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After several years of professional volunteering for a non-profit my people skills, fundraising and educational abilities were developed.  Working side by side with others from around the world honed my people skills and working in war torn countries gave me wisdom, patience and a larger view of why different groups struggle with unity for the greater good.

Raising four children to adulthood developed my skills as a manager, caretaker and teacher. 

Work experience

Administrative Assistant

Lakewood Legacy Foundation

Lakewood Legacy is a non-profit in Lakewood, Colorado.  I was asked to take over the administrators responsibilites over the course of a year starting 2010.  I am still in training and there is a possibility to represent Lakewood Legacy in ci vic organizations.  This is a less than part time position and I am looking for other work as well especially through my art.

creator/sole proprietor

CM Designs

Designed art pieces for retail

Marketed own designs for other company's to sell

Featured  Catherine Mahardy children's art at local gallery

CM Designs; murals, watercolors, hand painted apparal

Song Writer/Musician

Jun 2009Present


Ribbon Ranch

Ribbon Ranch is a small  family business which I worked for a short time assembling award ribbons.  This was a sessonal and part time job.


University Of Florida

While promoting peace through dialogue on major college campus's I attended a University of Florida.  Our school club networked with the faculty and other organizations to offer alternative forms of problem solving for the communityand greater social needs facing the world.  Due to my volunteer status, I was transferred and did not re-register with University of Florida.

Feb 2010Apr 2010

a year and a half left to get my BA

Ashford University

Ashford University is an on-line accelerated school.  After a discrepancy in a grade I decided to get my core classes finished up at a local community college.  I will begin this process in September.

Sep 1977Jun 1979

two year study

Ventura College

Completed two years college in the field of art and music with private schooling in singing.  I became a missionary soon after and worked overseas in Korea, Israel, Italy and Japan but mostly in the United States.

I raised four children while working closely with other volunteers on education and service projects.