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Friends Church Congregation

I am a member of the Friends Church congregation, a community forged in the early 1910s to provide a Christian education for children around Yorba Linda. Growing quickly, the church moved once in the 1920s and again at the end of the 1960s in order to continue accommodating the rapidly expanding community. Friends Church is a part of Evangelical Friends Church Southwest (EFCS), a network of churches that share resources on the collective mission to serve the surrounding community. At present, EFCS joins churches throughout California, Nevada, and Arizona and connects to other congregations through Evangelical Friends International-North America. The most inspiring facet of the Friends Church community is its dedication to helping underserved people throughout Orange County through its multiple care ministries. The Stephen Ministry pairs church members one-on-one with an individual going through a short-term crisis, allowing them to provide personalized support during difficult times. The church’s Prayer Team uses prayer requests received by the Care office to guide the congregation’s weekly communal prayers. Through a Food Pantry, the church donates groceries to families who lack sufficient food. Friends Church also provides financial counseling for members of the local community and operates a Funeral Team to help families get through the difficulties associated with a loved one’s passing, including making service arrangements. In addition, the church provides meals for individuals in its Friends on Recovery program and runs a Hospital Visitation program for keeping members of the congregation company while they are experiencing medical hardships. These ministries are just a handful of the fantastic community services provide by Friends Church and its congregation.

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Board of Directors Cal State Fullerton Alumni, Sponsor Dirtbag-8, Board of Director American Thunder Anti-Drug Campaign, Yorba Linda Firend's Church


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