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I am currently a freshman at American University. I am pursuing a degree in Journalism. I enjoy reading fashion magazines, going to outdoor music festivals, and researching places that I want to visit. I am currently doing an internship for a website called Girls' Guide To The World where I blog about the world of travel. I am not a big fan of 9 to 5 office jobs and want to pursue a career that will allow me to travel and explore the world.

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Media Critique

3D Movie Tickets Set For Epic Price Spike

The CNN article about raising ticket prices for 3-D movies is appalling. Ticket prices for 3-D movies are set to increase more than twice the amount 2-D movie tickets will increase. The industry is just trying to milk this fad for all it is worth. After seeing so many people go out to see “Avatar” and “Alice in Wonderland” they think that 3-D movies are now in such high demand that people will pay almost twenty dollars a person to go to the movies. Back when there were nickelodeons and black and white movies people used to pay a couple of cents to see a movie. It is amazing that it has increased so much over time. The technology has undoubtedly gotten better and movie quality is the best it has ever been but other movies have been surviving just fine without the price increase. “Avatar” still made $2.5 billion without the raised prices, so how can the industry think that they need even more money? They do not seem to take into account the fact that we are still in a recession and many people will not be able to afford these prices. This new technology and 3-D design should not be exclusive to those who have the extra money to spend.

Neither of the major movie theater companies that are instating this price increase commented on the matter. We are left without an explanation for exactly why they decided to do this now; however, I do not think any explanation they had would be very satisfying.

At the end of the article was a quote from BTIG analyst Richard Greenfield and he basically said that if customers do not oppose these increases then it is just giving more power to the movie exhibition industry. I sincerely hope movie customers do not just sit back and agree to these prices. I know that I will try to refrain from going to see 3-D movies in theatres as well as anything else to discourage this from happening.