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Currently working as a Big Data Engineer at Neural Technologies, working with the NoSQL horizontally scalable database Apache Cassandra supported by Datastax,  familiar with Datastax tools and also worked with Cloudera hadoop Impala, Python is used to process the data to Cassandra, streams the data using KAFKA and SOLR is used as a search engine and R is used to investigate the logs for throughput and latency. Involved in Data Modelling with the help of my co-protagonist. Looking for a compelling role to put forward my skills.


Data Mining, Big Data,  Python, Matlab, R, Shell Script, SQL, Postgre SQL, NoSQL, Cassandra, SOLR, Hadoop, Map Reduce, Kafka, Spark, JavaPHP, Cloudera, KUDU, Impala, Parquet, Data Analysis, Machine Learning, Linear Regression, Neural Networks, Predictive Analytics, Redis, GithubMercurial, HTML5, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, Bootstrap, WordPress, Ember.js, React.js, SASS, LESS, CakePHP, Jekyll.

Work experience

March 2017Present

Big Data Engineer

Neural Technologies

As a protagonist BigData Engineer working with Data Modelling, processing the large scale data in to NoSQL Database Cassandra using streaming technologies KAFKA, worked with SOLR for data retrieve, all scripts were written in Python, and currently we are testing out Hadoop, Cloudera Impala, KUDU deployed on our test environment.

Feb 2015Aug 2016

Developer and Data Scientist


I was working with a Data Mining project named GRAD, where students, management and recruiters all come under one roof, where I was working with NoSQL database Cassandra, and on implementing machine learning technique to find student performance based on attributes (coursework, exam, lab performance, attendance, etc,.)

Nov 2014Feb 2015

UI Engineer

Reduce Data

I am part of UI team, worked with an ember.js was creating an Ambitious Web App, and also I started working with one of the NoSQL database Cassandra, serving ads to the users and re-targeting the same users with the Ad.

Mar 2014Nov 2014

Lead Developer

Mobi Walkers Media

Lead a team of 6 members creating an complete E-Commerce websites, and pulled out some of salutary data from the website using api, and producing basic data visualizations (e.g., line and bar charts), to understand the trends behinds the raw data.

Aug 2013Mar 2014

Web Developer


As a UI Developer, created a dynamic and responsive websites using bootstrap with other Java script frameworks.



MSc Data Science and Analytics

Royal Holloway University of London


SBC Engineering College

Anna university