the one and a half million chronically malnourished Guatemalan children and seeks to participate in larger projects oriented at tackling this problem in the near future.

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Work experience


God´s Child Project

Directing, structuring, and implementing acute severe malnutrition rehabilitation center.


Government of Guatemala

Pediatric Service for over five years.


Carita Arquidiocesana

Five years of service in pediatric health care.

Medical Officer

Government of Belize

Six years of full time employment providing medical care.