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  • Over 20 years of extensive supervisory experience in shipping, logistic, freight forwarding and warehouse operational function for containerized and break bulk shipment such as fmcg, billet bar, steel bar, round bar,  pipes, construction materials, tools and other raw materials,as well as customs clearing, inland transportation, cargo handling and shipment planning, capable of handling taxes and duties declaration vessel clearing and berthing operation for commercial use or for conversion purposes.


  • To obtain competitive position related to my knowledge and experiences where i can utelize acquired knowledge and collective experiences to assist a talented team in its growing clients need.

Work experience

Sep 2009Aug 2010

Jubail Energy Services Company / KSA
  • Plans, derect and coordinate with the warehouse team, responsible for carrying task such as validating the accuracy of various report receiving cycle time , warehouse planning and container status, monitoring the arrival of local and imported materials as well as upgrading and revising procedure as neccessary, keep track of all stock and release materials and assure supplies inventory is adequate.
Apr 2005Jun 2008

Qatar Steel Company / Messaieed Qatar
  • Supervised an assign shift of shipping and logistic operations, address personnel issues and concern expeditiously, interface with customer service, production control and shipping management in order to support customers shipment and requirements
  • Enforce, train and implement new and existing procedure and operation method
  • Create and maintain daily report to monitor overall performance of operation and reflect progress against goal, investigate quality issue and work to eliminate them, mentor, motivate and developed new employees
  • Strictly observe the  implementation of safety rules and regulation within the warehouse and working area 
Jan 1998Mar 2005

Virsan Customs Brokerage / Port Area Manila
  • Responsible along with Operation Manager for day to day brokerage operation at Bureau of customs and to any port of entry in the Philippines, 
  • Dealing with customs examiner and appraiser for the examination of shipments and for the assestment of value, quantity and tariff heading
  • Paying all charges such as storage, arrastre, demmurage and taxes and duties, loading and release of shipment from port or customs bonded warehouse to consignees bodega.
  • Upkkep all truck and all equipment used in container and ship side operations  
Jan 1995Nov 1997

Pidco Construction Inc / Palau Island
  • Responsible for proper warehousing and storage of all kind of materials in the warehouse, strictly observe the implementation of FIFO rule , good housekeeping principle, safeguarding and safekeeping measures against possible damages, wastages,  pilferage and expiration  of stocks in the warehouse
  • Insure that materials and supplies are properly identify, itemized and segregated, as to which are still in good condition for issuance or reuse or those in bad condition which are already due for disposal
  • Coordinate with and inform all concern department/section as regard status update on inventories of spare pats, components, accessories and general supplies in the warehouse
  • Double check and physically confirm report on assign warehouse including all facilities and surrounding area which are not suitable or may likely cause damages to the materials stock stored in the warehouse, create appropriate action plan or execute applicable counter measures for confirm physical defect that require immediate repair
Jan 1994Dec 1994

Garland Contructors Corp / Metro Manila
  • Store and issue of parts and materials to specify area or designation area, assist in unpacking and checking of  incoming parts against invoice, packing list, and bill of lading to verify items and quantities, receive, palletized and move materials to designated area
  • Receive, check and log of incoming parts and materials, arrange storage area for dead stock and slow moving items
  • Monitor inventory to maintain adequate supplies of items, Prepare purchasing order request and notify purchasing of order specification  
Jun 1984May 1993

Far East Container Line Inc / Binondo Manila
  • Responsible in all aspect of shipping and freight forwarding operations, such as L/C opening, bank transaction, booking of shipment  for both import and export shipment
  • Filing of import and export entry at the Bureau of Customs , from marine division, assestment , liquidation, and cash division
  • Vessels clearing in immigration, quarantine, health and other clearance require by the Bureau of Customs for berthing and conversion purposes


Jan 2004Dec 2004

Cavite Computer center
Jun 1980Apr 1984

Philippine Maritime Institute / Manila



Adobe Photoshop / Web design / Access programing
Microsoft Office




Bureau of Customs / Ninoy Aquino International Airport


Bureau of Customs / Port of Manila